Special delivery…..in the rain

I told you I was in love. When you are in love…you have a one track mind. It’s a temporary phase, contrary to popular opinion. In love, is different than Pure deep love. I have both for Anya. I am thinking of her constantly. Playing with the others, yet wondering what Anya’s doing. Yup…I got it bad. I’m so thrilled with this mornings placing her on my lap. It worked. Now, if I come in and sit down……over she comes, to see if she can balance on Mama’s lap. She doesn’t lay down….she uses me as a balance beam. Cutie pieeeee. I love how common sense prevails. Sit in the animals environment…..let it approach you…..give it a nudge toward you, on you. And if you’re a baby goat….wala…you’ve just been socialized.

As far as I know…Milly and Shortcake stood outside no matter how hard the rain. Milly kept trying to go in but the babies didn’t. Shortcake never tried. The other pen refused to allow Oprah, but she was allowed to have her front half in…..after awhile. All I know is….there’s some wet babies out there. Billy I think went under the tree root. Crystal and Butters stayed in the rain. Did I tell you Crystal is bigger than her twin? It was all worth the wait. I have babies. Lots of babies. Not to discount the ones unborn. I love you too sweet babies! By the way…you people do realeyes that when you see a blurry photo from me….I’m just trying to tell a story!!! I do know the difference between a blurry photo and a clear one. I know you know this but I just wanted it on record. 😀

Wow….that’s all I wrote? And I didn’t say goodnight? Not sure what’s goin on with me lately. Going to bed so early, so tired all the time. Probably should go to the Doc, but she’ll find something dastardly wrong…always does. Nah…. I’ll just keep on keepin on. I didn’t realize how much time is involved in socializing the babies. I went into the big pens this morning at 11am…….and didn’t come out until a full hour later! Well, for all those who have been complaining about no rain….not me……..we now have rain. Lots and lots of rain. Was planning to take advantage of todays wetness to burn the empty feed bags laying just Everywhere!!!! But no…..it’s all out raining and the bags are wet….and it’s all out raining. Kinda chilly too, but the babies all made it through the night, Thank God. Man…these are some tough baby critters that’s for sure. Surviving cold, soaked to the bone and cold…..and even…..surviving the heat. At a few days old……….tough as rocks.

Speaking of tough as rocks……as I was typing up a possible H blog on bottlebabies…..in the Rv with the tv turned loud due to the heater running and the heavy rain sounds……and I heard a holler. All the girls were packed into the houses so I couldn’t see who. Went runnin. It’s Lily and she’s pushing the baby out amidst the cfrush of goats. One leg and the head out. Gloved up and went to find the other leg. Couldn’t find it. Couldn’t put baby back in either cuz sack had broken. Had to just pull….and hope I didn’t hurt anyone in the process. Nope. All was well. Just yesterday I said either to myself or to Lily, that her baby would be black. Yup. Black. I also said her name was Violet…..3 months ago, when we had that Lily event. Which meant she was a girl. She, is indeed a girl, a very tiny black girl named long ago.

Man….it’s still raining. The little stall she’s in now has others escaping the rain. Heard a baby scream, saw Lily lay down……booted up to go see….nope, not sitting on baby and hadn’t head butted her either. Saw the Violet and back in I came. Man it’s chilly with the rain. That Violet is shivering like crazy. I wrapped her in a dry towel and held her to try to calm her shivers…..finally Lily came and licked her head while I held her. Then the placenta came out…….I called Jesse back down to hold her and I hooked the baby up. Seemed the best way for this particular goat was to lift her leg, so I lifted…baby found……lifted, baby found. Hopefully they get the drift until baby is more sure of things. Like I said…..tough as rocks….these tiny wee babes. Sounds pretty…..violets in the rain.

Georgia is not liking the rain…wow, it’s 4 o’clock already….nope, she’s crying for food! You can’t miss her after a rain…..whiter than white. So many bodies, blocking my view. Can’t see. Oh ya…..while I was pulling the little one out…..Star is standing on my back. Lol….not the best timing. Guess I’ll always be a rock to dear little Star…..who is not so little anymore. I grabbed a rare photo of her nursing today….you’ll see how big she is. In fact it is Star who is standing in the doorway of the cubicle….and blocking my view. Yoki is hollerin her bloody head off too…..not likin this solitary I guess…..plus she’s hungry. One more doe left to kid. Just one. Then I ccan go back to their 3 o’clock feeding time. Kachina….please wait till a warmer, non rainy day.

Ahhhh….so frustrating. I just want them all to be alright. I don’t know yet that Violet will be alright. Got her those two drinks…….don’t think mom has given her any since then. She did stretch though. Saw a weather radar 20 minute window and fed them and yup….rain is back….till 11pm!!!!! Ayyyyyye……. Only way I can see to do this….is to occasionally go out and force a feed. Only other option is just bringing her inside and making her a bottle baby…..not fair to Lily. Don’t want another rain caused dead baby though. Hate these decisions. While Lily was eating, I briskly petted Violet to give her some friction warmth. Then as I was leaving…..I saw Billy was shivering too so I did the same to him…he loved it!!! These babies will melt in your hands when you scratch them just right in the ear/face area. He sure did. Anya did this morning…..so did Buddha…..and well, shoot, all of them, this morning. Ahhhh, and now Khalifa has started to cry when I leave….like Star. I think they love me.

So nervous about this. Lily is laying with her now. The head butting action has stopped…..we’re just waiting on the mom goat hookup……instead of the human and mom goat hookup. Rain…..I had grand plans for today. Burn the bags, move some goats, do some shots. None of those got done. I realeyes’d today that all the goats that stand along the house, but not in the house….are dry. The roof lip works. Right now, Shortcake is standing in such a way to try to stay dry while not going in….and Billy is duplicating her position, exactly!!! Cutie pies. Okie dokie….had a break in rain and called Jesse down to help me hook them. Baby all cold and hunched……Jesse said…please just make her a bottle baby. So he left to put towels in dryer…in meantime….Lily let me steer baby back there…and….FOOD!!! Unforced food……just gotta decide what to do about how cold she is. Ok….gonna warm her in dry towels….and put a sweater on. And on that note……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Yay!!!! Baby Violet is alive!!!!














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