When you’re bitten by the Lonelies……..

I wonder how many of you are sitting in your home….alone and lonely. If it’s you….just know, that the fact that you come here and read my words, which are written daily…..you are connecting. You are connecting to me and my life and my animals. You’re doing great! I know that some of you have never commented but I know you’re there. I have stats. I know that some of you are in great pain of all sorts of kinds…whether they be physical or emotional or both. I have those too, that’s why you’re drawn here. We help fill each other’s cups when they get low. We are all….waterbearers. Waters of life, that is. You’re welcome to find me on FB….here………MamaSheri…… I’d be happy to help if I can, or try to brighten your day sometimes I mean….that’s what we’re here for, to lift each other up. To create human chains and ladders….being a stepping stone when needed, or a handclasp boost. Isn’t that what this time in things is supposed to do? Bring things together, instead of the way that has already been tried…..the separate way. Right now, I can talk to Australia in a blink….or Colombia or Iowa. Before, it was wagons and horseback.

Why not write them all. I’m saying this here so I won’t forget. Didn’t feel like finding an envelope. Sorry….didn’t mean to put my thoughts here for all to see. Hehe. You kidding me? My son has been after me to write some things and I have too many Sorta ideas, what to do? Why not write them all and see which one I like? Sounds like a plan. He’s trying to push me. Gently, mind you. He’s very considerate most of the time. He wants me to succeed….as he wants to succeed. What is succeed? Joy. IN my book….it’s Joy. Hmmmm. The N capitalized itself. What does that mean? The black and white speckled composition book from the 2006 solstice experience? Hmmmm. IN my book. Hmmmm. Oh, maybe it’s referring to the Wiggles! There is Joy in that book! How many of you have read The Wiggles? The link is at the top of every page here. Click it if you haven’t already. You’ll understand me a bit better. Looks like a shameless plug….but I didn’t do it! I was just speculating. Lol. Ok…well, I’m goin to say night night my friends. I Shall talk to you tomorrow….and you are Not Alone! Sweet dreams. 12:43am…so close…….= 1 = beginnings.

Ye know, I was just thinking about the lonliness. When I get it…it’s usually at night….and there’s nobody I can call that late. Isn’t that funny? It hits us when it’s too late to connect…but then again……there’s always the internet. It can be as simple as posting a photo….and wala….I’m no longer alone. Try it folks. There’s usually someone up late….sometimes, it’s me! Go for it people. If the people are busy…..they will say so. And don’t take it badly, they probably are just busy. Anyway……guess I’ll get on with the days happenings. You can go ahead and color this girl happy cuz we accomplished a feat today. We sheared the last Beautiful. Yay oh yay…..and….AND……he is also healing! 3 years of this illness and we finally have light at the end of the tunnel. So happy I don’t have to put my smiling boys down. Still don’t know why they smile all the time…when they’re in such misery….but they do. Jesse was even strong enough to do their feet. Mite feet are like rock….even Lisa couldn’t put a dent in em. Yay Jess.

So……I’m over the moon cuz we finished the Beautifuls? No. Cuz he’s healing too? No. Cuz we moved on……carried that stanchion to the Ladies pen and sheared Kachina…..I wanted Flower to have clearer access since she’s so tiny. She can’t miss it now!!!!! And…..wait…..not done yet……we finished off by doing Mimi! Yes we did. It was a 3 goat day, hallelujah! Poor dear then sunburned, but hey, she can scratch it now! Ye know….we have a dozen new babies…….but seems that the new ones are really working on the soft spots around here. Just plain cute. Kiwi is so big that it astounds me daily….and Flower is so small that it astounds me daily…..not extreme though, cuz remember I’ve had a 3 pounder once…..little Cherub, Yoki’s first and premature,….. living one week….. doe. But ya…..Flower is small. The photos don’t really show you. Sure, they show you she’s small and he’s big…..but folks…there’s a whole world inbetween there. Oh ya….I got woken up very early this morning by a hollerin goat. I’m about to jump outta bed when I remember…..we are done kidding! It was Neida Nida….she hates her new tiny pen.

The weather is changing again. Looks like rain late tonight. The winds are kicking up and the sky is not so bright. Wish I knew where my tarp was. It blew off the zenbuggy hay in the last storm. Some of the new babies have never experienced rain. I remember the last rain and the newest at that time babies crying…what’s this? It’s cold! Princess Anya had found herself a warm dry spot in the house and her mommy made her come out. I remember these things. Haha, no I don’t keep a grudge, but I file them away for future reference. Ye know…I think I’ll end it here…..yay……under a thousand words! Way under! Gotta be easier on you guys when I don’t go on forever and ever. Alrighty then…….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch while we wait on the rain!


















6 thoughts on “When you’re bitten by the Lonelies……..

  1. You are an inspiration, MamaSheri 🙂 Your words hit home with me most every night. Sometimes you can be lonely in a houseful, I know that feeling well. Thanks for the great post and pics. I just love little Princess Anya, she has the most expressive face, a sweetie for sure.

    • Bless you sweet one. Yes. I get lonely in my own home cuz hubby rarely acknowledges that I’ve spoken. We all need connections. Thanks for making this one! Should I call you Storm? 💜

      • Yes, you can call me Storm or Susan (Susan Maguire from FB). I answer to either one. Stormfyre is my alter ego 🙂 and most who know me call me “Storm”

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