Made plans……..and God laughed!

Ok, this is not good. I’ve become so whatever….that I just baked that recipe I told you about, with Jesse…..chocolate chip cookie dough layer first, then reeses cups then brownie mix. Then we finished the movie from the other night that I was too tired to finish. First of all, skip the reeses cup and it would be great, truly great! Chocolaty, but if you’re into that type thing, yumm. Then we watched the last hour of the movie, then I came down here and am sitting here typing without having looked to see what’s going on with the girls. Yikes…from obsessed to complacent. Two extremes. Thought I was over the extremes part of my life. Guess not. Used to be me in a nutshell. I’ll check em before I go to sleep.

For all of you FB users. I have a gazillion reasons for “Like”ing a thing. It may be to encourage someone. It may be to educate the masses. Sometimes it’s just useful information. Sometimes it’s to give someone a boost and sometimes I really like it. Haha. Sounds harsh, I know. It is what it is. I do what I can. If I see someone trying to bump their post up….I’ll try to bump it too. I think my point sprang from me wondering what people thought of all the things I LIKE, on there. Some are not really me. Hey….I’m supporting a friend! Figure it out. NO, nobody has said anything, this is just something I wonder about. Oh ya….I turned the heater back on and I’m still alive….goes to show ya how much I know about propane and leaks and heat and such. I just said…screw it…Father, I love you…goodbye…and I turned up the heater. Reminds me of the Hurricane Hugo event. My husband at the time, was drunker than a skunk. We left the bar in the storm of storms and trees were laid down everywhere we looked. I was driving. Suddenly, he insisted on driving. We argued. I didn’t want beat up so I let him drive. We drove through the torrential rains till he looked at me. Stared at me, as he’s driving…and he says…I love you Sheri….. goodbye. Oh crap. That can’t be good. He speeds up to a hundred mph and jerks the wheel to the left. We spun, and flew and hopped backwards and forwards until we finally came to a stop without hitting a single tree of which there were thousands. I love you….goodbye. Horrible words. Just horrible words. But here I am, and rest in peace my dear, rest in peace.

It’s all completely silent behind me. Not a peep, not a snort. The pups are unusually quiet as well. I did my medicine thing today….he showed up, I gave him the money and I finally had to text him and say…are you still coming? In the morning, in the morning. I can deal with that….way better than doing this in extreme fear mode. With this one…I just never know if I’m getting it the same night, but I DO know I’m getting it. I still intend to try out the Silk Road internet thingie, of which I’ll discuss if requested. Right now, I just needed my meds. Next I can try out the differences. They say some are better for pain….That’s the ones I wanna try. They say one is for sleepiness and one is for awake….sativa for sleep….indica for awake. But within that…..are strains for pain…Pot, sorry, we are talking about pot. Yes, again. Hey…..without it, I’d be in trouble. Big pain trouble.

Apparently, I wrote two February/breeding blogs for the H blog. I came across the new one tonight. Completely, I mean, completely different. Sometimes I do that, just to give myself another option. Gonna post it too. Why the heck not? I don’t know where this fiber blog thing is going or if it’s going, but my son is all gung ho about it so I think I shall be as well. Nobody g00gled it yesterday, cuz it had no views….but I will get it going, help me, won’t you? . Ahhhh well, it’s late. 1:44am = 9 = endings. Dang. Loving you people. All of you. Night night.

We make plans and God laughs? Yup. Plan was to shear some of the boys we brought into the yard. In the end….I’ve been on the phone all day, dealing with several different things. Medicine showed up, just in time too, cuz we got some weather coming. It’s 3 o’clock and I’m nearly done with all that stuff. Is a very windy day so not so great for shearing anyway but jeesh….need to get this done….so many to do! As for the babies….well, as time creeps by, it’s getting closer to the buck change date. Maybe there will be no more pinto babies this time. Maybe Wywy only did the two girls? So odd. What an odd and strange and weird kidding season, to be sure. I need a better method.

Ha, tried something and it didn’t go so well, but maybe as the days progress. I’ve been placing feed in the tiny pen everyday, with the gate open on one end. Today I saw a shot at bonding with Petunia. They were in there eating….so I snuck in and let Joy walk out and closed the door. Baby freaked, mommy freaked. Eventually baby calmed a bit and I was touching to let her know it’s ok. It was goin ok, till Kachina decided she wanted the spot Joy was in so she could keep an eye on her baby. Then it all fell apart, but I can try again. So far, Petunia has not come into the alley while I’m there. Joy is truly teaching her baby to fear me. Sucky, really sucky. Baby however, has curiosity…..hope it wins out in the end. I’m intrigued with her coat. It has the most interesting shades of brown on both back legs. Not just one brown. This baby is really something and I can’t wait to see how she grows out!!! Ok….well, gonna end this on a good note! See ya tomorrow world people!!!. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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