Addicted to facebook………….and finished my Project!!!

In case y’all didn’t know….I’m addicted to Facebook. Hello, my name is Sheri and I’m an addict. My son took my phone up to the house to upload something in HD, his lightshow……that he was able to present, because I bought him some gloves. No fingershow this time folks, this is an all out lightshow, of hand gloving. Please watch. Please let me see that you watched. Just click HERE. It’s really cool to watch folks and will only take about 3 minutes of your time. See….I’m addicted to social media. How do I escape…..and do I even want to escape? A whole hour without facebook updates? I have so many new friends now…so many cool people in my life…without facebook they, y’all wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t know the sweet young gal from Columbia who rallies for Cutters. I wouldn’t know a lady with MS, who adores me as I adore her, who has a connection to deer, as do I.

I wouldn’t know a lady from New Mexico who, like me, has known much pain, and is connected to spider or Montana bound we go to one who loves butterflies and creates awesome coats. We can then swivel to Oklahoma, Arkansas, Georgia, with my new Sis…..and proceed towards Canada and England. On then to Japan, and so many countries…….to my nurse friend, and my beautiful Azure friend, my grief friend, but he shouldn’t count here, lol, cuz I knew him from before. Did you know he was on Oprah? He was, it was an amazing show….about living with the losses of his baby girl then his wife. I saw it and later met and became dear friends with him and his two beautiful sons….one of whom then died as well. Just plain out misery turned positive folks. Love ya Tom. www,

One who cooks…travels….does adventures…is a witch….is a healer….loves purple and little girls…loves purple goats and purple period… many of you folk. Many who love God, love goats, love spiritual things and many who are just plain sweet. A skype friend, a shy friend and a bold friend. Gosh, I have a rainbow of special people in my life. I am honored. I am hawk…watch me soar. Soar amongst the rainbow….right into the light….the color…..the beauty. The beauty of you and me and us and we and color and green forests and waterfalls and baby goats and koala bears and owls. Owls for life….not for death…owls say…whooo, who whoowhooo……..who are you and what do you believe? What do you stand for?

I dunno….where does your brain go when you don’t have access to facebook? This is where mine is going….off on a tangent, as usual. Speaking out loud about whatever it wants. Mary Berry was right. I do say whatever’s on my mind. But in my defense… guys read it. She smiles. Oh, on a down smiley face….I should tell you that my endeavor to get copper roving dyed with natural dyes was not successful. When I wet felted it….the color ran out. I did the best I could with it though, of course, by adding stuff.

I just turned around and looked behind my shoulder and saw little Heaven running around visiting all the other girls. She is so tiny and so cute. I put a photo on here yesterday and again on facebook of the two pintos, Petunia and Heaven, running away from the camera….both born the same day. HUGE size difference. Difference is….Joy. Joy is a Donna baby. She is feeding her baby all the baby wants. She is not kicking her off like the other moms are. Petunia was born way bigger than Heaven, but she is growing at a rapid rate. Growing up and tall, where Khalifa is growing long and lank. Star, my Star, now thinks it’s her job to stand there while I pick hay out of her coat. And Khalifa…..just wants to be touched. He’s a lover, that boy. And oh so so so so soft. He’s already getting little tiny chunks of dirt in his fleece. I brush it away and pick it away, but most of it remains. With Star, I pick and pick the hay…..she’ll be the cleanest fleece ever. And on that yummy scrumptious note…..night night from this here place of yeehaw and curly and ranch and locks. 12:43am = 1 = beginnings and 1 away from the Angels at 44.

Haha, I crack myself up sometimes when I read these back in the morning. I finally did get the phone back and Jesse stayed down here to watch a movie. His computer is broken. Just went to check on the girls and little Star decided to check out the other pen. She got away with it for a little while, till Kachina caught wind and started butting her around.….she scurried out real quick. Oprah got out and Belle was crying to get out. Poor Khalifa still has a sick belly thanks to the dang raisins, raisins do that sometimes. Lila wanted petted, very unusual, lots of petting. Milly was very affectionate as usual and I ended up clipping some felt away from her face. Lily has some yuk in her eyes so will be giving her some La200. Petunia was in the alley and Joy cried her back in the pen when I came outside this morning….I mean, all I did was step out the Rv door!!!

Just went out and gave treats to all of the boys. Yes….all of the boys. Walnuts! They love them. Certain boys liked em better and of course certain boys ate from my hands and some did not. When I last sheared Marshall, he had hair loss in the neck area. We wondered if it was some kind of skin condition. Nope….it’s back….and very obvious now what’s causing it. His horns are rubbing. Can’t fix that. But they loved the walnuts. Had fun playin with the wee ones….minus Petunia of course. Thinkin there’s no winning this battle. Heaven cringes if touched by human hands, but I’m working on that. I have my ways.

Ok….finally I can reveal the Project I’ve been workin on for a friend. Remember I told you I’d been commissioned to create something. Well…….it’s called a Dreadfall. It is for someone who likes the looks of dreads but doesn’t really wanna go there. This is a larger one, agttached via ponytail holder. Others can be added to barrettes and clips. They can be short, long, fat, thin… fun. This is what I was trying to achieve copper with. Didn’t make it, as I said….but it all worked out. Valerie is very happy with hers. I’d love to make more of them, if anyone has an interest. They sure spark my creative bone. Alrighty then. That’s my news for the day. Oh ya….decided to wait and see if I for sure need to give Lily antibiotics. She sure was healthy today when she snuck out and I had to get her back in. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, with an Accomplished feeling……and love for all my friends.














7 thoughts on “Addicted to facebook………….and finished my Project!!!

  1. WOWZA~ Your son has your artistic heart! SO glad you shared his work! Tell me more about those gloves!!
    and as for Social Media… I LOVE IT!! If not for facebook, I would have never met YOU! Or learned how to save my goats (Thanks to SO many folks!) or ~ even HAVE goats that were worth milking or my beautiful furry Angoras…
    I would have never learned and enjoyed SO many things!!

    • See there! We have a lot in common! I’m really glad we met too! And glad you found your angora heart.

      It’s 2 white gloves with lights in the fingers. Many color combinations and different types. He practices constantly. It’s not easy but he loves gloving. There are competitions too. If you decide for some reason to look into it, Jesse says type the word…..Emazing at YouTube and many will pop up. If interested, he will tell you which to watch cuz so many.

      Yup…..unless they get too idiotic. I’m still in. Fb that is! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Sheri, if it weren’t for FB I wouldn’t have a “social life” at all…lol. I love all of my FB friends, especially my newfound Angora goat loving friends 🙂 I have loved seeing your babies every evening and can’t wait until I can show off some of my own next year maybe. I am learning so much from ya’ll that you just can’t learn from a book and to me that is priceless. That Dreadfall is gorgeous….I love the colors in it! And the gloves!! oh my gosh, my youngest son Rian will be wanting a pair of those as soon as he sees the video…lol. Your son is very talented with them, graceful movements. Ya’ll have a great day tomorrow!

    • Good. Glad to hear there are more people who are for it. It’s a wonderful world with these beautiful creatures….glad you’re in it. Thankyou. I had fun making the dreadfall. And yes, Jesse does have graceful movements which he works hard to learn and perfect. Emazing Lights is the company he uses. Thankyou for watching! Blessings to you and yours.

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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