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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

It’s been a night. Jesse won a bet, even though it’s really not till Thursday…but the bet was for a movie. I lost, so had to watch a movie of his choice. We did it down here, on his laptop and I’m still panting….as in hard work. You have to pay extreme attention when watching a movie with Jess. Now, he’s creating a “beat”. It’s fun to watch and listen to genius at play. Given the tools he has available….I’d say it’s really good. I’m literally watching. How fun is that. Creation in process. Turns out his creation process is full of frustrations…just like mine…and yours. We are so fun. I just love us. Us People. I love to watch and to see, and to listen and to experience…oh so much fun. The pain is secondhand now. Joy takes it’s place. I’m not trying to rub it in…I’m trying to say it’s achievable……I have achieved it IN THIS MOMENT. (weather pain)

I told hubby since he didn’t get to go on vacation this year, to decide when he wanted to go, so I could know when to start the experimental spring breeding like I planned. Seems he may want to go. So, he finally said, do what you want and we’ll work around it, I think he said that, he really said…..do what you want. SO, I will wait till end of April as planned. I don’t want them born in the cold…the whole point of the experiment is to not have them born in cold….but have them be cold…cold enough to eat. In the heat, they say it’s harder for them to eat, that’s why my goats are smaller. I personally think they’re smaller cuz I want them to be. I’ve always felt that way. Like a goldfish. Kept in a small container would stay small to fit in the space. I still believe it. Eventually the boys have been progressed to the outside pasture, the back 90……but now…they are trapped in a 6 acre pasture without a single tree. Where they once had access to woods and rocks and cool stuff….they are now in a big old grass square. I feel for them. Everything has just changed. All the girls I want to sell, are up in the yard now. The mite girls have just entered chemical hell, without having a clue…..and ya…..everything has changed. Now that I’ve had my first successful sale….I INTEND to have more. I’ve got some quality goats…mostly from Kai Mohair….and I’m proud of em. My friend is very happy with Levi, Olive and SweetPea. Also….recently…I’ve sold some fiber and the people were very happy with their purchase. I gots to brag about that!!!

Goodnight. 12:40AM = 7 = Holy.

We did DaVinci today. Boy his mites are worse than Einsteins and Darwins. Yikes and yukkkkk. You guys really have no clue. Well, a few of you might. It was hard. It took a lot out of us. It took a lot out of DaVinci as well. He basically danced through the whole ordeal. On him, the mites started about 3 inches from his topline and continued down the entire body. Jesse was able to knock down his hooves a bit too. They are so hard that I can’t do them…neither could Lisa last year when she came to help soak him in Permethrin. Didn’t work. Put some more meds down their backs….Socrates is next. It’s very hard to decipher what is skin and what is mite. Jesse got to experience the sorrow of cutting the goat. It makes you feel just terrible.

Went ahead and let everyone out again. Sure enough, Kachina left her babies behind and came and checked on them a couple hours later. That kinda ticks me off. I checked them more than she did. And man….that Kiwi is one big baby! He musta got ALL the nutrients in utero. I just wanna get a bottle and feed that Flower till she’s full to the tippy top! This is their 3rd day of sleep so they should be up and at’em tomorrow.

I’m happy to report that the goats I sold are very happy now. Olive Oyl is the boss in her new home and I KNOW she’s lovin that. She tells the baby and the guy…..when to eat or when to move. How cool is that? She’s no longer in the middle of the herd….She’s the HerdQueen! She’s calling her Olive now….so, GO Olive!!! All 3 of those goats were born here and aside from the vet trip….had never been off the property. Their world has changed, I’d say. Music to my ears.

Well, the cold weather has gone and in it’s place is…..humidity. The liquid is dripping off of me. I might be going to the Yellow Rose Fiber Fest this weekend, not sure yet. Probably, cuz it’s not that far away and I do enjoy them so. Lovey went with us last year. I’ll feel naked without a baby goat…..but alas….I’m sure if I snuck one out…..their mommy would notice. Lol, Kachina might not…as long as I give her grazing capability….which I won’t do while gone. Ahhhh….a breeze! Nice. Well, let’s end this a bit early. See ya tomorrow. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Sorry today’s blog is so boring.














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