Another day in Baby Paradise…












I said yesterday that I had fallen in love with Anya, but did you know which one Anya was? She was and is, the one who I’m not willing to muddy the photos with captions!!! That’s deep love folks. She has captured my heart. Maybe it was due to her beginnings… so hectic they were. I held her that first night for about half an hour cuz she was shivering. She reminded me a bit of Diamond. Friendly right at birth. At first all I could notice was her nose. It was so large and orangey. But after the commotion, after the snuggle time till she quit shivering, after sitting in the lambie house with her…..she has plum grabbed hold of my heart. When I talk to her, she tilts her nose to the sky…like in one of the photos. She does it often. Like…who are you? I’m Queen Anya. The fact that she is magically, well, in my eyes, turning silver or blue… just whipped cream on top. Lots and lots of whipped cream. Now if only we can get purple…..Moonee with Lily? Red and blue? Smiling. It’s like…….your husband….you didn’t fall in love with just any man…and you had many available. No, you fell for this particular set of everything. This being…..relates to your being….connects.

Have to tell ya…..even in the midst, or maybe because I was in the midst, of birthing all these babies…..I’ve had a lot of self doubt. A LOT. What are you doing Sheri? Do you know what you’re doing Sheri? You don’t know what you’re doing Sheri!!! It’s aggravating cuz I like to stay positive about myself, or try anyways. And about things in general….or try anyways. This has been very wearing on me. There has to be a better way than leaving the goat in for two cycles. I dunno…leave him 24 hrs? Leave him a week. Then put him back in 2 wks later? I dunno. I’m getting ready for my experiment. At the end of April, I will be moving things around. I’ll be moving a few here and there up until then….as things happen. And in the end……no matter how many doubts I have in myself….I always still do my best. Not enough, but my best. Sometimes I’m just tired. And sometimes I just don’t know. Like…when will be long enough to move Yoki back? I want the baby to play with the others, not be segregated. So many things occupy my mind. I often wonder if I’m up to it. The task. Up to the task.

I’m watching Cowboys and Aliens. As usual….the Indians don’t get top credit….but they joined up with the whites to face the aliens. That happens now…in reality. How many pay attention to all the Indians who went to war. What about the Navajo codetalkers? What about Lori Piestewa? Pretty sure she actually died…..even though all the rest of the story was false. Yes, I know she did folks….they honored her just yesterday on FB. Point is….Indians are used. Period. End of sentence. End of paragraph.

Been havin pain the past few days and now I hear a rumble. Dangit…once again…I still haven’t located the missing tarp that flew across the yard the last wind storm. Haven’t tried. Lazy, dang. Jesse told me yesterday that he was proud of me with what I have here with the goats. He was proud of how much I loved them, and how much I had to do to do it. How cool is that???? Oh holy wow. It’s only 11:17 and I’m already at my beer quota. What’s up with that…two days in a row. Tired. I must be tired. I told hubby tonight that I had taken a day of rest…..but I was still tired. I said, imagine, if I’m this tired now, how tired I must be when I work. I’m only 51. Haha. I say that now. I never used to think I’d make it past age 30 or 40. Never even entertained 50. I was suicidal. But now I’m 51 ½ and I’m tired. Gee…what’s the word for the day??? Night night sweetie peties. Love you. 11:26am = 1 = beginnings. Ps…..One of my FAVORITE movies is…….drumroll…..Return To Me…year 2000. Night night peoples.

This morning after drinking my tea, I had me some Anya time. I crawled into the teetiny house and sat down in the dirt. After talking to her, I lifted her onto my lap. She walked off. Then she came back. After that…..she loved stepping onto my lap….stepping up high, like a rock. I remember those first days with Star, my climber….that’s how it all began. Only Star has been on my back…..out of all these babies! Precious Anya. Love her. She has her own house up in the front yard, so today when it’s raining….yup, no shearing today…….she has shelter. Not everybody has shelter. Well, these girls do, but they are bossy and shove people out… very roughly I might add. Since it’s raining…..I shall spin!

What a fun day, playing with the babies. Getting to know them, socializing them to humans….all part of the job, so it’s not all play. The thunder has been rumbling endlessly but with little rain. Khalifas face is dirty dirty! He’s been out foraging all day and Star is wearing half the pasture on her face. No worries…..mommy Etta will eat it off of her. Now the real rain comes. So many girls and babies….trying to fit in too small shelters and some getting booted out…lots of musical chairs. And apparently Oprah is persona non grata. Nope, not allowed. On the other side…..the only ones in the rain are Milly and Shortcake….cuz their babies are in play mode. Wet babies. Ahh well. Guess I’ll throw something over my head and head on up to the house to cook. See ya tomorrow fine folk!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! Haha…sorry…..wouldn’t let me do it right.


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