I just hate it when…..

I just hate it when I’m watching a movie and I see the twin towers. I have a list of the movies with them in it and it rarely gets added to these days so I’ve probably got most of em. That day really shook me up. To my core. It was a pivotal day in my life and the catalyst for many choices made and actions taken. It’s starting to feel that way again. Are we in the middle or beginning even…of another? I’m probably overreacting. We shall see I suppose. I saw on FB there was a shooter tonight at MIT. I think what worries me is the type of weapon they used at the Boston thing. They put ball bearings in to create mass injuries…just like they do in other countries……until now. This feels like one of those religious war thingies. God, I sure hope not.

My daughter was telling me tonight about the Mayan Calendar and The Mayan Galactic Signature. She said my astrology sign was wrong, according to most of her friends. That I should be using the oh dear…..Cedric or something like that, system instead of the western. She looked it up and according to it…I’m a Cancer, not a Leo. Then she looked up my Mayan stuff….I am….the Blue Rythmic Eagle. I am Blue Eagle….wow, how cool is that? I’m a hawk gal, but I love Eagles too! For me…a name like Blue Eagle, is quite an honor. It’s almost as if or it feels as if, I’ve been given a Native name….and what a grande one!!!! Let’s see, what else…my something was White Dog( oh ya….I was born under the wavespell of the White Dog) and my tone was 6 and my challenge was Red Sperpent. Hahahahhaaaaaaa. Btw….do I have any white dogs? And do I see any snakes? Only 3 in the past few weeks. All in all a good reading I would say! Gosh I love that girl. So glad she’s back in the states, even though I know she enjoys traveling so. The home she shares is having a baby tonight…or tomorrow…you know how these things go. They plan a water birth and have the tub all ready. Exciting…and she’ll get to witness this new beings first everything. Speaking of new beings……one of my goatie friends has just become a Grandma to premature twin boys, Max and Maverick…..and they need prayers. Please send some up for them…Thank You!

Ooops…just realized I didn’t put the link in for the Group….Someone to Talk To. Sometimes I’m just busy or distracted. Wish I could say tonights distraction caused the error but alas, I had already posted. Tonights distraction was……a CAR!!!! Well, an SUV to be precise, 1999 Blazer to be even more precise…..was delivered to me with a hug….by the same guy who is working on my truck….which btw, he says he has finally located the parts. Yay! This vehicle, whom I will be naming shortly…..has room for probably 20 goats if needed. Swear it, seriously! You just lay down all the seats! Plus…you can open the back hatch 2 different ways…great for goat hauling. Lovin it!!! Drove it past all the pens and yelled….”Mama has a new car, mama has a new car, it’s Mama, and then of course…it’s ok….don’t be scared…it’s just Mama.” So exciting….I have a new car…I have a new car!!! Hubby bought my now car, in 1997. My first new car ever. Then he bought me the truck, but it’s taking forever!!! And now this. Tickled, I tell you, tickled. It’s like a car and a truck put together. The best of both. Electric windows and gadgets too! Gears on the column, not used to that, but the new truck will have it too. Oh ya…they said that’s one of the reasons for the vehicle…so I could get used to driving a big thing….before I got the truck. Another was cuz he thought Jess was gonna need to drive to a job…but that was before we found out he couldn’t get a license.

Either way….I am blessed. Shoot….now I don’t need the truck!…Oops…..shouldn’t say that. It’s too cool. All handpainted and whatnot…with my goats on it and the color I chose and the style I like and just everything cool imaginable….dvd/music/gps, cool gear shifter, wood plank bed, rear camera and extra mirrors. The trailer has a 2 stall cage with vents, all painted up the same, a generator, light, water…just so perfect. Very interesting…all these nice vehicle things for a person afraid to drive on anything bigger than a highway. Night night sweet ones. See ya tomorrow. 1:24am = 7 = holy. Ps….I told Jesse last night I needed to show the pups that we’d moved the boys into the front field…cuz they were barking weirdly in that direction ever since the big moving day. Well, tonight, Little Boy was freaked at me driving the strange monster and he raced very closely alongside me…and got to hear me yell to the Boys….no weird barks tonight…just the average coyote ones.

Well, not a productive day….but a day. We have successfully gone from wake to 3:30 with happiness. I’ve just spent an hour or more out in the fields with the girls and babies. I also visited with the two left behind, in between photo shoots. Kiwi is more attracted to me than Flower, go figure, but what he does, she deems safe and ok and most times, then She does. I just wanna scoop that tiny thing up and carry her in my pocket, like I used to carry my sugarglider. Had to do a little more reorg tonight to get everyone in their rightful space, but I got em. Had to scoop up some babies…to get their mommies attention. Just got done feeding and all the babies were played out. Now they’ve all been fed…it seems everyone needs a siesta after their 2 hour walkabout.

Still trying to juggle things. Hubby now says we may not go because he has to fix the house A/C. Jesse is expecting us to take him to Austin in the morning so he can join his friends for MarleyFest. Sounds like fun to me. I have no idea how it will all work out….but I know I HATE to drive in cities. Whether we go to the Yellow Rose….your guess is as good as mine. If not….I’ll just have to send that mad money back! Well…….guess we’ll find out tomorrow, eh? Have a great weekend folks!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











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