while we were sleeping…..Monsanto BOUGHT America…..and other stuff

Last night I talked of the facebook addiction. How about the facebook direction? Maybe it’s just me and my lineup in the feed, but I’m seeing Oneness. I’m seein like minds. Like minds joining is a grand thing, when it’s set to positive use, that is. Don’t forget, there is always the other side….the darker side and its presence is there, I’m sure….but mostly…mostly I see positive. I see people helping people, people starting up causes….good causes…I see people pulling those artistic talents out of the closet and some are even being paid for their art forms. Some just display, and that’s ok too. It feels good to hear that someone liked something they have done, something they have made…with their own hands. It just feels good. I don’t even think it’s pride….more like a love factor, needed by all humans. Love for self. A being seen, noticed, a light shining on you. Just another aspect of social media.

People talking of vaccines, and healthy foods, home remedies, gay rights, cannabis, autism, Native rights, gmo’s, history, and the futuristic. So many people talking and saying the same things. Amazing. Totally unexpected and love the plotline. Kudos Father. The people of the world seem to be coming together in ideas and deeds. All around the world, not just in the US. So many Universal meditation groups and invites. People wanting to do as the bible says and …….where two or more are gathered together……..you get the drift. Yeehaw. The world is changing…..quickly changing. Just last year…the legalization of marijuana/cannabis was still a futuristic idea….a wish…..and have you seen how fast that train is rollin now? Goodness and gratefulness. Unused horseshoes and tweedledums. Ooooh, I still have some bitterness about the unused horseshoe game. Damn….need to dig em out and set it up and just friggin have a game!!!! For goodness sakes. Yes….times they are a changin. I was just talkin about the swiftness of change nowadays….my son is an example….he went from being an atheist, to a christian to a, in my opinion, spiritual being,……..in just a few months time. That’s fast. In awe fast.

I must be behind the times. This zombie craze has gone further than I realized. There’s a tv show about them. Somehow whizzed right on past me till now, when it’s being played in my Rv. I still don’t understand why our gov would want to play with the term zombie as if it’s a game. Why the cdc I think, would have a zombie campaign, why a town would have a zombie alert, why all the talk of zombies and how they get that way from taking bath salts as a drug. It’s all just bumfuzzling to me. The why’s are just baffling. I wonder if I’ll ever find out the why’s. I mean seriously…it’s the craziest topic ever, yet here I am talking about it again. Have you ever thought about it? The scenes in the movies are all of stranger zombies…if it were real, you’d have to deal with family and friends as well…oh for goodness sakes…get off this topic.

Jesse’s in the house. His computer being broke has him at loose ends. Kids these days don’t know how to entertain themselves. Anyway, we’ve been watching tv since 8pm or so and it’s now 1:18am. 21 Jump Street is what we’re watchin….not my kinda thing but hey….time with the kid. Hello fly. Haven’t seen you in awhile. Seen many flies…but not one that sits on the laptop screen. 1:28 and he’s gone night night, as shall I. 1:28 = 11 master number (good).Night night sweet ones. Ps…if you enjoy my words…..tell someone, refer me, share, whatever word you want to use. Thanks. Night.

Well, according to traditional history……I’m gonna hope that last nights 30 degrees was the LAST 30 degree night. Today we are heating up and it’s a beautiful day. The plan is to shear. Looks like the plan is intact cuz the boy just showed up. Well, got one goat sheared, and since I’m very very low on clipper oil, and these things get hot….decided to not do 2. So, it was Angel today. Such a sweet boy. Bit headshy though. Bummer we had to stop….such a beautiful day. See, this is where a second set of clippers would come in handy….rotate them when they get hot. Some day. Now that I’m taking the coats off the free grazing boys….I’m realizing that with all the weeds and yaopon leaves they had available to eat all winter….they are fairly thin. On top of that, they had hay and grain once a week. Hmmm.

