Snakes down memory lane…..

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Thinkin I should give a wee tad more background after yesterday’s story. I had a sister. My parents divorced. My mom married a man who had 2 daughters. Neither one of these ‘parents’ were the nurturing or loving kind. They were great providers, yes. Fairly typical mentality back then I believe. That might explain my sisters attitude toward me……maybe a little. I rarely talk to any of them. Ironically, the one I talk to most, is the one who said, let her die. We grew up. Because my sisters wanted me gone, I spent most of my days wandering the woods alone. I loved the woods. I loved to find as many woods flowers as I could and little critters. I never brought them home with me, well, except for the violets for my mother. Pretty sure I talked to the animals I saw. And of course there were the fires. To this day, I don’t know how I didn’t burn the neighborhood down….but I just loved sitting beside a fire so I built them…..often. My fear of snakes must have come later, cuz I don’t remember being afraid in the woods. I remember being at home there.

There are two snake memories……one as I stepped off a railroad tie, well, more like leapt….and as I’m leaping, I see a pile of baby snakes under me. Somehow I landed past them screaming and the neighbor and my dad killed all the tiny copperheads. The other was while climbing woods with friends to get to a cool go down a hill spot, a girl ahead of me stopped and said there was a snake slithering across her foot. The other girls were all scared, I think that’s where it really started….that day. But it was fun going down the massive hill! Oh, speaking of massive hills….have you ever been to a sand dune? They have them in Massachusetts, and you struggle to the top and then have a freedom blast on the way down flipping, whatever. I lived on a mountain. Dans Mountain. There was a part where it spiraled up up to dropoff cliffs. People went there for photos or as a party spot. Every now and then, the breeze will blow just right and I’ll say….it’s a Dans Rock day….and I’m right back there, standing at the top….with quite a few different memories….only one is bad….when some idiot boys decided to jump onto a rock that was in my opinion…..unrecoverable…..except with the firemen and ropes. No…somehow they got off by themselves bjut I still don’t know how. I couldn’t watch. Mostly I remember sitting in the cave like holes and partying. I also loved caves and would walk miles to be in them. Have I told you I also party’d in a cement mixer? Not the smartest thing to do, but we did. I didn’t have many friends. Around age 11, I had two friends……one had a goat….the others mom hated me with a purple passion. Called me her pot headed friend. That’s also the age I started writing poetry. And I loved English class so I could do essays. Gee…..I think it lingered onnnn. Ya think?

Ok, I have to say this. On the movie Deep Impact, they only want a few people over 50 yrs old….to go on the saving grace spacecraft. Think about it folks…..the 50, 60, and 70 year olds on the planet…..have been alive longer, have had more experiences, probably learned tons more…than the younger folk. Imagine the wisdom being thrown away. Makes no sense to me. You’d think that if you’re going out into space….you might want wisdom, not just the educated. And believe you me, there is a difference. The people in charge…..are not always the smartest beans on the trail…………………….. (goat poo)

I went to play with Anya this morning but upon my arrival, she commenced to starting the longest nurse in history…..I got tired of waiting and will see her later. I simply went to a different pen. Had a grande play session in the Girls pen. Crystal jumped up against my back while I sat there, so I bent down and became a rock for her and up she went. So far, just Star and now Crystal. And oh Lord….I got it bad. I just took 74 photos and it’s only noon. Now you guys see what I’m up against? What to do with so many photos….that’s not counting the ones I’ve just deleted that didn’t meet my expectations.

Lordie lordie….an eventful day. Sheared Miyagi, then started giving shots. There was a watersnake in the pond so Jesse shot it…many times, it wouldn’t die. While that was going on…..the pups destroyed the fiber we had just sheared. Man oh man….a nice white fleece. I salvaged a small amount, maybe a pound. Jesse cut the snakes head off then made a video, of him talking to the still moving head….telling him he might still be able to go to museums cuz he’d been detached and now only had eyes to see. Crazy kid. Cut some straggly hairs off the Beautifuls….one of whom is responding to the medicine very well and the few goats that had small nickel size patches, area cleared. Then we did all the front girls as well. Very busy time…..just the two of us. Got everybody but Donna and Dimi, cuz they escaped……but not for long. Yup, I’m pooped now. And I may have to go to $10 Tuesday at the chiropractors, cuz this is ridiculous pain….but only certain movements. Someday. Everybody is fed and I just had to round up some escapees. Still one out but her baby can come to her. Now if only Violet would answer her mommy and come back in the pen. She’s just layin down in the alley! Little cutie patutie. I knew she wanted outta her cubicle to see the world!!!! Ok, well…it’s that time. Signing off my friends, from YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..the timing of the snake……interesting.
















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