Goat sale Part 1………….Yikes!

Well, since it is to transpire in the morning, or early afternoon…..I guess it’s ok to go ahead and tell you that I have sold 3 goats. My very first sale of goats!!! YeeHaw! Technically, I sold two and gave away one, but it’s a happy family scene about to come true for a nice gal from Arkansas. She writes a blog as well. She is getting Olive Oyl, SweetPea and Levi. All the color she wanted…fading reds, with the right temperament, and with the horns she wanted. She has a lonely buck. That’s how this all started. Well, now her lonely buck and her new buck will keep each other company….and with the addition of a mom and her yearling baby….she has a built in family and can produce more. And I… get the money, the 3 less heads to feed and the knowledge they are in good hands. Win win. As the Natives would say….good trade.

They know something’s up cuz they had to go for the car ride…..and then they were put in a separate pen…the lambie pen. Yes folks……everything around here has names. Even places on the land. The swampy pond, the tornado barn, the rock garden and tractor graveyard. The “L”, the main pasture, the Front Girls pen, and the breeding pens in back are The Ladies and The Girls….which are within the “L”. Anyway….they’ve been crying, otherwise known as talking goat speak….to both the front girls and the back girls…ever since. Let’s just say, it’s not very quiet around here lately. Apparently, although they bicker and fight and are so rough with each other…..there is a bond. I saw that today. And after all was said and done today…..after letting both pens out to pasture at the same time…..there were only a few in the wrong pen and with the first scoop of food and the reaction from the goats to their presence…..they came right on out and into theirs. Closed up tight again…only babies can get out. Their escape…their creep feeder…..their safe haven from the madness in the pens.

Oh ya…we’re lookin like the 17th for Kachina, since I finally did the calculator with the Marshall date. That’s next Wednesday. I should be able to relax when I go to town tomorrow, but she was being very pregnant today while out in the field. So you know me…..I’ll be fretting. I was showing the boy some photos I was considering to put up for the blog photo link on FB. I showed him the funny one of Butters standing up, next thing I know Jesse has this idea for the babies standing up photos so he put it together and it was so cute. 4 babies all standing up and it says…who says goats cant dance? Boy’s got a good mind! I am so enjoying these no bake cookies. Feels just like a childhood memory with every bite. Hmmm, just had a thought. Maybe in the goat world…strength is paramount. Since they are a prey animal, the strong lead. So…I’ve noticed that each goat harasses another goat who is smaller. No matter how old. All the way to the babies. So……if they DON’T butt the smaller ones….they won’t be considered strong and they will lose their place in the herd order. I get it now. I finally get it. It took living here with them to see this.

I have a question again. If food grade diatomaceous earth is safe to put on animals, but is Not safe to breathe…..explain that one to me. The animals have to breathe and they are wearing it. They chew, they scratch, they lick….therefore, they breathe…right there where the DE is. I just don’t understand. I have a 50 lb sack ready to go and just haven’t….yet. Thinking I should….but I want to understand first. Also, I am very grateful to Kimberly in Australia and one other person, but I’ve forgotten, who suggested I try ivomec injectable for the mites. I’m still gonna be using the eprinex and the ivomec pour on as catch alls….but thank you ladies, so much. To see this improvement in Einstein….remarkable. I had pretty much given up hope. These four have had it nearly since they got here, or since. 4 years ago this June. To see this goat, with most of his body looking normal…..is a song to my ears. Well, I started to tell Olive Oyl and SweetPea what was comin and decided to wait. I’ll be havin a chat with em in the morning. Better say goodnight now. So……Goodnight. Sleep Tight. Dream big and receive. 1:14 = 6 = Earth.

No word yet from the transport people. Rather frustrating. To be continued…………on blog Here’s What Happened……which will also be posted tonight.










2 thoughts on “Goat sale Part 1………….Yikes!

  1. the DE is safe for YOU to eat too… I put it in orange juice. It is such a very very fine dust that it can irritate anyone’s lungs if you breath a cloud of it for an extended time. When I use it on the goats, I brush it down into their coats – or with the angoras. lift the fleece and pat it under sections. and especially on their belly and exposed skin. I suppose the reason it is more harmful to you is because you will be putting it on more than one and so you get repeated doses of it in the air around you. I put it on mattresses and under sheets when living in California during the bed bug outbreak there. It also kills fleas – you can put it in corners and under the bed – places that dust lays anyway *at my house!
    You can even put it in their food but it is controversial as to whether it works for internal parasites. If nothing else – it contains calcium to the best of my limit knowledge.

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