Fascinating new perspective………….

It’s so interesting how I am able to use wording, to attract people to someone else’s blog…but for my own, I simply say…my BLOG. Why do I still do that after nearly a year? Dunno….but the cause was worthy. It was the longest hardest roundabout way to get to a blog, but when I did, I read it, liked it…then went to the most recent one. It blew my mind. Not sure who wrote it, it says author unknown, but holy cow. What a change of perspectives in a drastic way. To suggest that the baby in the womb is having the same thoughts about life after death…only his are life after birth. Wow….you need to read the blog. www.moonlightenedshelves.wordpress.com My mind is still pondering and thinking and wondering and wanting to read it again. I did. Worth it. Premise…..twins in the womb together, talking……

Baby no 1: “Mother?” You mean you believe in Mother? OH! So where is she?

Baby no. 2: Everywhere, don’t you see it? She is everywhere, all around us. We are a part of her and it’s thanks to her that we are living right now. Without her, we wouldn’t be here.”

Baby no 1: That’s ridiculous! I’ve never seen any mother so it’s obvious she doesn’t exist.”

Love that so much. How profound. So fascinating to think about all the possibilities. Do the unborn and newborns have adult type thoughts before they are born and reduced to the 10% brain? What’s up with the imaginary friends? Who are they seeing? What’s up with all the mentally ill? Who are they talking to? Well, some of them. Are they talking to angels? To God? I don’t really believe in demons, but they could exist. I only believe in helpers…not destroyers. Hmmm, on the other hand….maybe they are there….inside us all….trying to keep us from our potential…but which is still…..all part of the play.

I’m having drastic memory problems tonight. Hmmm….break that word down….pro blem…..blemish. Ha. Ya……a memory blemish. So….and the comparison to the earth…..breathe in. Ahhh….just love this writing, this anonymous writing. Gee, that’s two anonymous’s in two days. Cool.

It’s very quiet, most of the time tonight. Every now and then, Milky or Valey cries out, or Lily talks loudly to baby Violet. Other than that, it’s peaceful, no fighting whatsoever. Maya is in that pen, at least Milky’s sister is welcoming her. It hurts my heart that her mom got angry at her arrival. Violently angry. When I saw how bad it was getting…..I ran the 2-300 ft or so….to get into the pen. Yup…still pissed I have no more gate here……5 ft from me, like I should!!!!! Hmmmm…..just thought of a way to fix this. Nope….that won’t work. Hmmm. Oh well…..Milky is happy now….now that she has Valey. Well, not happy, but not freakin….that’s for sure. What was Mimi freakin about? Did she think Milky would hurt her little brother? Rather irrational, I would think. And Donna and Valey. I had intended to leave Valey in with her mom for a few weeks, until Mimi acted up so badly…then I went to get Valey…..and she was with Donna, but Donna did a light headbutt at her. They probably woulda worked it out real quick, unlike Mimi, but I took Valey, so it didn’t happen. Poor Donna. She didn’t have any babies this time. Well….Valey will now make me good babies. She’s my only red girl. Well, now I have Heaven, a red pinto too. Angel is a red….and he remains so, close to the skin when sheared.

Whats up with knowing we shouldn’t…..and doing it anyways??? I know I do it. So many ways, do I do it. At the moment, I’m referring to these store bought cookies. I was thinking I shouldn’t eat them….then I bumped my head on the way to reach for them and I thought….I really shouldn’t eat them then….and one is hanging from my mouth as I type. Same could go for a cigarette, a man, a pill, a drink, no food….I was anorexic once. Night night sweet ones……sleep with the angels hovering in protection over you. 12:56 am = 5 = change. Hmmm.

Well, it’s Jesse’s birthday tomorrow….the big 20, so I went to town for a few little things. Seriously little….we’re trying to save up to get him a mixer, for his songs but that’s $800 and gonna be a bit. Got my smoothie, yay, then came home and burned feed bags. Took the whole rest of the afternoon to do that, then fed, then played, took all the sweaters off the babies and here I am, just now finishing up the blog at 5:30pm. So, I told you my Anya is no longer turning silver, what’s up with that? But I’m seeing that Violets ears are changing. You just never know what a black will end up looking like. I had 7 blacks born one year…..only one remains black….Kitchie. Kitchie’s deceased brother, Koko, the first baby lost here….had a white belt. Since Kachina’s babies must not be Wywy’s, then maybe she’ll give me some belts again.

Everyone is being a great mother…..with the one exception of Mimi……she is so bent on keeping other goats away from her precious Buddha, that she nearly gets him killed when she goes after a goat that’s too close. I woke up this morning to find him on the big log….his first time. So cute, watching them all try and try so many times, to get on the logs, and finally make it. Little Anya has nothing to jump off but my lap, so she does. Trying to do twists, but with an uneven surface like a lap….not easy. Violet is wanting outta that stall so bad…. I bet she’s out tomorrow. She has to get over the lip first. Well folks…..I actually stopped without writing a book. Tomorrow is Saturday errands and the boy’s BDay, so I’ll talk to ya then. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













4 thoughts on “Fascinating new perspective………….

  1. How now! Those babies are getting cuter every single day! Lovin it! It just leaves you hooked on the angora love!

  2. Happy Birthday to your littlest baby!!!! They grow way too fast. I love the babies sleeping with their mamas

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