A goat midwife in the making…………..

Crystal is a screamer. A very large cry coming from a little thing. Her brother Butters, is the strong great sized silent type. Oh don’t get me wrong, she’s not small, but I think he’s bigger. Milly went into labor at 8pm or so. At 9 she started to cry. I sat with her and she leaned into me. I even got Jesse to occupy the other goats so I could do just that. In the end, I had to call Lisa. It had been an hour of crying and I’d seen no pushing. She suggested I go in to check, so I did. I felt a nose, then, like Lisa said…..it freed it up somehow and suddenly she was pushing and Jesse was watching and it was all by flashlight and I had to pull a tiny bit, then whoosh! Out came a red baby. I first thought a girl, then decided a boy….in need of confirmation. I tried to name him Squirrel, but Jesse hated it. Squirrel had been unusually present lately. We ended up with Butters cuz it was on my tiny list I had in my pocket and I’d promised him a year ago I’d name one Butters.

She cleaned him up and then out came Crystal, who I also tried to name Squirrel. Squirrel is…oh dear. I was gonna say….loud. She finally found the teat, which is hanging very very low and is quieter now, but when she cries, honey, you know it. Wow…..I’m getting old hat at this midwifery business. Nah…not really, just felt good to say for a second. In reality….I don’t know jack shit. Wait…..I know what little white hooves look like as they come out in the bubble sack of liquid. Sometimes you can see the little face and even the tongue come out….inside the clear sack. What a treat, to get to assist in the birthing of a babe. I didn’t want to. I never want to, but I didn’t want to. I actually thought of the possibility of triplets, so I was concerned one may be laying sideways or something. That’s why I called Lisa and she said, like the Doc at Texas A&M, and my own….when in doubt….go in. I really do think it helped get things going. Cuz I felt the face, then reached around further, trying to see what was what…in the doing….I did move things a bit, and that was all she needed. Oh goodness. So successful, so healthy looking. Thank you Father!!!

I didn’t dry them off. I let Milly do that. Right now it’s 60 degrees and it’s nearly 4 hrs later. Great day to have babies. Kept telling them that yesterday. Jesse was a big help as usual. He held onto Milly while I went in, but he didn’t have to hold her hard….she would let me do anything. Have to say……she was getting irritated with me last time I went out cuz I pulled her teat to make sure milk was coming out and she let me for a minute, but then not. I sure hope they are getting milk. Her sacks are so darn full it’s ridiculous…..I just hope the milk is coming out. They’re quiet now, so I’m assuming they’ve eaten and are exhausted from their journey to earth. To life. Down the big bad birth canal….ha….maybe it could be a beautiful canal, eh….and we just don’t know?

Khalifa and I had a special moment tonight while I was sitting in the narrow space behind their house……Milly was going round and round…to me, then around, to me, then around. Khalifa came and we were alone together, in the dark. So sweet. Something about him makes me think he’s sad, always has. I wonder if he has an illness I don’t know about. I hate that he looks so sad. Hmmm. 2 days ago, Khalifa did a hunch walk to tell me something was wrong, but the next night, he was jumping on logs, so I figured he was ok. Tonight, Georgia did it too. What does it mean? They have plenty of water. Squat position, but nothing. Georgia did that right after she arrived, but then she was fine. Even squat position while walking. See…I ain’t no Doc. Speaking of Doc’s. I have to say……Lisa Shell, of Kai Mohair….has really been there for me this season. I usually don’t have to involve her but this kidding season was very different. I had to call her many times and she Always was willing to help….even tonight at quarter till 10pm. She’s a friend of mine, but still…there are limits. Nope…..she’s willing, to help the goats.

I’ve had quite a response about the Monsanto stuff. Even the Hoegger people put a post up about it. It isn’t just flying by unnoticed. I’m not the only one who sees the direction that someone is steering us towards. Other people are thinking sustainable….farming, growing, windmills….speaking of windmills, mine is broken and they haven’t returned my call. Finding water sources. The Hopi put out a book of a list of things for the near future….which is now……and one of them was…know where your water is. Key point, I would think. That’s why I pray the frackers away from here. We need our water, and we need it as clean as possible…it’s already full of iron!. Lotta iron here. Oh Lord…it’s after 2 am….it’s 2:11am = 4 = hello angels!!!!!! 4444!!! Little tiny babies. Night night sweet folk.

I woke at 8:30 too excited to go back to sleep so had my hot tea then out to see those babies in the light of day. Still can’t clearly tell Crystal’s colors….yup, name adjustment overnight. She is white, but may have some pale or brown on her but I’m not sure. She’s still got caked on dirt. Milly cleaned her best she could, but she’s still a bit dirty, therefore, we are waiting. Butters seems to be all red so far with a darker head, maybe blackish. Milly is quite protective of her treasures. Even thinks about it when it’s me near them….but she loves me. Khalifa has diarrhea again, so it’s not the raisins….therefore….he and his mommy will get wormed tonight at feed time. Jesse and I sheared Popeye, who was quite good on the stand. Hind leg shy, till we gave him some grain then he said…go for it. Completely mite free and checked Levi…..oh my gosh….these meds are working so well. His tiny patches are clearing right up. And……….wait for it……..one of the Beautifuls….Einstein…….is showing huge improvement. There might be hope for those Beautifuls after all!!!! YeeHaw!

Milly’s black portion(bottom half) of her teats/udders……are now grey. Finally getting some release on them has helped her immensely. While I was visiting them this morning…..I watched both babies nurse, then lay down with milk mouths. You know…that satisfying little trickle of milk in the corner of their lips. Sweet sweet babies. Then Cathy brought her friend Kit over to see…….last time she was here to see baby Star and that time frame is when Happy gave birth to baby Hap who died. So, while she’s looking at the new babies….I’m running around the pens making sure there’s no unattended new babies. Poor lady will always be remembered as the lady who distracted me and baby Hap died.

Their spot is behind the goat house, and they haven’t progressed to the front of the pen yet….so to see them, ya gotta go all the way around. Well…..it’s lookin like maybe Yoki will go tonight. She’s crying and I saw her push….not for sure. I’m gonna sign off here with an apology….all I talked about was the birth and the babies….oh well….it’s what’s on my mind. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.S. Yoki had a white girl named Anya…..and Mimi is most likely in labor as well.










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