Goats in the backseat……………

It’s late. I haven’t written a word in here till now. I’m waiting on the no bake cookies to be brought to me, then I get to have a light show by my awesome son. He finally got the software working that I bought him for his birthday, was a keycode glitch, and he’s already put out his first beat. My son, the music producer. Awfully proud. Cookies and a lightshow. Awesome. The difference in this kid is amazing. Last time he was here, the white gloves were straight up grey!!! So dirty from use, but he said it didn’t matter. Now? Now he washes his hands before he puts them on so they stay white. Priorities. He has changed his priorities. He’s also eating what I cook now….instead of cereal and frozen corndogs. Trying nearly everything. Helping me with anything I need help with and thinking about my health. All around, very impressive. Changing right before my eyes. Just like all these baby goats. Their coats are changing, their personalities are changing and being more out there, their behavior is changing and their trust and friendships with me are also changing. Heaven still doesn’t want me to touch her, but she keeps coming close, and she responds to me when I talk to her. Petunia, is also starting to have more curiosity than fear and checking me out. Even Mimi….not a baby, but is letting me scratch her face now. Changes everyday.

Tonight, I looked out the window and saw Anya on the big laying down log. Her first day in there and she can already get on the log? I hollered out to her and she heard me, she got so excited. She wanted to run to me. Like earlier in the day when I was trying to integrate them…..she just wanted to run to me. She loves me. I had to keep stepping away so she would rely on her mom, cuz she was in unfamiliar territory now. I needed them both to be keenly aware of each other. Then later, I look back cuz Yoki is crying and see the baby come flying outta the house to her mom. Brand new in the pen and she’s brave enough to go in the house when it’s cold. That’s my Princess Anya. We are very close. Like Star and Khalifa close.

I was waiting for a moth to come land on my finger when I realized.…forever is now. Was thinking…..well, I can’t wait forever. Forever. What is this forever we are always talking about? There is only now. How easy to forget that. To get complacent and just drift. I find myself doing it way too often. I choose to drift in the now. Right now…the heaters been goin so I’m warm. I have a good movie on….oooh, Ladder 49…lol, had been busy talking to you and hadn’t noticed the movies transitioned. I had been watching E.T. I’ve had homemade cookies, my dog is here, my pups are surrounding me with protection and love, my son is upstairs and my husband is about to wake up in a few hours. I have goats in every direction but one and I even have them out my window a few feet away. Not only that, but there are babies. Lots and lots of jumping hopping curious, inquisitive, shy little babies……with still one more doe to go! My cup runneth over folks….way over. I’m in deep folks….debt, feed, fiber, mess, and most importantly……LOVE. Goodnight my sweet friends, goodnight and butterfly wings to you all. 1:45am. = 1 = beginnings.

Trying to keep my calm on. I’m nervous about this car goat trip to the vet. Not usually nervous about it, but 3? And a buck? Lotsa horns and lotsa fear, and I’m trying not to give negative energy any room to play. Not easy. I shall do my best. Ahh jeeze…have to wait till 3:45. I’m geared up now. Oh well.

Wow, wasn’t so bad after all. 2 does and a buck in the back seat……one laid down the whole way and the other two argued a bit over space, but pretty good, all in all. Had me a heck of a play session. While all the gals were eating, I sat on the ground. I was surrounded by babies pretty much at all times. Some were climbing on my back, some were fighting to climb on my back and there was a lot of twisting and jumping. So much fun. I had two different white goats on my head….Anya and Crystal. During all this play, Violet approached. I petted her and next thing I know, she has laid down beside me. A first. Buddha chased Joy around that house for ten minutes at high speed, with his mommy following…..him trying to mount Joy!!! Joy is crying and running to avoid him and Mimi is upset…how funny. It was just a really fun session and I am overjoyed. And, I’m runnin outta time, so, since it’s just about 7pm…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!














5 thoughts on “Goats in the backseat……………

  1. Your pictures get cuter and cuter. I love Butters sunning!!! I am glad all is well on the home front, makes life easier. Hugs

    • Yes! Bundles of energy! The babies anyway. Yup…started haulin them around the ranch in the backseat and it just evolved. Turned out just fine. Thanks for stoppin for a chat!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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