a whackadaisical day……………

I’m watching this movie…..and the thing is…I’m noticing each time I have a genuine reaction. I’m feeling the smile come upon my face in slow motion, feeling it deeply. The same for the sadder parts….I’m connecting to the emotions in this movie, so well played. It’s Under the Tuscan Sun…seen a gazillion times, but it’s almost sorta like watching myself feel and relate to the stars emotions. Very interesting and fascinating and exhilarating to boot. Lots of ings. And everytime I watch this….I also recall the art of photography. The waiting for the perfect moments in a scene that is transpiring…..like we used to have to do back when there was film. Now…. It’s take em real fast and delete the bad ones. It IS still an art, it’s just changed and shifted along with the world.

Ah…back to the movie…..we’re at the part where the guy says……have you noticed…you got everything you asked for!? She had earlier said she wanted a wedding here, a family here, and someone to cook for….she had received all those wishes, wants, near intentions but not quite, but she received em anyway. Well…..I want a FeltLOOM in this house. I want a family in this house….and around it. I want shelters and a barn. I want some fencework done. I want to be a prime Pinto breeder. I want to grow with grace and ease….by grow, I mean, raise my consciousness. Oooh…..ya, I want the feltLOOM in this house with grace and ease. Ha! My brain is at war with my brain at this moment. There is the me speaking to you and there is another, thinking of something else, and everytime I do the something else…….I think…is it affecting what I’m saying? And the answer is No.

Most of you won’t understand what I’m talking about…..I’m being all weird…but it’s all good. I would have said these words regardless….after going to the festival. It does this to me each time. I remember sitting in the restaurant when my husband told me we couldn’t get it, the FeltLOOM……I was absolutely100% stunned. He’d never said no before. I didn’t ask for much. I don’t do my nails, or my hair, or buy shoes, or purses. I don’t buy expensive clothes and I rarely buy myself anything at the grocery store cuz it will raise the bill. He watched me stand there for around 2 hours I’d guess, maybe less…..and watch this machine……person after person, making a work of art. It was one of those moments in time when you know. I knew. But hubby said no. As I’ve said before….each holiday since….birthday, anniversary…..I hope. But no. I wasn’t really jealous this time, as I said. I’m glad of that….I think it’s a moment of growth.

I asked the question tonight….How UNUSUAL is the WEATHER where you are? Let’s see what happens. Hmmm…..nothing. I guess that’s it for the night then. Maybe there will be some responses in the morning. Night night all. Sweet dreams!!! 12:46am = 4 = Angels.

Ahhh, what a letdown. All tea’d up and ready to go and the Boy says he’s too tired from his fun weekend. Now what. I got 8 responses about the weather….all saying it’s not normal. All over the US and Australia too so far, and just heard Canada has weird weather too, but Puerto Vallarta doesn’t. The weather is freaky folks. It’s not right. Also….I heard that awful bill passed while all eyes were on Boston. CISPO or something like that. I just wanna vomit on all of the the US government. I wanna vomit on them….then put them in jail….as a citizens arrest. Crimes against humanity. Let’s see……spying without a warrant….sure, why not. Why not make a bill that breaks the 4th amendment…..hello….illegal. I’m starting to see why they are expecting a revolution. Ya, see….not good to tick me off in the morning, eh? Well, didn’t let the day go to waste…..I dumped the Rv pee! Looks like a fire hydrant going off, quite funny if it didn’t stink and if it didn’t freak out the pups….all that mama pee marking their territory. Ok….what else can I do to get in trouble??? Lol. Well….while making a ton of unanswered calls to the insurance co, I let the girls out and followed them like a hound dog taking photos. Periodically, I had to go back to the pens to calm the fears of Flower and Kiwi, who were left behind Again!!! Ha…speaking of them, I heard a cry…looked out the window and see Kachina layin down nearby in the shade….she turns her head to the sound…then gets up and grazes some more. I bet it was a……ooh, they’re crying I better eat more real quick before I have to go back! Ahhh man…gotta figure out something to make this day useful. Don’t feel like spinnin….need to wait till back in the house for the paintings….hmmmm. Already deleted the not so great photos from this morning….leaving, oh….100.

Oh man…been out taking more….2-3 more times more. Got one pan of lasagna in the freezer and another ready to go in the oven for tonight. Might as well, it takes awhile and I had awhile. The girls are all put up back in their pens and fed. When I got there, Kachina had her twins out in the alley. I just waited till things calmed then I put them back in the pen one at a time. Little cuties. Speaking of lil cuties. What’s up with Khalifa? He’s not quite 2 ½ months old and he’s goin after all the girls…..and play fighting with every baby. He’s ready to sow his oats that’s for sure. I’d sure as heck let him sire a baby or two….at the right time….love his look. Love his soft fiber, his full coverage, and his adorable face. And don’t forget…he’s one of the ones who loves me. Ye know what? I never heard from the insurance people and I’m tired of waiting. Dinner is ready to put in the oven, kids are all put up…..I’m gonna take that new Blazer for a drive! Ya buddy! Oh wow….I’m back. I love it!!! Don’t see a cruise control which I was hopin for but so what. Its cool. I love the way it handles and it doesn’t feel big at all. I tested the music player and yup…..cranked Adele way way up. What fun. Alright…see ya tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.



















6 thoughts on “a whackadaisical day……………

  1. He has never said No before. Oh lucky you. I get no’s all the time. Your kids are so cute. The one looks like she has a lightbelly type pattern?

    • We shall see. I thought they were born that way but she’s definitely got somethin goin on. Not on big things no…little things, yes. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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