My brain is restless….

Now that’s interesting. Way back in time, in Egypt, if a man wore a womans wig, that meant he had achieved a higher state of nobility. The mens wigs were staggered lengths and the designs were one direction, while the womens wigs were all the same length and the designs went a different direction. Point being that back then, the female was highly regarded. Nowadays…..rape of a woman is discussed as if it were a football game. We can thank Religion for that folks. Religion….that big sucking hole of money. Just a pit. Believe it or not….in my searching….I’ve even come to the question of…..was Jesus a female, who was dressed as a male….or was Jesus a female whose story was changed to promote an agenda. I still don’t know what the truth is, but I know that doubt still exists in me as to the true gender. This came about during my Winter Solstice Experience. Either way…the balance is uneven. I did my part in rectifying that, that’s all I know. Is it changing yet? Is the woman garnering more respect? More willingness to listen to their views?

Holy crap…..I didn’t realize the chakra system was from ancient times!!! I truly thought that was new fangled. I believed it, but still……thought it was new fangled. Like reiki. Not that old really. They say that reiki was discovered by Dr. Usui when he went to meditate. A spring dripped water on his crown chakra day after day while he meditated. Reminds me of Buddha. Certain people have come to us….to show us what we can be. All throughout time. Are we awake enough to see? Or to do the research to see? I’m thinkin there is so much more to the pyramids than people can even begin to know. Like a mustard seed of knowledge, sitting in a Superbowl dome turned upside down. Had to think on that for a second….trying to find a vessel large enough to make my point. Yes, I’m watching Pyramid Codes again. But even if I wasn’t……I’ve believed for quite some time that there’s power in them there pyramids!!! Not just power. Truth. Truth is very very hard to find. It’s more of a feeling thing than a proof thing.

Yo….picture the azure sea. Calm, peaceful, sparkling. That’s my friend Azure. She makes me smile so much that I call her my Smile Girl. She has health problems recurring again and I’d like very much if any of y’all would pray for her or send reiki or whatever healing you know to her. She is a Light of utmost proportions. And we need that light now. We need people of her ilk to sustain us, to prosper us….prosper us all. To provide light in the haze…..and a smile in our dark. Blessings of the most high magnitude to you my dear Azure. I intend to meet you one day, so smile on baby, smile on. (So people…..look at that beautiful smiling face and send your healing desires for her….thank you so much)

Ahhh, goodness, it’s late. Again. My routine. Stay up late, sleep late. Except lately, I’ve been getting up early. Lately….ha…..since the beginning of January when Hap died cuz I missed it. I missed everything that day….or there was nothing to miss. I’ve come to the conclusion that Hap, despite appearing normal size, was premature. That would explain the no symptom, no clue situation that enfolded. No cries, no signs, no udder swingin in the wind. Nothing. No attachment to the baby like Oprah just had. Nothin. I dunno, but that’s my theory and I’m stickin to it. Night night my loves. Sleep sweet. Night night. 1:49am = 5 = change. Oi ve.

Yup, up at 8am today. That’s just not enough sleep for me. When I wake up however and look out the window…..I see the babies playing in high gear. It’s so hard to sleep when I know they’re playing and I’m missing good photos! Yazhi is still bleeding a little bit. Poor girl…just don’t know. I took another video….this one is of the babies moving inside Milly. It’s proof that I was up early cuz you can hear the birds all singing. Later, I went around and sat with her and felt the babies move. She seemed to like it. I even massaged her belly a bit and she didn’t want me to stop. It’ll be nice to have some babies whose mom isn’t scared of humans….and I’ll get to bond really good to them. Sat on the tree stump and watched Heaven play. She was trying to lay down on the laid down tree log. Everytime she’d get in the lay position, she’d start to slide off. So cute. A bit ago, I thought I heard a different new baby cry so went lookin. Nope. I visited awhile. Kachina came up and wanted her chin scratched. Where Kachina goes, Mimi goes, and at one point, Mimi was so into watching me scratch Kachinas nose that it took her a minute to realize I was scratching hers instead…they were that close. Ha….shoulda seen her face!

I’m sitting in a jiggling Rv. It is 79 degrees and Bluedog is panting so hard. It was in the 30’s last night and tonight it will stay in the 50’s-60’s. Been busy since I wrote that. Man it’s sticky warm. Ok….gave Yazhi some antibiotic and felt again for movement. None. Still prayin. Then checked Yoki who I thought was not pregnant….and she is….and the baby moved. Yay!!! Yoki had baby Cherub last year when she was a baby herself, rather like Etta and Star…..both times….surprising me after acquiring them. Doesn’t bother me though…loved little Cherub and love my Star so much. Star cries sometimes when I leave. She’ll follow me all the way to the out gate. Yes, love my Star. I’ve had some inquiries into the pinto babies and Star…..and sorry if I spoke too soon last night……I just forgot my head. My plan is to wait until kidding is over before I decide who stays and who I might let leave. I even blogged about it…just forgot my head, like I said.

So….I’m excited…Yoki is preggers. Have someone looking at Moonee too, so I went to take photos. If she doesn’t buy him….he’s off the sales list. Figured he would be. I made the list while I was upset. But for Em…..I will let her have him if she so chooses. She’ll be down buying some goats from Lisa soon…..that’s how I got to meet her in person last year. Well……happy to have gotten some plying in today and happy to find out about Yoki….so….on a happy note……Signing off this wonderful weekend, from YeeHaw Ranch. P.S……I will check the youtube links when I get to the house to make sure they work….and also, don’t forget to watch Milly’s babies move… this.















4 thoughts on “My brain is restless….

  1. so sweet. I seldom get to see all the pics due to how I read this. wonderful… so you’ve decided not to sell your babies? I know that had to be a real hard list to make anyway…and your moonie is sweet sweet looking

    • So glad you got to see them! Well it’s just smart to wait and see what I get with the rest of the babies. Yup Moonee is a real sweetheart. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Moonie-Moonie- Had an idea, I think i will name the kids that don’t have names yet, from a song, Delta Dawn what’s that Flower you Got’on? could it Be (Bebe) a faded Rose from Days gone by, and on and on.

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