yo God…..seems to be a glitch in the weather!

Ok….I am now asking the universe a question………….why are the dolphins beaching themselves? Or the whales. Why? It looks as if they swim straight at the shore, as if it’s deliberate. The video I just watched, then shows humans coming running from everywhere and pulling them back into the water. To what purpose? I get the sentiment….but those dolphins knew the beach was there, they swam right for it. They’re very intelligent. What is either causing them to commit suicide or what is poisoning their minds to the point where they have no senses to know where they are in the water. If I was there….I’d have probably pulled one back out to sea myself, so I understand. But I ask the question…..therefore I command an answer. Thank you.

I kinda feel like I’m in a strange unknown world now. At least 4 babies a day survive abortions and are either left to die…which probably means the trash can, or their spinal cord is cut. Can you imagine how painful? Can you imagine? There is an oil spill in Arkansas nobody is talking about. There is threat of war that is rarely talked about and whitewashed over. I hear it’s bad folks. Tomorrow even…..which may mean these words are too late. Well, I put a heads up on FB, I feel better. Course, a joke was made out of it, but I understand….nobody wants bad things to happen. I rant about this stuff often…that’s cuz my mind is blown. My mind was blown soon after my spiritual rebirth when I read about a group of people destroying Buddha statues. Then we had 911. So, the people destroying statues have progressed to huge or important buildings, in another country. I believed it cuz my mind was led there by the Buddha stories. At first I was shattered….people hate Americans? I thought they loved Americans. That blew my mind. Then the videos and the whispers and the theories, all made me question everything. I question everything and I pay attention. I don’t necessarily DO anything, but I’m aware.

Gosh, I’ve done bummed myself out. Wish I still had some custard thingies. You saw that right? I get sad or upset and want to eat. It’s amazing I’m not a larger gal. It’s either food or spending money. Oooh dang, and here comes the weather pain. Oh, btw….I went up to the house and made me some No Bake Cookies. Love them. Did the trick for me. Sillyness here, but when I cut onions….I don’t want to wash my hands. I want to keep smelling that smell. The smell of…..I have cut onions today. I don’t get excited by the actual onion smell….just the after effect. Strange, eh? Oh ya, also btw…..I had the thought of the cookies at 11:35pm. I was done and eating them by 12:10.

I have to load up 3 goats in the backseat of my car, one being a buck….and take em to the vet. Should be interesting, eh? When my husband first bought me the 55 chevy which I still don’t have, we talked of having the goat crate permanently installed in the bed of my truck. Install a ramp and you’ve got it. Driveable. Nope….not what he did. He bought a trailer and decked it out for the crate. It’s a special crate. The trailer has a generator, water, light and extra room. Thing is….I don’t know how to drive with a trailer behind me. I’ve tried. I’m a fearful driver anyways, so this concerns me. I should be positiving it up, but apparenty I haven’t gotten there yet. Surely I’ll get the truck soon!!! It’s been nearly 2 years!!! I want my damn truck. It’s an ac/heater part problem. OVERHAULIN….come to my rescue and find me the part!!!! Night night sweethearts of mine……1:16am = 8 = infinity….endless…forever.

Ah jeesh….went to bed with every single open as wide as I could get it….including vents…and woke up at 7:15am, to a goat crying. Kachina. Nope, not labor…jealous that the other pen was out grazing. Went back to bed and woke up freezing. It was raining, the temps had dropped and hubby didn’t turn the propane tank on after reattaching it this weekend, so it was blowing cold air. Still haven’t warmed up. No shearing today. Which is good….cuz I seem to have hurt my back. I have a curvature of the spine at L3 and 4, and also squished those discs in a car accident. Seem to have aggravated them somehow. Good for that reason, bad for fleece reasons. So far behind. I actually left hubby a text asking if he’d pay for a shearer to come or maybe buy me a 2nd clipper, so we can get ahead of this. No response so far. I have 2 weather apps…..one is saying it’s now 59, the other is saying 45. Go figure. Considering I just bumped up the heater…..hmmm, I’m gonna say 45. Come on Sun!!! All the girls are in the houses, curled up with their babies. Kachina sure had me goin this morning. Got all dressed and get out there and…nothing. Wow…..busy rainy cold day. Got my Mama shorts on and moved Yoki and Anya back to the breeding pens. Went bad for a sec, then smoothed. Then they went out grazing with the rest. Then, around feeding time….she was ignoring Anya’s cries, in favor of greenies, which then had Anya scared and trying to get into the Ladies pen. Finally, the two are reunited and I have closed the gate as far as I can close it. That girl….just seems to have lost a few brain cells when baby Cherub died. Now she wants any white baby. Go figure.

I wrote another blog for H, to give them a choice. Jesse finally got the birthday gift working that I got him, which was software, and he is making his own beats as we speak. Then, he can rap on his own beats. How cool. Oh goodness…..saw little Khalifa making a posture that concerned me. Not the first time, and I always think he’s having urine or poo problems…called Lisa….after a bit of discussion, it was decided that most likely…..he’s being a lil buck! Nothing wrong at all. Will watch his potties and make sure, but come to think of it, he was butting my leg too. Goodness, my baby is becoming a man. Lol, goat and human. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Things are settling down in the Girls pen…even with so dang many goats and babies in there, and now Yoki and Anya. Should work, cuz I need that pen they were in, for some other stuff to take place. And on that note….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















6 thoughts on “yo God…..seems to be a glitch in the weather!

  1. I think the dolphins beach themselves because no one listens to their screams. We are destroying their/our habitat but a beached animal is the only thing some humans seem to notice. Maybe they are in a way martyrs, like the saints were. Willing to give their lives so that we will make changes that will allow other animals and ourselves to live.

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