I keep telling the girls it’s a beautiful day to have babies. Yes, still holding out for more Wy babies……lol, can’t help it. Anyone born after April 3, that’s the cutoff date for Wy. Nope……not a sound comin from the girls. It’s naptime back there. The only thing moving in those pens…..are sparrows, darting around looking for grain crumbs. I have to tell ya. Every afternoon, as the hour approaches to feed the goats……they get antsy. All is silent….until I cough….then there’s this chorus of maaaaa’s. They are reminding me that they are here and are hungry. As if I would forget. Silly goats. Not once in 4 ½ years, have I forgotten to feed them. Sure, I may have forgotten their hay, but not their grain. Never. Yet….they still think I will. I wish you could see…..I’m going to fake a cough and see what happens. Lol hahahaha!!!! That got em goin! It’s still 40 minutes till feed. Hmmm, keep spinning or punk the goats by coughing? Hard choice of fun times! Considering that I’m throwing in spun up feathers, where the only thing that shows is the tip…..I think spinning wins out. It did. Yup….maybe as I add the feathers in this way….which most would say is wrong wrong wrong…..but I beg to differ. To me…..however I do it…..is right. If I like just the feather ends showing, then I can add just the feather ends showing……and in the meantime…..I may figure out a different way, as I learn and go. Hehe…..I’m freeing myself as I go….have you noticed? I love watching myself evolve. And Mr. Bee……as your numbers are down, I don’t want to kill you but since it’s either you die or I die…….hmmm, I got goats to take care of…..I win. Ah gee…that was awful. I’m so sorry…please, go to the light.

Well, playtime is over now and dinner is cookin. I noticed quite a few of my goatie friends decided to prove my point…..on FB, they were all sharing the news that The Monsanto Protection Act was passed by the Senate now too…….well, and I wonder if they know this……it was made evident………this is my opinion…..but it was made evident today when the friggin President signed it into law……proving that America is BOUGHT and PAID for…..by whoever has the most MONEY!!!!!. Yes, I’m spittin mad. America is no longer…..for the people. I am so sorry. I guess it’s time to get scared now….either that or do NOTHING but pray. All day, 24/7. Signing off as one pissed off Texan, instead of ….as a US citizen…from YeeHaw Ranch.














4 thoughts on “while we were sleeping…..Monsanto BOUGHT America…..and other stuff

  1. You can wash Etta.dawn and a dog slickerbrush.rinse and then comb thru creme rinse and rinse again comb as you rinse. Barbara in Oklahoma with Teeswaters that I wash. Put a coat on the goat and shear a week later.

    • Wow that’s amazing Barbara. I’ve always been told never to wash an angora goat. I didn’t understand. Especially after I used to gave to bathe the backend of a bottlebaby in the sink. Curls were fine. Thank you so much for letting me know!

  2. I so enjoy your blog. From one angry Texan to another – I don’t understand why more people, or ALL people, aren’t enraged by the Monsanto Act. We ALL have to eat so we ALL will be subjected to what ever poison is headed our way. Have we lost the ability to exercise common sense? Or are we just too poor to have our voices heard. It’s a very sad day for America.

    Maybe I shouldn’t ask, and if you don’t want to share, I understand – but you seem to have a special connection to nature. I’m not sure how to word it, but when I read what you write, there is an extra layer of sense or understanding. It’s intriguing, because I don’t understand, but yet nice.

    Again, I do so enjoy your blog and of course, the pictures are delightful.

    • Ahhh it is such a sad hard time. Trying to balance knowing and wanting things different. Hard mind work ahead.

      It’s very hard to explain but since my rebirth…aka….my sacred but Wackadoodle story..(a previous blog)… Use the search bar. Anyways, since then…yes I do have connection to many things. It’s funny how much the mustard seed comes into play. What I believe with all of me…. Works. What I doubt a miniscule, doesn’t.

      Thank you for telling me you like the blog it’s always wonderful to hear. A boost. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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