It’s a Fly fest……………

Ye know….I don’t much like change, and it has taken me forever to adjust to my now 20 yr old son being here. When he’s not here, like tonight….I realize the light he brings to me. Realize it more, I mean. He’s not sitting over there smiling at me….and it feels strange. What will I feel when he leaves for good? Not that that will be any time soon, but still. It’s something I should keep in the back of my head. We have our issues, but mostly we tolerate each other pretty well! Remember, I’m a loner….and he just turned 20. I’m getting to watch a whole movie without him coming down and wanting me to change the channel…..yet I’d rather he was here and I would change the channel. But he’s not here and when he’s not….it’s as if I don’t exist. He goes headlong into whatever he’s doing and probably never gives me a thought. I could be wrong, who knows. All I know is….there’s no one here to interrupt my movie. Wait….I was just thinking. This particular trip away….I bet he does think of me….in the….Oh man, I wish Mom could see this….kinda way. It’s a hippy/pot/reggae festival….what’s not to love? There will probably be lots of Rainbow people there…..right up my alley of awesomes. Ahhhh….I’m so smiling right now….Jesse just posted on FB. He said…..”Marley Fest was f__ing crazy mane. Just a clusterfuck of potheads.” Of course, he used the actual F word.

About a hundred flies got in the Rv tonight. After I took a photo cuz there were so many on the door…I left to go put the blog up….at the house. I told Blue to hurry….they flew off the screen…Blue freaked and stayed stuck halfway down and all the flies went right on into my temporary home. They usually sleep at this hour but I guess there’s just too many. What fun. Lol, I’ll live. They come every night just before dark, to sleep. Ah well, they’re just joining the beetles, moths and odd things. The pups would sleep in here too if I let them! And hubby jokes every night that I should take a kitty. Not! It’s enough with Bluedog. I have so much stuff down here now it will probably take a month before I get it all shifted back to the house. I should start now. Lol.

I wonder if the rest of the world is having wacky weather? Feel free to comment and tell me. Here, in Texas, it is colder than it should be. Winter just won’t let go. Many other parts of America are the same way only much much worse. I’m wondering if it’s global or just us. I just had a thought….maybe they just announced that global warming is officially over…..for a reason. Maybe the cold is here to stay for awhile and that’s their kind way of not telling us. LOL who knows.

I had so much fun today. I was just telling my friend how awesome and priceless it was to lead the way through the festival, round and round and up and down the aisles…buying this here, this there….with hubby right beside me was …..mmmm. priceless. Of course, I wanted a few other things and thought I wouldn’t have enough and know he’s usually willing to buy a little something for me there…so I had to go and do the wife asks for money thing while he was standing in line for coffee. A lady behind him couldn’t contain her laughter. So finally, after some silliness, I finally said….oh you know you will and you know where you’ll be. In the end, he decided I still had money. He was right. I did cover it all….yay!!! LOL, but before we left….I wanted that Angelina and silk noil. Well??!! What can I say. Oh ya…I forgot to mention that I also got 3 oz of dyed angora curls from Lisa, at Kai Mohair, in colors I can’t get from koolaid.

I got the entire assorted pkg. of needles plus an extra large and an extra small. I sat here tonight with it all laid out on the bed and imagined what I would do with it. I still don’t have a clear picture in my mind of what the paintings will be…..but I intend to make it fun, stress and worry free. As it is…I’m cold…so I’ve been wearing one of the felt painting backings on my shoulders…and I have plans for more. I wasn’t angry at the feltLOOM this time. The guy made me help, usually he does it….this time, he kept telling me how. Probably cuz he’s hoping I’ll come rent it. I’ve been too scared, but each year I say I will. I loved that hubby told me I still had an equal amount of fleece left. I said….oh, you’re right….and right back to Yorkieslave I went. This time getting purple. Lol, purple and green, some of my favorite colors….together that is. Oh dear….I’m way over on words for the night. Sweet dreams my friends. Night night. 12:22am = 7 = holy.

As it is….I’m right back to being irritated. That was a short lovefest. I realize he’s at a disadvantage, having no phone and not being the one with the car….but jeesh. Instead of taking a route that would go right by here…same amount of time…..I now have to edrive an hour each way to get him….and….it’s……………..I’ll let you know when we leave. Like I don’t have things to do. I’ll let you know. Jeesh oh petes. Right now they’re pushing the dark clock….and the boy will be walking home. It’s beyond that. I’m ready to end my day. It’s just about 5pm. Everybody acted like they were starving today…no matter which pen it was. These back girls are spoiled now getting to go into the L when I let them, which is often…so when I don’t…..they go a bit haywire. Lot’s of agitation.

Ye know……as many goats as I have… you realize that each goats fiber has a different feel? Take the newest twins for example. Flowers coat is very soft and silky and rather straight right now. Her twin Kiwi’s coat is curly and not nearly as soft. This will all change as they grow, but it’s interesting. Still thinkin Khalifa has the neatest softest coat ever. Still waiting to see what Heaven’s will do. It’s just now starting to get soft….had me guessin!!! She was born with very curly hair. Stars is so fine that it reminds me of Suri alpaca….and remember, it’s no longer black, but sable. Reddish black. Just had to go stop bully Mimi from hurting a baby cuz it was near her hay. Yikes. Oh well…..gotta go figure out when to leave now that the boy has said they are leaving. So….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














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