Cream puffs……and Mama Attitude…haha…or not

When I was a little girl, we made cream puffs. A very odd thing, but we made them fairly often. We made them huge and stuffed them full of yellow custard. Oh my the custardy goodness, I love it to this day. We even made them when my parents went out of town which was fairly often. It was kinda like a family “thing”. We even jokingly called them by our last name….like they were special. Very odd. Well, remembering back…..I guess that was the one bonding thing we did together. The rest of the time….I was the youngest and not wanted around. Mom, do we have to take her??? Mom, make Sheri stay home! There was a horrible incident that I call world war 3. It wasn’t a war, but it was awful. We snuck out and brought some liquor from mom and dads liquor cabinet. A fifth of scotch. Met up with friends and sat in a circle passing the bottle. After awhile, they would say….here, take a drink of pepsi. I would and it tasted like pepsi.


They thought this was so funny that they kept passing the bottle to me telling me each time that it was something different I was drinking….for a laugh. I ended up drinking most of the fifth and then I got loud. They moved the party to water tower road, which would disturb no one. Someone said….hey, your sister is vomiting and she’s on her back. She could choke. One of my sisters said…let her die. Later, they loaded me up in a stolen wheelbarrow and pushed me home……breaking my new shoe and dumping me on the family room floor. Somebody cleaned me up some but nobody ever fessed up. I remember. I also remember the cream puffs. Maybe that’s why I remember the puffs so fondly. Found something similar to a cream puff today……well, it has the custardy goodness anyway….and I’m fixin to eat it with semi fond memories. And I did. Oooohie, it was good. Sweet, but good….and I have 2 more! It was a bread though instead of a puff. Haha…..I’m nutty…all I can think after that is puff puff pass.


I’ve just figured something out. And promptly forgot it. Let’s get it back. Yup…k. so….Yoki. Need to integrate her with the Girls pen. Just realized what I’ve been doing…woulda said wrong, but it has happened, therefore meant to be so not wrong…..The first two times I tried to put Yoki in the Girls pen with her baby…the situation was bad and my mind was bad. My mind was…this won’t work. When I ended up deciding to get Valey and put her in the L with Milky…then saw the friendship through the fence of the Girls pen and deciding to put them IN…..was the right choice…and it was done firmly and with knowledge that it would work and Mama said so. The Yoki times had no Mama attitude whatsoever…nope, only fear. So the solution is….to get my Mama game on and put them in with attitude. I need to integrate that Anya…give her playmates for goodness sakes….besides Mama. She only has me, her mom and an upside down metal water tub to play with.


Ok…gotta tell ya about the fish. The fish and the water trough. In the L, is an old water trough, unused for a long time, but the babies sneak out, which I intended, my version of a creep gate…..and lately I’ve been seeing them drinking from the old yukky trough. Tonight I saw Star drinking and said…enough. I had already asked hubby a few hours earlier if there was a way to empty it. I holler for Jess. He comes, and dumps it over then leaves. It’s his Birthday. I see a goldfish. Holy cow…in this black yuk…a fish is still alive? So I grab the baby water bowl and go try to save the fish. Ohhhhh…it’s another one! I got it! Then the big one I’d previously had in my hand, swims deep in the muck to avoid me. He probably lived his whole life avoiding the muck until tonight. I dug and swished and finally found him gasping. Threw him in the bowl and poured them both into the Ladies pen trough. So………..I saved some fish today….or not…depending on his recovery from the black slime. Ok…well, that’s enough words for tonight. Later chickies and guys! Sweetest of sweetest dreams. 11:38am = 4 yay……..hello Angels!!!!! Stay with me buds……my kid asked for a six pack of bud light ultimate for his birthday and I may see the results of that soon…..I tend to get frightened around drunk males, thanks to my abusive ex…Jesse’s dad. Oh, and yes…..I forgot to include the words I wrote to Jesse last night, so here they are.

Happy Birthday Baby! Technically you were born at 10:20pm or around there but you started trying to come out at 6am. We loved each other dearly and I still do. I’m so happy that things happened the way they did, therefore you were born. I struggled in life to give you shelter, but never love. You and Summer are part of my heartbeat, that has lain with my heart and will always do so. Failures, struggles, life. Happiness, joy, life. I wish you life. All that you desire to taste of it! I wish you deep love, joy in crisis and a life as big as you can Dream it!!!! Four exclamations for the Angels that will help you achieve this. I love you with all my soul and I cherish you and your brain and your heart….not new, just dormant. Loving you and not stopping no matter what. This is my rant. I owe it to you. A gift needed long ago. I love you.


Ha…..he calls me at 3:30am asking….where’s my cake? He has to have his cake. I pull myself out of sleep fog and say….try over by the butter….goodnight. So now I’m watching hubby pretend we’re something we’re not……he’s cleaning and making things prettier for his boss’s arrival. Well shoot….I’m guilty too, I burned the feed bags…but they needed to be done regardless. While feeding the other people this morning….we discovered a new baby cow. A boy. Fudgey’s boy…..named Gooey. Then the boss came with…..2 daughters not sons…..and they loved all the animals….but think they liked the chickens best.


Well, I couldn’t find my Mama Attitude. Maybe cuz hubby’s home. Tomorrow. I pulled Violet out of her cubby and onto my lap but Lily didn’t like it so I put her back. Within 5 minutes….she was outta there! Runnin Lily ragged checkin every inch of the pen out with tiny hops all over the place. See, Lily didn’t want her out so she didn’t teach her how. Ha…. I did. I put her one foot up on the lip. A few minutes later, she put one, then two, then out she was. Oh ya…the 2 fishies are alive!!! Ok…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















5 thoughts on “Cream puffs……and Mama Attitude…haha…or not

    • Ha! Yes they sure do! Hadn’t noticed that. They are discovering that the human lady is not so bad after all. ❤ thanks for stoppin in!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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