jack of SO MANY trades………….

I’ve always considered myself a contrary. A contradiction. Someone who walks to the beat of a different drummer. I used to have my email “signature” as…I’m a walking contradiction and I’m walking as fast as I can. I’ve always been double minded about my art. On one hand, I was proud that I was a jack of all trades, master of none. On another hand, I was sad that I was a jack of all trades, master of none. It warred within me until this very day, where I calmly tell you that I have so so many different trades, that that has GOT to at least count as equal to a normal artist. Why would I have shame? I can write, paint, spin my own yarn, felt wool and mohair, knit, crochet, dig a grave or a garden, wrangle goats, goat designer…lol, sculptor, hair dreader, shawl designer, tiny things creator, goat midwife, herbalist….although it’s been awhile since I’ve really cared about my herbs. I love comfry…need some. “knitbone”, I want some for my hand….plus, it’s really good for owies or bug bites. I cook, dig fence holes and pound Tposts. Drive a tractor occassionially and drive a buggy yelling badoooo cookoooo, or shuttling goats to and fro. I am a goat shearer, let’s certainly not forget that!!! A poet, an author, a blogger, and a multiple blogger…lol. Dreamcatchers, dolls and babies….iguanas, roses and thanksgiving dinner plate the size of a couple nickles.

I can give a goat a shot!!!!!!!! Diaper a baby goat, recussitate and bury. I can give encouragement to others, listen, be there and say prayers. I can raise gentle LARGE dogs, take awesome photographs of baby goats jumping and I can find beauty in a simple rock on the ground. I know there’s more, but I think I have proven to myself that I may be a jack of all trades…..but boy, look how many trades. I think I AM good enough, as good as……all the hard core, one trade, one art gorgeous out the wazoo artists…..yes I am. I STARTED THINKING OF THIS TODAY AND WANTED TO MAKE SURE AND TALK ABOUT IT. Yay, see, I AM doing it, and obviously God approves. I AM worthy. I AM an artist…..btw, I tried to capitalize the a in am a bit earlier and HE wouldn’t let me. Now, obviously is the right time. Lol. Gotta love this stuff. What fun this life is….amidst this slight speak of war…that nobody wants to talk about…..just speak. The mighty engines may be rollin, but the commercials are still playin. I love you ALL. If war comes….I love YOU. You were and always are Worthy, like me. Worthy and able. Strong. Capable. And if you’re a woman…..roar honey, roar. We really should do phone number and address exchanges with those we want to stay in touch with desperately. Just send any mail to me at MamaSheri, Paige, Texas 78659. There are only a few hundred people here, I think they’ll figure out who that is. Don’t forget what I said about wind ….caves……national… park…..south …….Dakota……10 ft to the right of the doorway…. is a hole…..a tunnel. Just sayin.

Well…..hmmmfff. I feel better. I feel stronger. I honestly never looked at it like that. I really do have many arts. Many arts. I now deem the childhood memories of being told my art wasn’t good…..AS…….forgiven. I forgive you. I forgive me. And on to ranchy stuff. Somethins up here. Somethins happenin here in the next few days. You know how I feel about speaking before it happens, so that’s all I will say. Nothing as large as a Feltloom, but something of a grand scale nonetheless. Goodnight my sweets. 1:37am = 11 mastered.

And it’s a new day. My newfound knowledge is sitting nicely with me. I’m being very serious…..I thought myself less because I didn’t do One thing Great. I didn’t Master anything. Oh wait, I did become a Reiki Master! Don’t use it often, but that’s not the point. I can when I need to. I wonder what year I can say I Mastered goats? 3013? I dunno. Think I’m gonna cut myself some slack now. That was a pretty hefty list of things I can do, some of them not brilliantly, but I can do em. That makes me an All Around Artist. AAA, wow! YeeHaw, I’m tiple A.

Not sure what’s on the agenda for today but I just cleaned the clippers in case shearing ends up in the day. Pretty sure that playing with babies will be first on the non existent list. Oh Lordie Lordie….looks like that was it for the agenda. Dang I hate that. The boy wouldn’t get up and then when he did he didn’t wanna shear. Makes me so mad I could spit. It’s not like we’re behind or anything!!!! Not that the day was empty though. I opened the gates to both pens and let all the girls out. They left most of the babies behind who then commenced to screaming their little heads off. Saw some interesting dynamics. If a mommy came back for hers….and heard another crying, she would call it to her then go out to pasture. Even Happy did it, who is not a mommy. In the end, I scooted most of em out and into the field and they are all joined up now as one big huge herd. Even that is fascinating to watch. As the group moves…the stragglers look up, then run to join. Baby Buddha fell asleep and his mommy just left him there.

Went up to eat lunch and told Jess I wasn’t happy to get Nothing done, so we are about to work with the Beautifuls. Yay…something!!! Btw….it’s 3:18pm. Careful what you wish for. I have Overdone. Did one and a half mite goats with scissors. So excited. My boy Einstein is doing so well that I can’t stand it. Finally some relief for my Beautifuls….and they will be Beautiful again. It’s really hard work and I’m exhausted. Just peeled potatoes for dinner and I’m wiped. Have an awesomdillyicious weekend my friends. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















2 thoughts on “jack of SO MANY trades………….

  1. I love the pictures and the long grass, I hope ours gets long soon. Jack of many trades and master of some too that’s you.

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