Synchronicity’s don’t make life Pain free……

By now, it looks like the world knows about synchronicities. Just ten years ago, it was a fairly rare word. Another word is connection. That word was common but it’s new meaning was not. Is now. I just gave myself goosebumps, thinking about asking a pencil to connect with me and collaborate. Like in the movie Phenomenon.I’ve told you how I love that part in the movie. I was thinking it so intensely that it gave me the shiver. I guess this is where I was heading anyway. People have synchronicities….I live them. They are a part of my being, the way I live, think, feel. I expect them, wait for them. Ok. I guess the bug subject is back on. I erased a whole huge bit last night cuz the blog was too long. Apparently the insects around here are also feeling the connection, lol, and I had a visitor last night. He was 2 inches from my wrist as I typed, sitting on my computer for 45 minutes. There was also a smaller beetle involved that appeared, got me to start the conversation on here, then poof he was gone. Well, he’s back.

Then there’s the spiders who don’t harm me. Many spiders. I can’t remember if I’ve told this story before or not….On one of the rare occasions that Jesse got to visit me when he was little, a wasp got in the apartment. I told Jesse to pretend that we were going to open the door and it would fly right out. Pretend in our minds. We did. Then I walked over and opened the door and straight out he flew from way across the room. It really tickled me to impart that piece of myself to Jesse that day, cuz I wasn’t allowed to tell him any of my beliefs. He was a child, I was allowed to say pretend.

Anyway…the insects apparently want to be included in my Ark inhabitants. Problem is with the wasps though. I don’t have a connection with them. I need to dump my pee and I’m scared. I realeyes this all sounds funny, but if flowers and dogs can read thoughts, why not insects? And why can I do it sometimes and not others? Why can’t I just call upon a connection? Maybe I can, I haven’t tried any mind power games with myself lately. George was good at playing those with me. I still say I was better, hehe, but we had good times straining our brains. Seriously folks….my living room has pile upon pile of stuff, just everywhere….and we would be able to successfully play I spy. But I don’t think we even got a color….just the…..Ok, I spy something. The power of the mind. The power of the energy field around us and in us is waiting with bated breath for us to figure it all out. And then PLAY!!!! Can you imagine the fun we could have if we realeyes’d what we could do? Reminds me of that Robin Williams movie….What Dreams May Come….where in His heaven, everything is created with paint at first. His wife was an artist, so he saw paint. Now I’m thinking of a book……….The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. Awesome little tiny book. Deep. Very deep. If I could, I’d buy you each a copy. I try to leave little drops of light here and there. Some may get them now or maybe later. I try to stimulate your mind, as mine is stimulated. I’m trying to take you along on the journey. Wake us all up more.

As for the goats….I’ve witnessed enough to say that there is a phase where the doe or some does get uncomfortable. They go to lay down and their butt gets stuck in the air. I think it must be a pretty standard phase. Weeks have gone by for some and still no babies. They Now are having a hard time getting down because of their sheer size. What I thought was huge then is huger now. It’s crazy people!!! But no….my theory is, that it’s twins in these cases and the babies are shifting. This is what happened with Lily, in my opinion. And Kachina and Milly. Now, Lily is a first timer, but it’s not unheard of to have twins, just not common. I dunno, we’ll see how it plays out, but I’m telling ya…..the butt gets stuck in the air and they can’t lay down. Or, it could be that they all do it and I just haven’t witnessed them all. She shrugs. And she says goodnight. I was successful at stopping early so I don’t go overlong again. Nightie night sweet ones. 12:52am = 1 = beginnings. Hmmm, last night was endings.

Now I’m really confused. We sheared Lily today. Could not feel the baby move this time, and top it off……her milk bag has shrunk. This can’t be good!!! We have to get her back on the stanchion later when Jesse gets back from pricing things at the post office and I will try again then, when I’m doing her hooves. This just makes me sad. Damn, I need a stethoscope. We had both said we felt possible movements but nothing in your face like a kick. Got her feet done and still no movement felt. Well, verifiable movement that is. I’ve never seen this before. Never seen the milk bag go from ready to bust….to smallish and wimpy. I’m still goin with my twin theory. Maybe there’s still hope for one? Crap. This kidding season is a very hard one. Maybe I hurt them when I made them all lay down for crutch shear? Maybe the laydown process snapped the necks of the wee ones? Ayyyyyyye……..I hate this not knowing. Yes, I’m grasping at straws.

Just found out there’s a brand new fiber festival….in AUSTIN!!! This weekend, that I knew nothing about. How is this possible? Oh well, it is what it is. And right during kidding season? Jeesh!!! Shoot…..even though I now know about it….I can’t go. Well, I could. I could leave Jesse here, but I’d be too far away to help if there was a problem. Man….I’m getting discouraged. This baby loss thing is too much. I also noticed an odor about Lily, but no mites. I just wanna cry. Ok…thinkin out loud here folks………if there are babies dead in both Yazhi and Lily……why haven’t they passed them? Why are they dead, and why haven’t they passed them? Maybe they haven’t passed them cuz there’s still living babies in there? Gosh, the stress. Only Petunia was in a jumping mood today, musta wore themselves out yesterday during their jumpfest. Poor MILLY, HER BAG HAS BLACK AT THE ENDS, LIKE THE END THAT HAS THE TEATS. I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S DIRT OR MASTITIS.(Hmmm…..interesting that Spirit highlighted that.) It’s not rock hard, is pliable, but the color is scary. Sure hope it’s just dirty. I mean, they do hang down low, so it could be dirt. Need to look it up again. Jeesh. Thank you Father for all the blessings and healthy babies and healthy goats I have. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….Discouraged. That’s my word for today.


















3 thoughts on “Synchronicity’s don’t make life Pain free……

  1. Yes, the black on the tips of the teats is probably just a dirt plug. Make sure you strip her teats when she does kid, because a lot of times it’s in there very firmly and can prevent the babies from nursing (they suckle, but can’t get any milk out).

    One of my ewes this year did the same thing as Lilly. Huge bag, then nothing. I’m pretty sure she was pregnant and lost the pregnancy. It could also be a hysterical (false) pregnancy. Sorry.

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