10,000 views…woohoo!!!

On this night where I have reached 10,000 views, I am sitting on my comfy bed in the Rv with the sound of my girls and babies just feet away. I have beautiful adoring pups to watch over my herd and horses as friends and cows as future safe meals. God told me this was Noah’s Ark, the day we saw the property…..as we were pulling through the gate. Ironically, we had looked at the house 2 doors down and I had seen this land on the hill. I saw a junk car and assumed the place was full of them. I even considered not looking at that house cuz it was so close to something I didn’t like. A week or so later, when I realized where we were pulling up to….I was astonished. That’s when God whispered that it was Noah’s Ark….and the male cardinals had flown us all the way down the drive as an escort.

We instantly loved the old house. Over 100 years old. We just peeked in the windows. That old junk car? Turned out to be the only one…..with flowers growing out of it to boot. Course, it didn’t fit hubby’s perfect yard plan so it’s gone. Anyway……as we began walking the place….I first loved the fence that had an old bedspring in it as a fix. That too, is gone….but I fought hard for it. Next, we come to an adorable corral. Made of trees, and made a long time ago. Next to the corral was the old house. Probably 6 ft by 6 ft. Many children lived in that tiny house with their German parents. Before we signed the paperwork…..the corral was blown down by a tornado. Further down the path, we came to 2 horses and a brand new, I mean minutes ago brand new baby horse. Next up, was the clay pit, a beautiful orangy red. Then up the hill, was what I named…..tractor graveyard. Very very cool old timey tools and farm implements, as well as trucks of all sizes. All were in different states of rust.

We walked on. A tiny tank for the livestock…oh……that’s after the first 2 that I forgot to mention. No, but this one is like 4 ft wide. Further on and through the woods that held loblolly pines and cedar and meadows stashed here and there….we came upon the Swampy Pond. There was a tree growing in the center of this large shallow pond that was dug to dam the creek. That tree is now dead and laying across the pond. An orchestra sang from every nook and cranny that day and many days since. The birds…..untold number and number of species of…birds. We also smelled urine…very powerful smell of urine and that scared me. Some animals warning to us, no doubt. We went up the hill through the woods and discovered my favorite place. The mossy boulders. The orchestra was still playing while I looked and exclaimed at the emerald carpeted rocks. We sat on them. It was heaven. A few days after we signed the papers……a truck pulls up with a flatbed trailer behind it and this lady says she’s come to get her farm implements. We were both shy so we couldn’t tell them no. No, you can’t have those! We signed the papers already, this land is ours! If you wanted it, you should have got them before the place was sold!!! We said none of those things and a few hours later, they drove out…carrying all the cool things I had loved…part of why we bought the place. Very upsetting. Hubby then gave away all the rest of the old tractors and things…for the metal…some guys came and loaded it up and probably made thousands of dollars selling the scrap.

So many changes since then. Some good, some bad and one unforgiveable. The sealing in of my alley gate. The extra work and time that that has cost me…..so many things that has cost me and extra pain befallen me. I will not truly be happy until I have my gate back. That my friends…..was my first glimpse of the place with a few items thrown in. Now…..at my Ark, I have a conglomeration of critters and my own child living upstairs. I have curly haired babies and a new life. I have oodles of friends and a newness of mind. And top it all off….I have readers for my words. Words that have always been written on envelopes, napkins, in journal after journal, notebook after notebook. I even wrote a poem about my words, although it would be another 16 years before anyone read any of them. (poem at the end) (yes, it’s a repeat poem, but it’s the right poem.) I feel such a desire to create….but it’s late….night night sweetish ones. 12:15am = 9 = endings. Hmmff.

