I done went and fell in love with a goat again…..

Well….I’m basking in the relief. It’s nearly over and we have all survived. I can’t believe I went from never having a problem with any of the births….to many problems. I never had to assist a birth and now….I had to assist in most. How strange. On the other hand, I also bred a whole bunch of girls, whereas last year, I only bred a few and had 3 living babies. Maybe they could’ve delivered them without my help…maybe not….we’ll never know. Well, wait….we do know….it happened, therefore, was meant to be. Now that I know how to help…isn’t it my duty to do so? There are still many situations I may encounter, like breech, which I hear….let ‘em come out breech, but get em out really quick, then get the liquid out by pendulum swinging them and cleaning their mouth out. The gravity releases the liquid.

But it’s getting funny and hasn’t really hit me yet, how many babies there are. They are all bouncing and playing together…and I haven’t even had a chance to take it all in yet. I just counted in my mind 3 times…I get 9. 9 babies at the moment. Jesse was standing outside the girls pen while I was inside and Crystal was hopping all over the place…it was so adorable and Jesse remarked how cute it was. It’s that friggin cute people. They can barely lift off the ground but boy do they try. Butters was even trying to jump onto the big log today…..never made it but he tried. Buddha, made the cut as the best jumping photo and he was only born yesterday. These babies are amazing. And the changing of the colors!!!! That’s so new and so cool. What a surprise of delight. What I thought were white babies….are not white babies. We shall see how this grows out, lol. So excited.

I think I’m going to get to go to bed early tonight. It’s only 11:17 and I’m getting sleepy. I talk of this stuff nonchalantly, but it’s heavy duty and intense stuff when you have to go inside a goats vagina and pull a kid out. It’s freaky and awful and beautiful and mysterious and loving. I thought I was gonna have to go in to help Mimi, cuz she was so big that she couldn’t get up. She was pawing the ground and pushing and pushing and no relief. She couldn’t get up. So I finally got up and said hell with it. Try. So I walked calmly up to her…I was only 3 ft away……went behind her and braced myself so that the next time she needed to try to get up, I could help roll her. Nothing worked. I got up to get the gloves…..and woosh. Now….I did have to go in after all, after 2 hours…to search for a twin. She always has twins. Apparently not. Only one set of twins this year so far…and only one left to give me any. Kachina. Yazhi….we still need to check to see if she has a bag….and that leaves Lily. Lily who had the episode awhile back. Lily who has a bag. Lily, who if she has a living baby, will be a girl named Violet. Jesse thinks of her as Dead…that way…he gets a surprise if she turns out alive. I can’t deal that way. No, not at all. I need more positive energy.

It’s still on my mind. Have you ever wondered, lol, what it would be like to be woken by a screaming goat in labor? No hot tea? No cigarette? Straight out to the birthing and after ten or so minutes, deciding the baby won’t fit. Horrendous. If it was just the head…sure, or just the legs. But no…..they both had to come out and that head was NOT comin. Poor Shortcake….she did such a good job. After finally realeyesing that there was a baby, and it was hers…she did great, just great. Night night sweet sweet folk. I shall talk again tomorrow. 11:45pm….jeesh, just missed the angels……= 11 = master number, which seems to be playing out in the past few days.

Checked Yazhi…..nope…no bag. Gonna call that a miscarriage and cross her off the list. That just leaves Kachina and Lily. Still watchin them both like a hawk. 2 more days…..come on Kachina….2 days left to be Wy’s. Yup……it’s official….I’ve gone over the edge with the pintos. I have gotten absolutely nothing accomplished today…..just watching Kachina with wishes in my eyes. Wait…not absolutely nothing….got some photos taken, blog checked for spelling from last nights portion, goat the potatoes boiled and ready for making au gratins. Got some of the yellow poo off of Billy, so he can walk properly now…lol, his leg was stuck to his butt, via poo. Not done with him though…gotta give him a butt bath here in a bit. Yup….that’s it. Not much of anything, but oh well…….I’ll just call it a day of rest. Yaaaa. Needed one. Ya…..I feel better just making that decision. A rest day. Aside from the butt bath….think I will just do nothing…..although I wouldn’t call au grautin potatoes nothing….they take a bit of work. Well….butt bath is done, but not complete. He was crying so I figure I’ll do it a bit at a time. Shortcake never cleaned him so he still has dried gunk….added to the poo. Well….that’s enough goat talk for today. I like it when the blog is shorter. Yay. So…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..Anya is still changing colors. Buddha hasn’t changed much and Crystal….hmmm, thinkin imagination on that one….don’t see any change….still white. Pss. I’ve fallen in love with Anya.
















8 thoughts on “I done went and fell in love with a goat again…..

  1. they look adorable! I’m so sorry I don’t always have time to read your blog, and everytime I check it again so much is happening! I’m glad all your babies survived! the brown one looks supercute, what’s her name?

    • Thank you sweet girl! I wondered where you were. Know you’re awfully busy though with your new life. Glad you’re enjoying it!!! Yes, they are adorable! I can’t help but say it! The brown one would be Butters and he’s a boy. Not real social with him yet. His twin Crystal has more interest in me so far. Think of you often! 💜

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