Anonymous…cannabis…and beauteous babes

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Have you guys heard of Anonymous? It’s videos put out under the name Anonymous and they have assorted subjects. One is about saving America from it’s gov, can’t remember the other I watched, and now, they’ve put out research info on cannabis/marijuana and it’s cancer killing abilities. If you’re interested…do what I do….google it. It’s a FB thing, dunno how to share it here….but I can share the photo I took of some of its words. Hopefully I remember. The lady who had shared the info….shared my photo of the info along with the words….Crohn’s. So…obviously it helps crohns too. I still can’t believe it healed my heel wound. It had been there over a year, never healing. I put tincture on it ONE TIME…..and it healed right up. Can’t even tell I ever had it. Of course, I’m one of the lucky ones. I actually had access to cannabis tincture at that time, when I needed it. The OILS????? How are we to get access to the oils? It takes many many flowers to make the oils, therefore they are very expensive and illegal to boot. How do we get the cure for the cancers and the crohn’s and the year long owies? I dunno folks……I dunno.

Can you believe it? I just talked about something other than goats??!!!!! A sure sign that kidding season is coming to an end. One last girl. One last Kachina Dance. I have two names left for this year. Sure am hoping they fit…..if not, I will wiggle and contort and come up with new ones. I say Ones….cuz Kachina usually has twins. Still can’t believe Mimi only had one. And still love it when the heater kicks on!!! YeeHaw!!! And yes….I still think of all the cold people when it happens….or lately, the goat babies too. I haven’t mentioned the kittens lately. Little buggers. Still getting into and destroying any darn thing they want. Now, Gucci is in heat, just as Smoocher finally went out of her month long one. Wiz is fully healed and no worse for the wear from the neuter OR getting run over on the way home from the vet. He races at breakneck speed like the others do….all through and up and over….the house. Still hiding the tp, pt and butter. I’ve finally got someone else to do the dang litter…hate the litter. Yay Jess.

And yay….I was successfully able to get sucked into the movie I’m supposed to be watching! About time. Nothin like good old….Days of Thunder to get your adrenaline goin. I can’t tell y’all how relieved I am that Violet is not only alive….but out. I heard a commotion a few minutes ago….11:21pm, and it was Lily, fretting cuz the baby was too close to the exit of the stall. Walking around in her little sweater, bein all brave and walking to the edge. I see all these adorable sweaters people have on their goats now……when I get spare time…I’m gonna make me some. Mea sent me one….it’s for Georgia’s baby! So funny, my Mea. I’ve cut enough sweater sleeves to know what needs to happen in the making….so why the heck not? Ya right…..when?

Oh ya…the Hoegger Blog came out yesterday! Yay!!!! Some of you already read it. I think it’s pretty thorough without being boring. Doesn’t have every single outcome or clue, but hey…..I tried. I also have a word limit…basically the same as this one. Talking about kidding season….jeesh, I know a little bit about that now, eh? This one’s been a doozie. I learned a ton though. More like what to do and what not to do….as well as what I need and what I don’t need. Right now….I don’t need my pen falling down cuz of a broken post, or whatever it is….where the gate attaches to the Girls pen back here. Oi ve! Just happened and it’s bad. Barely standing the gate and such are!!! Ha….I think the mud is holding it up. Such extremes here in Texas. I know I know….extremes everywhere these days.

My ears are attuned to every cry. I can pretty well isolate each cry by now, based on the goat. Earlier when I heard the commotion, I thought it was Lily fussing, but I also thought I heard a larger goat sound…a deeper one…therefore I thought Kachina. Nope. Kachina wanted to visit though. They get real friendly before birth. But here’s the deal. The cutoff time has gone as of yesterday for Wy….but the other date would be about a week and a half to 2 weeks…for it to be Marshalls. By the way….both Billy and Violet are Angel’s babies. Angel being my first bottlebaby but he stayed with his mom….therefore none of the usual male bottle baby stuff. I can even tell cries across the way. Many pens…all spread out…plus the boys on the outside….many I can say…..that’s so and so. Ok well…all is good so I think I’ll sign off. Nightie night night folkie olkies. Later! 12:34am…go!!!!!! =1 = beginnings….. = go!

Goodness….3:30am….had to suit up and go see. Nothin…just Lily cuz her baby moved. 7am, had to suit up and go see. Nothin…just Lily cuz her baby moved. 9am, it’s Lily And Joy. Lily’s baby moved and Joy’s baby got out the fence hole and was out grazing with all the other escapees. That’s when I got up….may as well. So, I went and opened the gate for Joy and now all the Ladies pen is out grazing….even Kachina. Mimi has taken Buddha out for a walk as well and is forced to keep to his pace. The Girls, are not happy about this. The first official… day out….well, half the babies. And of course Anya who is up front….viewable from my chair window….but…..I’m not there. Oh….Anya who’s silver is fading already! Well, I’m patient……it changed quickly, maybe it will change quickly again. Only eleven and the mommies are coming back to the pen. Propane ran out again, so it’s gonna take awhile to heat this place up to tolerable.

Ahhhhh, just looked out the window…baby is up and adventurous. Sniffing the world. Crap….don’t see Buddha with his mom!!! Ok…….she left him in the house. Found him crying and shivering. Held him for nearly an hour to stop the chill. So….removed his chill and got one myself….deep to the bone. Poor babies. Finally called Mimi in, then rounded Kachina and the rest….and closed the gate. Enough worry for one day. It’s staying at 50 degrees with high winds and it just blows right through you. Got sweaters in the wash and the sun has come out, thank you thank you. Have to tell ya….I’ve got some pretty cool kids this year. Just lovin Milly’s babes……Crystal and Butters. Very playful and friendly….and so dang cute, especially Crystal. I got a few goats moved…..that’s always heartbreaking to watch. Mimi was so violent with her yearling Milky when I put her in the pen that I had to let her out into the L, with no cover. Gosh, I hate that. Oh well, part of raising goats. And I’ve gone long again….sorry. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….I’m probably taking over a hundred photos a day….what to do with them all??? Oh ya…..I have a photo blog!!!! Who knows, maybe I’ll use it. PSS. Got Valey for Milky then put them in the Girls pen. Much more peaceful. Signing off. P.S.S.S. I did the photo blog.














8 thoughts on “Anonymous…cannabis…and beauteous babes

      • Thank you for the reply and thank you for checking my blog out. Hope you enjoy our donkeys and horse. We have a mammoth donkey 16’1 at the withers, mini donkey and a qtr horse mare. 3 dogs, 2 cats that’s our little farm in the Pacific Northwest, Washington.

  1. Ah a smile in the morning, just what I needed. I think Milky and Valey look very happy in their area. At least Milky isn’t getting beaten up. The kids are so cute and growing so big, here too. Love the photo blog

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