More birthing stories…….yay baby goats

I am one exhausted girl. Woke up early to see the new babies, spun yarn waiting for Jesse to wake up, sheared a goat, finished writing the blog, took the photos, fed the girls, and then……..Yoki went in labor. I was in the middle of filming it when I realized the baby was stuck. I shut the camera off and lubed my gloved hand and in sorta, I went. The baby was already partially out, so I had to run my fingers inside her opening, around the lip, to stretch it. I moved some hooves around and did the opening again, pulled down…thank you Lisa…..and out came little Anya, named for my friend Ann who wants her own goats but can’t and wants them all to be purple. I also have another friend who says hello to the babies as I post their introduction photos, and her name is Anne….so….Anya it is. Well……………..then Mimi went in labor. As I went to grab the gloves, she finally spit him out….little Buddha. We think he has color….pattern color…but it’s pale. Similar to Crystal. ….but way more. That house is all loose dirt, so as soon as she’d get him clean, he’d fall down again. Still haven’t seen the clean baby.


We waited and waited for the twin. Mostly me, Jesse came down and helped when needed but mostly stayed up at the Rv or the house. Mimi is digging and digging…..I’m waiting for the twin…..Buddha is screaming his lungs off……and Yoki starts crying back to him. Her baby Anya, has nursed and her belly is full and she’s had a hard journey, so she’s not answering Yoki, plus…I now know…..she’s the quiet type. Such a sweet little thing…..Anya is sleeping right next to her, but she doesn’t care….that’s her baby crying and it needs her. She comes and tries to take Mimi’s baby. Mimi goes after her but she is bound and determined to get it. I go grab her baby hoping it would cry and she’d recognize it… didn’t cry. She looked at it and said no…huh uh. That one’s mine. Mimi steps on Buddha in the melee, he screams, I yell…..and I’m being The Wall…..between the three. I grab my phone and text…come down….as I chase Yoki into the new tiny pen, then go grab her baby and put her in with her. Nope. Now Mimi is mad……real mad….banging into the partition with all she’s got. Jesse arrives and suggest putting them in the other pen. I say it won’t work. He gets mad. I say ok. Ya…I always give in. Crap. Anyways, I placed a towel there in the meantime, between them so they couldn’t see each other. Then he took Yok and I took Anya, and we started to place them in the other pen. Nope. Fight. Nope. I said….just leave them here, in the alley. So……I stayed. Anya got a fright and tried to go into the Girls pen, and I scooped her up. She was shivering. I held her till she stopped….hoping my scent didn’t get on her too much. Then Buddha started to cry again, so I put her down. She let out a cry. Yoki sniffed her. It’s like she knows shes hers, but thinks there are two. Brought her a pan of water. Then, at the 2 hour mark, while Buddha is still screaming…although I have photos of milk face…….but it was too long….so I called Jesse down again and in I went again…to see if there was a twin. I did feel a little something way in there, but it was wiggly, like an organ maybe….I have no idea, but it didn’t feel like a baby so I stopped. Eventually, once Yoki was freaking out when Anya went behind something and she couldn’t get to her…..and I remembered Buddha’s milkface…..I came on back to the Rv. At 11:30. This all started around 5. Oh ya….when I told hubby we were expecting….he said he would bring Yoki some pizza.

Man…can’t wait to see Buddha in the light of day….all cleaned up. Thought he was white and told Jesse he was white. Not so sure anymore. And I can’t believe Mimi didn’t have twins. How odd. Heard a goat cry…as if in labor…a few times…but haven’t heard anything since. Still quiet, 2 hours later. Just checked. All good. Going to sleep now. Night night brave people. Night night. 1:31 = 5 = change. Yippee.

Too tired to tell any more today. Went to town. No new babies. More trouble with Yoki. So tired. Haven’t even taken a photo since this morning….ooooh, except with the Easter Bunny at the Sugar Shack while getting my smoothie. Guess I’ll have to use some of the hundreds of photos I’ve taken in the last few days. Gonna sign off now, from YeeHaw Ranch. And Kimberly…..Yoki is out of the alley now….but that story will have to wait till tomorrow.

















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