Stunned and tickled……………..

Do you guys realize what an advantage it is for me to do all my word thoughting here? Shoot, my whole life is documented for a whole year. The main reason I’m even discussing this is cuz I was just thinking about the midwife things and realizing that I had to go in so many times, they were all blurring together. I have the stories written here though, so I’m good! This is too cool! I’m not saying I forgot….I’m sayin the details might get blurry on who. Let’s see…..Tika after 7 hrs of holler and 1 hour of silence…had to rearrange a leg from inside. Lily, in the rain, 2pm….had to pull. Shortcake, very early in the morning…head big…had to pull and pray. Mimi…had to check for twin. And Kachina….went all the way in, spun and twisted to completely remove….after 2 hours of pushing. Hmm…is that it? Did I miss any? Not sure….hmmm, the only one I can’t remember clearly is Milly. Hmmm, lemme think. Wow…pullin a blank. After all that dang singin to her, you’d think I’d remember! I had to cheat. Had to look it up in my daily calendar book…(which has just the bare bone facts) Seems I had to go in and move a leg into position…then they came. Ya….that’s quite a bit for having never done it before…but jeesh, did I get the college course!!! I guess next semester they’ll throw breech at me.

I’m a bit stunned and tickled and joy’d right now. Almost at a loss for words, but this is a blog so that just won’t do. One of my readers, a friend, has sent me some money….mad money she called it… take to the Yellow Rose Fiber Festival. That’s simply amazing. She says she feels like she’s known me my whole life. I guess I do share a lot. And she is making a connection. Thank you my dear. I also had a couple connections due to todays blog(yesterdays for you)…. Where I invited you to find me at my FaceBook place…….here at MamaSheri. One person did. Thank you kindly and happy to meet you! I also had a first time comment from a gal I knew was reading. That’s so wonderful people. It makes my day. And on a sadder note….

There has been an explosion 90 miles from me. At a fertilizer plant which is worrisome. That’s the stuff they use to make bombs and that scares me. I watch the news, and tv shows. It sounds scary. There is a front coming in tonight and the wind is kicking up….this will be nasty stuff in the air…and my animals will have to breathe it…..I will have to breathe it…, there is what’s happening there. Yes, I’m a mama, I think of mine first. It sounds bad. Let’s face it. Bad shit is Now in the air…and the wind is kickin…..ahhh man. An apartment complex, a nursing home, a plant…..hmmmm….sounds worse than we know right now. And so soon after the Boston thing….makes me wonder out the friggin wazoo!!!!!! Not enough ambulances…jeeze. I’m listening live. They keep saying large scale. I didn’t hear it. Oh wait….I think I did. I did. Cuz we had a few drops of rain, not enough to have produced a thunder clap. I did hear a a thunder clap. Lordie Lordie. And now the animals are a howlin. Wow….and the donkey donkeyin. Probably has nothing to do with it…but in this moment as I watch live….it’s creepy. Yup…the other people are saying it sounded like thunder…20 miles away…well, I’m 90. What does that tell you?

It seems that there are an awful lot of lonely people out there….I seem to have struck a nerve. What can we do about this? Lemme think. How about a Facebook page called…..Someone to talk to…….where anyone can talk to whoever is there. Hmmm…..I’ll figure it out. Oh man….just got done and realeyes’d I’d made a group, not a page. That’s how into it I was. And then of course, they make you invite friends. Well….I’m inviting you…here….XXXXXXXXXx. How cool is that. I’m just gonna create it and monitor it a bit. It’s there for use…or not. No sweat off my back. Like I said…this group…open…can succeed or fail…it will only depend on whether people truly need others to talk to. Ok…well……I’m outta here folks. It’s 12:52am = 1 = beginnings. Have to go to town tomorrow. And it’s supposed to rain, so couldn’t shear anyways….and oi ve…that’s the third time tonight I was nearly attacked by a junebug. What is the message already? Night night. A 2.1 seismic event.

Seven am…..woken and had to dress and go around to put a baby back in the pen. Kiwi had gotten out and didn’t know how to get back in, so the whole herd was hollerin. The joys. Got back in bed and woke later to discover it was cold!! Waited for the rain to ease up before I crawled out from under the covers. Ok….headed to town now…in the rain. Town done without mishap. The boy got his ID, again. He’s wanting to go to the 4/20 fest this weekend. Guess I gotta let him go…he is 20. Told hubby about the mad money a friend sent me….but he didn’t reply….not unusual though. That probably means yes, we get to go. Lol, love the guessing games in my life with hubby. On to other games….even though it rained….I had a blast at playtime. As you will see….the babies were in rare form. Racing like wild things, up and down and doing the most elaborate jumps off of high things.

I went in to the house where the newlings are….lol, from the Wiggles….and I sat down on the edge board of the house. Kiwi walked over and snuggled between the house and my boot and went to sleep. How sweet. I think he likes me. I can’t get over how large he is. Flower is filling out a bit, not so skinny lookin. What a lil cutie that one is. I don’t know why….but for some reason…the boys looked so dang handsome today when they were all wet. Gorgeous, I have some gorgeous boys. Need to sell some. So hard…But need to. Well…..guess I’ll go now. Will find out if we get to go Saturday. Thank you again kind soul who wished me some Mad Money. I’ve never had mad money before. I already know one thing I want……different size felting needles. Until last year, I thought they only came in 2 sizes…but Cathy got some last year and I was like…oh dang….wish I’d known. Plus, I ordered a cross that never got made(for my pouch)….maybe I can give them a nudge. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.



















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