Lovin LIFE…….and it’s Lessons………….

Ye know, people…..I just really love life. No matter what happens….there is something you have just learned. When I first started on my Spiritual Journey and read and read anything metaphysical or that Spirit steered me towards…..the information was saying that earth was a school. A place for souls to come and experience, for God. God can’t come, so He comes through us, to experience what there is to experience. The joys and the sorrows. I just sold my first goats. It did NOT go smoothly, to say the least…..but I learned. And my friend learned. That’s the thing about learning….it happens for a reason….so you know better next time. All the way back to baby putting his hand on the hot stove….ouch for sure…but baby learned never to do that again. I guess the problems come in when we don’t look at things as learning, and therefore they repeat, and repeat….till it gets to the point that instead of learning from it…we now have an irrational fear of that happening again. Hmmm, I have an irrational fear of snakes. What lesson didn’t I learn? What lesson was repeated until I got this way? Maybe it was trust in God. At that time in my life….I certainly didn’t believe in God. Back in the childhood snake story days….maybe the time I had to leap over the baby copperheads…I was supposed to trust. Maybe the day the snake slid across my friends foot, I was supposed to trust. Instead, I too had fear, like my friends. Guess it just escalated….cuz it’s a standing joke around here that I’m the one who sees the snakes. Always mama. Lol, and now my son. Hubby has killed many many snakes here…..hasn’t been the first to see….not a one. It’s always me screaming….SNAKE!!!!! Well, sometimes it’s Babygirl’s yip….but usually me.

I’m feelin pretty strong right now. Getting baby Flower out has given me a big boost. Two hours of pushing and that baby was way way back. Nowhere near the birth canal. I saved quite a few actually, but this one just seems more drastic. I was in almost to my elbow. And no……I didn’t follow instructions. Instructions are….no longer than an hour between twins. I waited 2. Two hours and she was nowhere near being born, after 2 hours of pushing. Anyway…..now it’s Kiwi who I’m watching. It’s funny the size difference between them, and Flower looks like she got very little food while in utero. She’s not only tiny, but she’s very thin. I guess I’m watching them both.

Jesse says being with me is like a FB message. Message has been sent. Then it has been seen. Now you just gotta wait for them to reply. Something like that. He’s right. I do respond to notifications and fidget constantly. Ok….back to the transport. No matter what happened….Bottom Line……check into things. Don’t just rely on the customer to figure it out. Double check sizes, amenities, etc. Make sure it’s healthy. We’ve come right back around to what I said at the beginning….lessons learned…..are the POINT of life. Guarantee I don’t do that mistake again. On that note good sweet friends…..night night. 12::59am = 8 = infinity!!!!!

Yay….the two new ones are alive this morning and doing what newborns do…sleeping. Kiwi is frightened of me….but Flower loves me……probably cuz she’s had a lot more exposure to me than Kiwi. He ran behind mommy. Poor baby. I did somme counting this morning and removing names off the list that have either died or been sold. I’m going to move some things around. Not sure if all that will happen today…or if we’ll shear. Either one needs done. It’ll most likely be up to my helper….which one he wants to do…..cuz he’s the only helper I have today. Oh Lordie……Tired is not the word. We individually moved 20 goats. Everything is different now.

The Beautifuls are still where they were and the breeding pen is still in the L. everything else just changed. The front girls…..are no more. They have been replaced with……the Boys, Munchkins and Littles. All my boys are now in a safe pen instead of having access to the back 100 acres. The mite girls….are now separated from the herd. They have taken over the Lambie pen….as the Medicine Hut. Then Choxie and her family are in a pen and the rest of the front girls in another attached….the Littles pen. So, 4, 4 and 5. That means I need one more pen for new baby boys about to come out of breeding pens. Or….I could make one larger pen and put those two girl pens together into a new one, put the baby boys in one of those now vacant pens and have an extra freed up if necessary. Been wanting to do this for awhile. It was quite a workout. I’m plum tuckered. Only to discover….another terrorist attack. Jeesh oh petes. So pointless.

Kiwi came out of the house today! My tiny Flower may take a bit longer. She’s still doing big stretches, but still so very thin. So relieved that kidding is over and all are healthy and beautiful. Waiting to see what their coats do…..is like Christmas in slow motion. Made em all stay in today…..giving the new babies a chance to get their sleeping done, then they don’t have to be left behind. Probably Wednesday I’ll let them out again. Everyone is doing fine. On that note…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.























4 thoughts on “Lovin LIFE…….and it’s Lessons………….

  1. It’s the same way at my house with snakes. I love them and never get to see them, my sweetie was terrified of them (couldn’t even watch them on tv!) and he ran into them all the time. Not fair!

    Glad you got everyone moved around safely. I did that this afternoon also; moved all the mamas out (except for the miracle lamb and his foster goat mom, since they are going along to a show for PR purposes later this week). No ruckus yet; the moms have weeds to eat, the lambs have the barn for shelter from our freakish weather (snow and hail). I’m sure it will get loud tomorrow when they all realize that they are separated.

    • Haha, isn’t it somethin? Every aspect of this stuff teaches me! Oh but the snakes….ya, I must be right then. You’d think i would have learned the lesson by now as many snakes as I’ve seen!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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