Boy did I get some easter eggs!!!!……………..yeehaw

Good Lord, it’s been a whelming few days. Not quite…over….but close. Yoki was still confused this morning…and didn’t seem to want to look for her baby, she would just cry, staring towards Mimi and Buddha. I would have to go pick the baby up and put her in front of her everytime…..oh….it’s this baby again…ok. All day. Finally, we tried putting her in the girls pen again. She immediately went after Milly’s Crystal baby as her own. No choice. So Jesse puts her back in the Ladies pen and says…that does it…shes a bottle baby. Then I said….that won’t work…she’ll just go after Buddha. So…we loaded her up in the zenbuggy and took her to the front Girls pen. They swarmed her. It was awful. Believe me…we exhausted every idea….until finally…..they are in the lambie pen, up by my window in the house. All the hustle and bustle confused her even more and I was concerned…..but in the end…..just at 9pm, after nearly stepping on a snake a few hours earlier, braved the dark and went up to check. I talked to Yoki. I asked her if she felt better. I told her she was a good mommy. She walked over the laying down baby and positioned herself….exactly…….baby looks up and says hmmm….yes….and drinks for a few minutes. Now I know…..all is settled, no more problems, Anya is her baby and she knows it….they are just alone, away from other goats.

I keep having to pick up Buddha to test his stretch cuz neither me nor Jesse has actually seen the baby nurse….still. He must be…..but we haven’t seen it. She had him up tonight and walking the pen. Milly….taught her babies to crawl over the ledge to get into the house. So cute. She went in and cried them over. Wait…I did see Buddha nurse right in the very beginning. I’m making light of it bhy just telling the story. It’s been awful!!! I’ve never had a goat try to steal a baby before. Heard about it, but never experienced it. Just horrendous. The fact that she is ok with the baby……far away from other babies…… the biggest relief you can’t imagine. To hear that sound…..of a suckling babe….my heart feels good. My legs and hand hurts but my heart feels great. No weather that I know of……it’s beautiful…was 86 today for goodness sakes….but I’m feelin it. Just checked my weather app……no wonder….rain coming tonight. Dang…no tarp over the zenbuggy hay…just a bit, but hey, it’s hay.

Look…I’m finally calming down. Ha…and there goes the donkey next door. Is that a sign? Lemme look. Cleansing,, emotional stirrings, water, passion/fire. Goodness. Hello my Angels. 444 word count. Just a few more girls to go. Waiting once again…but not really. There are enough babies here that I’m not really waiting……just aware. Need to catch Yazhi tomorrow and see if she has a bag. If not…it’s just Kachina in that pen. But still…Yazhi has to have an alive baby, oh so crazy this….or she woulda passed the baby by now. Head scratcher. Yesterday while I was in the pen helping Mimi….Jesse hands me a butterfly. Perfect. Dead, but perfect. I slipped it into my cigarette box.

The thing with the names. I have a long list….and I made a tiny list of what I wanted this year….But if a baby doesn’t fit any of those…..I have to search my brain…..or Jesse’s brain…to find the right one. Ann asked me to, Anne….loves them all….so Anya….brand new on the list, but made the cut. Anya is the kind of baby that just doesn’t cry. She’s laid back. I hope that doesn’t mean what it could mean. No, she seems healthy….stretching Everytime I pick her up from sleep…..she is just quiet. I picked her up last night to get her to cry and she didn’t. Many times since….same reason…no cry. I love her. I almost had her with me….as a bottle baby…but I just didn’t have the heart to do that to her. Her first baby, Cherub, died…she was just a baby herself when she had her. She had a baby…then the baby was gone…a week later. I didn’t want to ruin her forever by having her baby be Gone….again. So, we are trying this and it seems to be a huge friggin success. And there goes the goat on the metal trash can again. Oi ve. See…Pearl can get out of the Girls pen and Oprah can get out of the Ladies pen…and all the babies too, well, cept Petunia and Buddha…cuz they have no visible outlet till I cut one for them. Can’t leave the gate open wide enough now cuz the others get out. Ahhh gee….I’m tired. Goodnight sweet folk. See ya tomorrow. 12:02am = change….yippee! Good change!

Woke to hollers. Looked out the window and saw the baby coming out. Shortcake….my so small doe……..was pushing her baby out. I pulled pants and boots on in one motion it seems, and out the door I flew. The baby was huge. We worked together and finally got him out. Now the problem is….he’s so big and she’s so small and short…that he has a hard time getting the teat. If I can teach him to lay down to nurse, we be in business. I forgot to put the chain on the Ladies pen, and someone pushed on it….needless to say…..all are out except Mimi and her new lil Buddha…….and Kachina. Betting Kachina will go today too. So……Angel is now a proven buck….yay……Shortcake and Angels baby’s name is Billy. Hehe…Billy the kid…..Billy goat. Too fun. Billy, don’t be a hero….lol, lyrics from childhood. Ahhhhhh…..success. Worries over. Baby figured out to get on his knees…..he can reach that way. Ahhh, I just love it when the first timers finally get it. Ha…just like when Etta had Star…she had walked away. Not realeyesing there was a payoff to all her pain…..I had to call her over to see. Then it takes them a few minutes. You have to keep saying… had a baby…this is your baby. Then I name the baby…then say………Shortcakes Billy. Combine the names together and they learn pretty quick.

Yoki and Anya are doing great. Baby stretched twice when I checked her this morning. She’s a sleepy one…..a quiet one. Oh Lordie me. Just went to feed Yoki and discovered…….baby Anya… turning silver. A silver/white pinto?????? Yes, doin the happy dance!!!! Also………Buddha is getting more red in. Along his neck at the moment. Gosh….never had babies change colors so fast before. I am so tickled I could just spit. Ladies don’t spit…..but I’m a country Rainbow Mama!!! Oh so tickled. It’s like Christmas!!! Oh wait….it’s Easter….same guy…..same gifts. Thank you Father for the Easter gifts. And thank you for helping get Billys head out when I asked. Top of the world people. Top of the world. Happy Easter from YeeHaw Ranch curly locks.















5 thoughts on “Boy did I get some easter eggs!!!!……………..yeehaw

  1. The first year I had the Angoras, one doe wanted to steal the baby of another doe. I kept pushing her away, telling her it wasn’t her baby. She finally stomped her foot at me, laid down and delivered twins of her own. In later years, I would breed her first, otherwise she would steal which ever kid was born first.

    Will you be wethering the boys?

    • What an excellent idea!!! I was indeed worried about next time! Great idea! Thanks! Hmmm wetheing. I haven’t so far, 4 yrs in but sometimes I think I should. Why? Need some Wethers? The only boy that doesn’t have pinto in his blood would be Billy. He’s out of Angel, so far the rest are out of Wy. ❤

    • Hmmm it ate my comment. I said thank you for the great idea for Yokis next time!!!!! And I only have one boy without pinto blood in him…billy who is out of Angel so probably not. ❤

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