Here’s What Happened……Goat sale pt 2…and DONE with kidding

Oh my goodness, what a day. I didn’t even get to put the blog up. Of course, I had one!!! Well, I called the transport lady this morning and she said she was 6 hours from San Antonio….so she would be here at 10pm instead. As of now….it could be around 1am…..probably later. So, we went on into town…had lunch, picked up the money I just got for the sale of the goats, got feed and groceries and didn’t get home till 5:30 or so. Nearly 2 hours later than usual. Jesse stayed behind. As we were delivering the feed sacks to the back girls, I heard a familiar sound. Sure enough…..Kachina had had a little boy I named Kiwi. He was already up. So….I’m analyzing as I type….that means that she was trying to push the twin out since then…., quarter to 6 or 6. He ate and ate and ate. At nearly 8pm, still no twin, but no placenta either and she’d been pushing. So….yup….had to go in again. Good damn thing. That baby was not in the canal…..was turned all wrong and I had to flip and move and do some shenanigans but finally I got one foot out. Then I got another, but no head….and it felt like the legs were the wrong direction and so I erred. It worked, but I erred. I thought it was breech and had been told if it’s breech…pull fast cuz baby breathing yuk. I pulled down and out came this tiny little black thing.


Very small and weak. Couldn’t stand. Eventually I tried to hook her up by holding her up, but she wouldn’t even open her mouth. Her mouth was cold so I brought her to the Rv and dried her with the blow dryer. When she got warm, she stood up so I took her to Kachina. She couldn’t find the teat, but Kachina was getting angry so I left her there. Asked for prayers on FB and wala….she is up and nursing. Beautiful little thing. I would be breathing a huge sigh of relief right now….but the goat transport is still fixin to happen. It’s 12:14am now. It’ll be around 2 more hours. Man, I really wanted a bottle baby too. She woulda been perfect, all tiny like she is…but I would have been stealing…..until I gave every effort to make it work. And it worked. She just needed warmed….AND, she was exhausted. She needed to sleep. She got both of those here, then she got her strength. Then she got prayers said for her and she’s one blessed little girl. Can’t wait to see her in the morning. Flower. 444 on the word count. Today was 4/13/13 = 4/4/4. Hoot goes the owl.


Also….while I have time and am waiting…..I received an awesome doorprize gift to an imaginary birthday party here at YeeHaw Ranch. It was items from North Carolina. BBQ sauce, blueberry jam and honey soap. How cool is that!!!! Thank you The Waiting. Also….I received an award. My 2nd nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award….from Bernice has a recipe blog. And she talks too. Lol. I like her. I’m a bit too busy to do the whole acceptance thing, cuz it takes a bit of time to gather all the links, tell them you’re nominating them, etc….So……I’m gonna take the cheaters way out. I’m just gonna say your blogs name and if you find out….you find out. That simple. These are all wordpress sites. Mamacravings. The Waiting. Stars Rain Sun Moon. The 12th Road. Reinep. StrawberryIndigo. I nominate you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award.


2:41am. Goats just pulled out. Note to self…..always question transport size availability. These were scheduled to all 3 go in one medium crate. The two elders were sitting on SweetPea and she was making a sound I’ve never heard a goat make. SweetPea was then moved to another cage….and we put Levi back in. Stunned and sick. Goodbye sweet babies. You’re no longer mine. Folks…..I can’t be other than truthful. Not for you or you or you. Just a little error in size judgement. Forgivable….but my heart is still hurting. Ok…..well, that’s done. God speed goaties. (I now know that my friend never had a discussion with transport lady saying that all 3 would fit in one medium crate….and the transport lady told her that she and I had discussed them going in one crate. See, discrepancies)


Hubby stopped at his mechanic friends house today on the way to town while they were having a garage sale. I got a huge basket…as a bottle baby crib, and filled it with towels, blankets, rugs…..for a dollar!!!! A dollar for things I really needed…Amen. OH dear…I just said Amen. Does that make me a terrorist in the eyes of the gov? On the other hand…since you know when….I’ve thought of them every time I hear the words….allah al akbar. Those words are synonymous with evil now. What a shame. I know it’s supposed to mean something simple, like…Dear God or something. I should stop typing. I’m just so wired from all this. A birthing….that might’ve ended badly were it not for……lil ole me…….and a transport gone wonky. Love ya lady who’s getting the goats! Night night sweet people. See ya tomorrow. 3:07 = 1 = beginnings.


Well, I talked to my friend, the buyer, and things are not kosher on the trip. Some discrepancies happened. Some danger happened. All I know and my friend knows….is we are praying that those goats show up faster than fast. Due to the overcrowding, the transporter decided not to go all the way to New Mexico the way it was, so she is headed straight for my friend. We are worried. We are praying they get there alive, just get there alive. All I know is….somehow the transport lady thought they were much smaller goats. My friend…is beside herself waiting…and I, am the same….from here…waiting. Top it off….Bluedog and I almost stepped on a snake again as we were stepping up the step into the kitchen door. Oi ve. Well….hopefully I’ll know before I post this here blog. In the meantime…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














One thought on “Here’s What Happened……Goat sale pt 2…and DONE with kidding

  1. I am so glad the baby goatie is doing so well. Love your pictures and I hope the babies make it safely to their new home, they are in my thoughts

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