A promise is a promise…….

Ye know…..what I’m witnessing with my girls….is not natural. This whole thing is unnatural. I wish I had more separate areas, but dangit, I don’t. It’s cold outside. Do these girls curl up and warm each other up? No. Goofy things do it during summer, but when cold? Nope. Crazy dang goats. Pearl and Georgia have the beginning of curlback, which means they have a bit of warmth on them. Poor Lily and Levi have nothing. It takes a good 2 weeks to grow something back. Ahhh, for the old fashioned European way….letting the herd run together. That just appeals to me. Boy would I be dirtying the gene pool if I did that! Nobody would know who the sires of the babies were…..forbidden. No, I’m making fun. If I wanted to live like that, I could. I just probably wouldn’t be able to sell any….which would be problematic I’d guess. Lol. But I do know that if they were running as a herd, all the families would be laying together in piles, creating heat.

But I still don’t understand how these little bitty babies survive so well, in weather so cold. I know, I know, it’s not very cold here. But it’s cold enough! Cold enough to wonder how a tiny baby withstands 32 and below weather with high winds and wet surroundings. I have my heater on and so many clothing layers right now. Hubby got me a 3x bright green sweatshirt hoodie from TSC for $5 and I have my other pink jacket one on my lap. Still cold. Yet the babies live. Not only that, they thrive….and jump and play and run to mommy for milk that mommy ever increasingly says no to. And they eat crumbs, then hay, then grain, then weeds.

The movie…The 5th Element. Bad guy knocks something off, it gets broken….see, he says….we created destruction, therefore encouraging life, economy. Someone will be hired to clean it up. Yup….that’s the mentality we are dealing with folks. Hate to say it, but it is so. Egads. Has it always been so? Have we really been so blind? It’s like a dis-ease the world has caught. Why not just trust it? Trust the evolution of things. Is it too late now? Part of me thinks it is. And another part thinks that’s what we’re here to change.

Think of it…..if it were a barter trade world….there would be no need for so many things. They don’t want that. Thing is…I bet it would run smoother than a baby’s behind. Hmmm, it’s hard to describe that world because it’s warring with another world, where we heal ourselves, therefore there is no sickness…therefore we wouldn’t need to keep the hospitals, nurses, lab techs, analysts, lawyers, surgeons, pharmaceuticals, aka…PILLs. See…a minute ago, I was envisioning a world where we could keep all that and barter trade. Then I was like….but no…we don’t want that world at all! We want one without dis-ease. That’s a harsh road and we don’t want it no more!!!!! Ahhh, Prime time Miss Sheri, as the Girls would say if they were here. All these wonderful traveling kids love me and I’m honored. I love them too. Even Eagle Eye who I just keep losing. He sent me a baby announcement from another country and I was so excited I started making the baby hat the next day. Then I doubted myself and never sent it. I miss EagleEye. He was an intelligent counterpart. Ye know, how sometimes you meet people who meet you at your level? Your intellectual and spiritual level? Special times my friends. Still wanna reconnect with him. Good looking kid too and deep deep eyes…..lol, hence the name. I feel that way about my Azure. Are we still praying for her? These young people are reflections of what we could be. Pay attention. And on that wonderful note…..night night sweethearts……….12:31am = 7 = holy. Ps…..

Here ya go dear, as promised…….Once upon a time I wanted to know what it was like to die, so I asked God to show me, while I was asleep that night. I said this as I was climbing into bed. I was walking down a hill. It was sorta a hurry thing. Other people were walking. We were on a road. Up on a hill ahead, I could see more people walking. Then I heard a noise and looked behind me and saw a train hurtling towards me. I saw a child up ahead. I threw myself on the child and waited to die. I died. Then I was afraid to open my eyes. Where was I? I remembered my request the night before……where was I? What will happen when I open my eyes, now that I’m dead? Well….I was in my bed! So that told me, that death, is just a shift in realities. Yes…I believe I’ve told this story before but too difficult to find right now, and a promise to a friend, is a promise to a friend. In fact, I’d have to brave the cold and go up to the house….NOT. I guess it’s time for bed again. Lol, I do indeed keep odd hours. Goodnight again then my friends. 1:02 – 3 =trinity/holy.

It’s cold. I’m working inside today. Working on my project and also dying some curls for another unknown project. Very colorful and I’m liking it. Been watching Lily since last night. Poor dear has something in her butt area that won’t let her lay down. Gee, maybe it’s a baby? Prayin that baby is ok. Love you Violet. Please live and come meet Mama….oh, and your mommy. Made a trade with a gal in Canada. She obviously knows what she’s doing, whereas I’m brand new at this sending overseas thing. In other words….I already got my gift. A sparkly batt to be used as a painting background. She was sweet and threw in a bracelet! And the batt is just gorgeous. I really wanted one of her hats too….but geeze, I really need to make one fun enough for me…made by me. Thank you Amber Churchill!!!

Ok….more raisins today and they loved them again. Mimi just scarfs them from my hand. I also tried the parsley. Yum, they loved it!!! 17% protein, yay. Poor Khalifa has diarrhea butt from the raisins, you know how they sometimes do. Petunia and Heaven have wanted to meet since birth, but Petunia is a mommy’s girl. Today, Jesse brought her out and it was so cute. She’s so much bigger than Petunia that her natural instinct was headbutt….lol, then jump!!! Put her back so maybe she’ll come out again to play. She’s huge. Tall. Haha, tall, dark and gorgeous….and I swear…no lyin….she has 4 colors. White, silver, black and brown. A quadcolor pinto. Yeehaw. Well, it’s homemade pizza night. Best get to rollin some dough. Have fun peoples. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

















2 thoughts on “A promise is a promise…….

  1. Running the flock together isn’t the answer, especially not with as many bucks as you have. They still don’t necessarily lay together, and it would cause huge fights. I used to run my animals all together, but I only had one intact male at the time along with several wethers and the does. There were still animals that slept alone. And then you’d never know when the babies were coming, instead of having a rough idea.

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