I dunno man….wanted a special blog, but this just feels like old information. Oh well, it’s too late to write something new. It’s 4pm and it’s been a productive day. Was all set to go to the post office with some fibers, but at the last minute I remembered I would need boxes cuz they couldn’t go priority to another country. Took too long to find small boxes and the post office closed. Did find the boxes and have them ready to go now. Then it was shot time. Shots to help any who have the mites and shots for any who are near the ones with mites. Everybody gets shots. The cases that are severe and have been so for years now…..refusing to heal with any medicines….are in very bad shape. Personality wise, these goats are awesome….but they must be in pure misery. I SHOULD document it but it’s too horrible. There are a few goats who will be put down if this new cure doesn’t cure them. They may indeed be too far gone. Ye know….I’ve been asking for a whole year about the mites. Before that I was told there was only one treatment and it didn’t work. I wonder why it’s just now that I get some actual answers. Something that supposedly is proven to work…..and I’m just hearing about it. I really really don’t understand that. It took talking to someone in Australia….thank ya Kimberly…..to find the cure. Sad. Very sad.

So….this is the 2nd shot for the front girls and the first for the Beautifuls and Littles. Good grief did I see some nice curls while I was looking for loose skin!!! Moonee my boy….love love your long gorgeous curls. Opti!!! Doc! And the piece de resistance……WyWy. Lordie…..I was supposed to be finding loose skin and I was actually drooling over the fleece. We have a red wasp invasion. Put that in several times but keep deleting it. It’s awful. Oh ya…..I also got some spinnin done. Just got done playing with my squishys. Still no Petunia, but Heaven has stepped on my legs, smelled my face and even lets me pet her in the alley. Khalifa…..my laid back little man with the cool cat swagger, who just likes to be near his Mama. And Star, the grown up little lady who finally understands she’s too big to get on Mama’s back and didn’t even try when given the opportunity. She also doesn’t try to stand up my legs either. She runs out the pen the minute she sees me and follows me. She cries when I leave. It doesn’t matter what she’s doing and if she’s eating….if you pet her….she stops everything to enjoy the touch. She just stands there and soaks it up. Little Heaven with her funny little attitude. She loves to cock her chin up in the air at me…so dang cute. And Petunia. Curious, fast and quite the jumper. She is being very brave about it too. You can see it in her eyes when she’s on something high….can I leap that far and land on mommys back? I think the only way to bond with her will be to snatch her up and take her into the teeny pen with me. Her mommy can watch and see I’m not hurting her. I will not touch her. Let her come to me. Ok….well, this is a banner day. Over 10,000 times….someone has read my words. That is amazing grace for this rainbow mama. I am in awe and I am ever so grateful to you all. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much for being a part of my life and God bless you for reading my words. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.

This poem….1996.

Legacy Of Words

Words are pouring out of me

Pouring down like a hard rain

I sit here & try to capture them all

For you, I try to capture the pain

For a lifetime or just a minute

Or possibly even eternity

If my words can awaken or console

Then that’s my legacy

It’s a gift I leave to anyone

Anyone who wants to feel

Because my heart is inside each word

And every word is real…feel

I’ve lived too many lives

In the years I’ve been on this earth

I guess it’s really kinda sad

Words are all I grant as my worth

Sometimes I have to struggle

Just to get thru each minute

It’s a war between demons & angels

So far, angels are winning it

I’m certain my life has a purpose

It may be these words I impart

I may never really know

So here, I leave…my heart.

Sheri Lee 7/30/96




















6 thoughts on “10,000 views…woohoo!!!

  1. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog, Sheri….you are truly an inspiration 🙂 I love your pictures and that poem really says it all, doesn’t it? I need to get back to writing on my own blog. I wish you continued success with your words and those beautiful babies! ((hugs))

    • Goodness!!! Gives me shivers. Thank you so so much for taking a minute to tell me that! What a treat! Thrilled that you like my words and my sweet babies. Blessings. 💚

    • It’s Ivomec injectable given at swine size subq. Every 18 days. Should be twice but I got some long term ones so will treat every 18 days. Also……doing top line of eprinex which I get at TSC. I see some spry in one gal!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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