Capturing the love for You……..

I’ve been trying to capture the love I see going on around me….and I have only succeeded partly. I’ve shown you photos and I’ve told you about the issues I was having. But I haven’t told you truly about the love factor. The instantaneous reaction when a certain baby cries, and the mom goes running to see what harm has come to her baby. If it’s the first night and even the second…they may not leave the baby at all. If they try, the baby cries and they go running back.….the nuzzle of brother and sister, twins……the constant laying together and body touching and playing together….not really with others, but with themselves so far. The moments when a baby gets scared and wants to nurse and mommy looks back and tries to nudge and kiss her little one.

Or the one month old baby finally getting a playmate big enough…..the practicing of the headbutts…the raring up….the folding back of the ears…., then immediately turning into flying leaps and jumps… around the pen together….then back to the challenging and nuzzling. The gaining of this new friendship, thus freeing the one month old to the point of freedom….to the point of walking up to the big bad human lady and sniffing her hand. First time by choice in her long month of life. Petunia, my little Petunia. So colorful that she almost wasn’t pretty….just wanted. Finally the curls have begun to grow and she looks more like an angora goat than a speckled thing. And……she walked up to me! I was sitting on the log and she stopped her play and came over, as if to say….hey……you don’t seem so bad!

There’s also the moments when the baby finds a hole in the pen and gets out into the big bad world….the L……and at first….and still, with Joy, at first, the moms freak smooth out….screaming bloody murder….get back here…oh my god, get back in here….oh my god, shes gonna die!!!!! @#!%$&* Get me my baby back! And when I do….do you think there’s gratefulness? Acknowledgment? To me? Nope…….but to the baby….Yes…..yes indeed, they are grateful the baby is back and they are acknowledging that the baby was gone and now is back….big nursing reunion.

Then there’s one of my favorite things. The mommies who don’t mind the babies crawling all over them…even ones who aren’t their own. They just lay there and allow the little hooves to land on them time after time after time again. Sometimes, it’s not even the mom, but a relative…or a friend….who allows a baby to jump on its back….while it’s standing!!!!!! I think this requires a stalwartness, and a love. I’ve seen older sisters allow it, and even does who have no connection whatsoever to the baby now standing on its laying belly. Tika is a new one who allows it. Donna also, but not new to her. It’s really funny to watch the babies try to jump up onto their mommies. Billy is one who tries and tries. So does Heaven. Sweetness.

Or what about the kind of love experienced between Milky and Valey. They were babies last year. They’ve never really been separated and now…in their time of crisis…..being moved into a strange group of goats…even though they know most…and have at least met them all……are bonding even greater than ever before. After I removed Milky cuz of Mimi’s violent reaction, I brought Valey. They two stood together, checking out the Girls pen….with Milky’s head on Valey’s back. Later that night, I saw the identical pose, scene….but reversed. Valey’s head on Milky’s back. These girls are way bonded now. A familiar face in a scene of chaos. That’s why they always say….sell two goats, not one.

As the clock was approaching midnight, I knew my son was watching the seconds….so I wrote him a message……

Goodnight and sweetest of dreams to you all, my lovely folkie friends. Night night. 12:49am = 7 = holy.

Well, it’s nearly 6pm on Saturday and I see that once again….I did not capture the love….but I did try. It just feels empty, not enough, not accurate, shallow. I wanted to talk about the deep….and I got the shallow. Ah well. Hubby surprised us by getting Jesse a birthday gift. Then we had Jesse’s choice for lunch….Double Dave’s Pizza. We checked out the new Mexican meat market, got groceries, a birthday cake, feed and my smoothie. Also, hubby got me new metal trash cans needed badly. Got peanuts and pumpkin seeds for the goats too….and a couple éclair type things for me. Had my playtime and am still sippin on that hours old smoothie. Hubby’s boss is coming to see the place tomorrow with his little boys. Never been here before, so I’m kinda nervous. Violet is wanting out of that cubby so bad….but not bad enough to try to get out….but she did do her first jumps today!!!! Ok……enough good stuff for today. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh ya….I’ve been doing the photoblog and just not advertising it. Find it if you want….or if you can. lol Oh ok…’s the general link.













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