A blog haunting……lol, what can I say……I didn’t do it!!!

I just saw a sign on FB….Experimental Dandelion Farm, do not disturb weeds. Love it. I have always loved weeds. They’re the throw away stuff that no one wants…I’m always a sucker for those. A weed. Just what is a weed? A violet grows in the wild. I know….I used to pick them for my mother and she put them into a crystal toothpick vase. Yet violets are considered a flower. This is pretty confusing folks. A dandelion is indeed a flower, with petals, and color and a life process and a death process whereupon it sends it’s seeds floating in the breeze to be carried far and wide. Seems like a pretty smart flower to me, yet it’s a weed. When I was pregnant with Summer, my mom and I used to drive backroads of neighboring towns looking for woods….for wildflowers to dig up and plant in my herb garden. I had over a hundred varieties that year. As you can see…..I went a different direction. I turned somewhere. I turned from being BLUE to being RAINBOW. Oh happy day…Spirit is playing with me. We are playing change the print to blue and a larger font and blinking back and forth between the two. How fun….Blue is a good color. Communication, soothing, voice, writing, arts, calm, water, sky. Blue dog, blue goat. Yes indeed, the print is still blue. Hehehe. Fun.

Just so you’ll know…it may not show up….the font has just changed to black and at size 11, not 14. It’s a haunting, but it’s a good haunting. Ittt’’’s GOD. Spirit, whatever name you choose to use. I used to pour over every book I could find at the library and ordered others. I compiled a list of what each herb did, based on all these book references. I threw it away. I remember some, but not enough, but maybe this year I’ll get some growing, ye never know. It’s the watering that’s the problem. Dang…font is still small. Come on now….fix it already. It’s as if it’s God, is saying that what I’m talking about now is inconsequential…..not needed…..deletable. So…off we go from this paragraph.

AAAll blue and black print aside….I’m in kidding purgatory. Waiting, waiting….ahhh, forget it….I’ changing the font size….I can’t read my own writing. There….ah hell.

Ok…haunted is a nice word right this second. How about…taking control of my computer? Yikes…….good grief and hand tossed pizza. It truly won’t let me adjust the size so we have what we have. Jesse was down for a bit. In the end…he went back to watch some movie and I’m watching Pretty Woman. Tomorrow is Saturday. Leave or stay….as I said…..leave, is the answer. Jesse says he’ll stay behind. Longest kidding season in history. Trying not to stress, but the girls are right behind me for goodness sakes. I hear their every snort, cough, dig…believe it or not, I do hear them dig. There went a snort, from the Ladieds pen, where Petunia is. Oh my, and I think a pup is on my step.

When I was a little girl, my parents went on vacation and had my grandparents down to babysit us. It was Easter. Downtown, I saw these cute little pastel baby chicks. Blue, green, pink, purple. I don’t remember which color I wanted, but I really wanted one of these colored babies. Grandma said no. I threw a fit. IN the end…they did get me that baby…but my mom and dad made me take it back. No blue chickies for little Sheri. I guess it was blue. We are dealing with blue tonight. Makes sense. Now…..as an adult, I understand why I couldn’t have the blue chickie…it would have become either a hen or a rooster. Lol. Another time….my sisters found a rabbit nest while dad was mowing. They tried to keep me from knowing, saying rabbits won’t take their babies back if touched. I’ve recently heard that’s not true. I found the bunnies so we took em in the house since they were doomed. We attempted to bottle feed them something…and in the end we took their tiny 2-3 day old selves to the forest to fend for themselves. That, my friends, is the wrong way to do it. Ok….well, sticking to my ending the blog shorter…it’s time for night night. See ya good people! 12:37am = 4 = angels. (that’s what 4 means to me…not necessarily what 4 means in numerology.

Wow…then the computer, froze up, and I quit for the night, now, it’s putting my words centered. Oh my….still being messed with.

Alright, I moved it back over to left align. Man, this is a strong haunting and lingered till 4:25pm today!!! Went to town, left Jesse here. No babies born. But I did get me the rubber boots I was wanting for thirty bucks. My others give me blisters, so I’m very happy today. I was so afraid they’d sold all the size 9’s. No, I’m a 7, but in rubber boots, I’m a 9. Got my girls some treats today. Raisins, parsley and romaine hearts. Raisins and parsley I’ve never given them, so we shall see. Poor Milly is all propped up in the corner of the fence, so miserable is she.

So…..I’ve decided that the best way for me to proceed is to say that probably the WyWy babies are done. The rest will be cleanup buck babies. That way, if some still come now, I might get a surprise, but not disappointment. I got two brilliant pintos and can be happy with that. For those interested…..Picasso and Marshall. Picasso for Mimi and Yoki (we watched that one), Marshall for any others, born after April 3. So, now I shall just relax and let it happen, but I do still feel bad for poor Milly, so pregnant. Ahhh, fun times. Doling out the feed sacks with 5 pups, 3 babies and a Pearl in the alley. We pour the tiny piles for the babies then the pups take over and I gotta pour more. Then we get to step around all that nonsense! Ohhhhh…warning on the clipper oil. Ya gotta use the Wahl oil or the clipper will act like the blades are bad. Will be ordering some tonight, along with a tool to supposedly help get hay out before you shear….an alpaca wand. I actually have enough money to get both!!! It’s only like $12. Don’t wanna shear Etta without it!!! Ok….bout to run over….don’t wanna do that. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Hoping I get to type tonight without too much interference. Love ya!!!!













8 thoughts on “A blog haunting……lol, what can I say……I didn’t do it!!!

  1. Dandelions are wonderful weeds…lol. They are fantastically good for you, very high in magnesium and all sorts of other minerals the body needs. Dandelion root is a great diuretic. I take a Dandelion tincture every day to help with my blood pressure. What most folks consider weeds are actually very useful medicinal herbs that we wildcraft every year here on the farm. I am sure I am not telling you anything you don’t already know, MamaSheri 🙂 , you are a wise woman. We love to educate folks about the “weeds” in their yards. My fella Rod is a master herbalist and wildcrafter. His blog is Belfire Botanicals here on wordpress.

    • Awesome Susan! Yes, another beauty hanging out in a lot of yards is spotted beebalm. Good stuff. I need to grow comfrey cuz its such a great owie herb. Hard to find locally though. I shall check out your guys blog! Thanks for stoppin for a chat!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

    • Really!!! Who does the deciding? Need a chat with that one. Tee tiny flowers exist everywhere and people barely ever see them. Thanks for the visit!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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