America betrayed…… america

Ye know….I have to go there. I ended yesterdays blog with it, real quickly…but are you kidding me? The president signed it? After four years of no budget….he picks now to decide there HAS to be a budget? And he’s willing to sacrifice all americans and their health and well being in the process? That is not the America I grew up with. Maybe I was lied to all along, I don’t know. I know that I used to be so very proud to be an American. I really believed we were a good people built upon good reasons. That right there is where the lies begin…..there was no good reason to take a country away from it’s people, just because you like it. Then, I also believed we were a kind country….guess what….most of the money we give has strings attached, and weapons I’d guess. Disillusioned? Oh that’s such a small word for how I feel. To completely disregard health and safety….against the outcry of the people to boot????? Someone else is pulling the strings on these puppets, that’s for sure. I mean, are they trying to incite us? Is this the dastardly plan? I just don’t get it. What is the end game plan? Like I said before…..we are the canaries in the cages that get carried in to see what’s safe. If we die….oops, not safe. It’s so dangerous, this plan. I’m not devious enough to figure out what they’re up to……and it can’t all be just the money……there must be power involved as well. No matter how far down Alice’s hole I climb……I can’t understand this. The shredding of the Constitution, and now this…..the shredding of our belief in ourselves as a country. In our president. I can’t even use a capital P for heavens sakes. I can no longer say I’m American with pride. All I can do at this moment….is say…….I forgive them, they know not what they do…..but I’d rather say….duck and cover people….duck and cover.

So what are we supposed to do now? Now that we know our food is going to be continually contaminated and our old heirloom seeds will continue to deteriorate until useless. And Monsanto will be taking everyone to court because their seed blew onto your property and poisoned all your family….but hey…….it grew some corn, so you owe $$$. Ya…that’s our world people. It stinks. Some new age, some new world. Then there’s the so called weapon, ammunition, tanks, etc, buildup of the gov here…..which has all of FB talking about who the enemy will be and suggesting…it’s own people….I know….I’m fear mongering……but I’m also just spitting what I see. Why can’t I be seeing only positive stuff? Why can’t I be sailing gloriously into the enchanted sunrise? This is my destiny, these words I speak, so these words must have some meaning, I would think? Otherwise why am I still alive? Against all odds….I sit here and type any of these words to you. 38 years of suicidal tendencies and attempts? Many attempts, many ways. Add to that a reckless lifestyle and drunk driving….then add the abusive ex who in the knowing…..I nearly lost my life several times. Yet…here I am, with a purpose and it is indeed these words, I’ve already established that. So that has to include these words. These words about what is happening to our world. This is a warning people. Wake UP. Wakie wakie. Wakie wakie up up up!!!

I just read the statement……the us gov is at war with the American people. Seems to be true. It is very blaringly obvious now, that the gov no longer represents the people, but the gov itself. I do believe this is what the gun provision is all about…you know….the old one, from the constitution? To have the right to have the guns so you can stand up to an oppressing gov? Yup. Same gov trying to take those guns away before we do. Yes people…..I am not capitalizing anything unworthy of a capitalization. At this point, that includes the words…president, u.s., constitution, gov, etc. I would say…yes, I’m still mad today….but it’s pretty obvious.

Ok…got that off my chest. Oh ya….I want to thank those of you who watched my sons lightshow. Wasn’t that cool? I saw my first lightshow a few years ago, way before Jesse lived here, he sent me a link. I loved it then. I love it now. Gloving is a new sport in my world, and it’s fun to watch his progress. When we go somewhere in the car, he always has a fresh new disc to put in the player for our ride. He’s my DJ. Gotta talk to him harder about including my songs in the mix, eh? Yes indeed, gotta have some Adele, or it’s not complete, for me. And for that matter, why not go further back in time and include something like….Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow…….rainbow eyes. Yum. Or Bon Jovi’s Bed of Rose’s…ok, maybe not appropriate, shoot….Eagles….Get over It……Fifth Dimension, Aquarius…..Donavan, oh shoot, what’s it called……hmmmmm, Donavan, hmmm. Atlantis!!!!! Google, thankyou. Oh, and then there’s Madonnas Ray of Light and the gulag song that I grieve to…O children. These are a few important songs in my life. OH ya… more…….by Skylark……….Wildflower. That one haunted me and then my precious baby girl Summer found it for me. I’m thinkin Jesse found one too maybe, I’m just getting a hint of something. Hate memory glitches. Goodnight sweet people friends and flowers!. You all shine! 12:27am = 3 = trinity. Father…. Jesus, and all of us…….and holy ghost, spirit behind the scenes guiding us on our journey in the dark of….why are we here…what is our purpose.

Gosh, Ernie is a very loud bird. Not just the hollers, but the fanning of the tail….bet ya didn’t think of the noise involved in that little action! Sounds like a wind event sorta. I got some great shots of him this morning, then ran to town to take in Jesse’s computer and mail a couple things….like, Kimberly’s fiber and Valeries dreadfall. The computer it seems is too old to repair….great. Came home and Ernie did it again…..and I got the shots. This will probably be a peacock photo day. We passed a hawk sitting on a post and I tried to get some good photos, but alas…….not great, but some are showable. Ahhh, love it when hawk reveals herself to me.

Ahhh, that was fun. 3 treats for the girls….Protein treats for the growing baby’s fleece. Parsley, romaine hearts and split peas…..with parsley being the overwhelming favorite. Saw some interest in the newer babies wanting to climb on my back so got in position…..and Star. Star happened. Star headbutted anyone willing to be brave enough to try….or even come near mama. Had to scold her, then pulled her onto my lap like she used to do and she nuzzled me like she used to do….and she just laid there. She loves her mama and misses our baby time together. Khalifa just stood there and let me cut the poo off his butt curls from when the raisins didn’t agree with him. Such a sweetheart that boy. Also, I get to touch more of Mimi’s head or face every day. Same with so many girls. Yesterday I was touching them through the fence and Happy would whip her head around to see what it was….and oh…it’s you. Haha. Lookin like rain, dunno. Well, lotsa words today, so…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.























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