I think I’m getting scared….

After the events of the last few days in Texas and Boston, I am spending this evening watching a post from NBC News Connecticut…..and reading the endless comments appearing before my eyes at a constant pace. The post was asking if anyone heard a loud boom around 10pm….the answers came from all over the state….furiously. It’s been nearly an hour now and the comments are still coming in. Kinda freaky. Making me nervous. Jesse’s going to a festival tomorrow…a real one. I will be riding through traffic caused by the dang new Formula One track, another possible target due to the amount of people….and I will be at the Fiber Festival….which is so small that nobody would bother with it. Yes….I think I’m getting scared. Remember…I’ve been hearing booms too…so has Cathy. Now someone is saying it is Haarp. Research bullcrap been going on since the early 40’s. I’m just gonna be honest and say I’m nervous. By the time you read this tomorrow night, I’m hoping all will have gone smoothly for everybody around the planet. I really just want everyone to be happy. To find joy. To feel warm, loved, fed, safe.

I know I know. Those things are irrational because that’s not what life’s about. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting it!!! I think that’s one of the Blue Eagle aspects of me. I want everything for all. I just think it’s all backwards, that’s all. I think that if people did the thing they loved to do…it would provide for a need. Repeat that xtimes how many people on this planet and jeesh……..no need for money. No need for rich or poor….just talents, gifts, joy and compassion. Gosh….wouldn’t that be cool? Wouldn’t that be nice? A new experiment in the game of life. I’m in. In the meantime…..I guess I’m getting up very early, for me….and taking the boy to Austin, then heading to the fest, that is not really a fest. It’s just vendors selling their wares. I wish they really were festivals….what fun we would have.

Let’s see. What would a real festival look like. Well, it would be decorated for one, and have music and dancing and food for another. It would have fun FREE things to do and games to play and prizes to win. It would have classes and demonstrations…free……and it would have people wearing such objects. It would be fun and laughter and play. Instead…..it will be undecorated, quiet, brightly lighted, miniscule food, a few free classes and mostly expensive classes. It will be just a shopping experience really, not a festival. The closest it comes to being festival worthy….is meeting people you’ve met on the internet. I told my son I needed to make myself some MamaSheri T-shirts. He thought that was ridiculous…I don’t. Too late for tomorrow, but I think I will. I mean…what the hell could it hurt? It’s nearly One and that post is still chatting away about who felt it, and who didn’t….and what it could be that was heard completely statewide. Some people even felt a shake. Whatever it is….maybe we’ll find out tomorrow. Night night sweet sweet sweet ones!!!!!! 12:50am = 8 = infinity.


Well….home safe and sound. I am anyways. Jesse comes back tomorrow. Dropped him off then headed to the fest. Not that far, hour and a half I’d say. After making one once around…..I knew what I wanted. So….I bought a batt from….yup…finally, Yorkieslave…..from Etsy. Just love her batts. Then I went and had it needle felted to some black alpaca prefelt at the…..yup……FeltLOOM place, which is Windmill Crest. Got a pretty olive green and it looks great. Then hubby pointed out I still had an equal piece of the prefelt….so I got another batt, and repeated the process, and wala….TWO backgrounds for a fiber painting!!! I also got those felting needles I told you about….the ones for starting and for extreme detail. I got an ounce of New Zealand opossum….which is a pest there….it’s very short, so I’ll use it in the paintings. At the end….I thought I was gonna have to borrow from hubby….and in the tee total end….I did…well, not borrow, but made him pay for some Angelina and some dyed silk noil.


People remembered me from last year when we brought Lovey. So much fun. Can’t tell ya how many trips around the small venue we made….bunches. By 2pm, I was outta money and we were headed home….the back way. Yay…now it’s not a completely unknown road to me and I can make the trip myself to use the FeltLOOM, which mostly sits unused except when it’s festival times. I actually think I can do it! I’m a horribly terrified driver folks…..but if I’ve been on the road once and it’s not too threatening…..I think I can do it. He showed me how to roll them on the pool noodle to transport. Yippee. By them….I mean, any object I build that will then go through the feltLOOM. God I gotta get me one of those!!!!! It feels so meant to be….I don’t understand why it’s not here yet. I’m really excited to try the painting, wool painting that is. I’ll have to gather my odds and ends bags…gee, another thing to bring down here. Speaking of here….not sure what the attraction is….but the flies just love this rig. Well….it’s getting late…after 7, so I better head to the house to start putting this up. Guess you’ll find out how long that takes….it’s 7:15 now. Go. Signing off happily at YeeHaw Ranch!



















3 thoughts on “I think I’m getting scared….

  1. I love the needle felting you did. I would love to create the little mohair paintings, that is one of the only reasons I can see for dying fiber. I am so happy you went to the festival. I love your description of what a festival should be and you are so right, sadly it won’t be like that until the Earth becomes heaven and we will all do what we love, I know what I will be doing. Exactly what I am doing now plus even more cool things.
    SR is the best, you really do need to check it out. I hope your 4/20 has been a great one. Many pkgs this week from all over. It has been a good week.

    • Oh you tease me so bad!!!! I wish! One day. Ya…..I hope I’m good at it cuz it sounds fun in my brain. Been wanting to do it for several years. I’m glad I went too….even though there was no festivities!!!! Just lookin and buyin is fun! Love you. ❤💜💛💙💚

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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