What if Jesus was………..

Still dancing cheek to cheek. I’m paying attention to when it happens now. What was the thought I just had? Most of the time….when I realeyes what He sang it for…I giggle. It’s a conversation AND a dance. All I can say is I’m one blessed being to have reached this aspect of life. That’s why I can’t let myself stay sad, Ever…cuz I would let Him down. After all he’s brought me through and to? No way Jose. See….this is why I don’t need a church. Church is right here in my body. And wherever I am, my body is….so I’m pretty much in church 24/7. I wonder if I should share what I believe? How brave are you Sheri my dear??? Hmmmm.

Ok…so, God creates the world and some people… and some plants and animals. It doesn’t go quite right so he makes changes. He keeps making changes to adjust His new creation. After awhile…He realeyes’s that things aren’t going so well. A drastic change is needed. So….he creates the Christ child. This child, from what I’ve read, had healing abilities….could turn water to wine, and feed the masses with a handful…… He went to Africa and traveled a lot of the world. Learning… On a journey. This stuff is in the Nag Hamadi. When he died….he ascended. It is my belief that he was showing us the way to ascend as humans. Which is what his Father wanted. He taught us the way, but it got twisted. The way is…….We are all….ALL children of God. We all ALL have the same gifts that Jesus had. We all All can be like him…..but can we be as kind as him? As devoted, compassionate, forgiving, nonjudgemental, loving, believing, brave and willing? He was trying to tell us that he was no different. A child of God as each and every one of us is.

There you have it. In a nutshell…..what I believe Jesus came to do. For that reason, I end every prayer with, In Jesus name….Amen. Not because I idolize him, but because I admire him and respect him and what he did for me. For you. For us all. What a gift…..and what a sacrifice…to give that gift. People can try to cover this information up…..but it finds a way to bubble up. I have put this belief together of my own research and my own life happenings and aha moments and just plain gut feelings. If I had grown up knowing this…my life would have been very different. But I didn’t. I know this now. At age 51 ½. I AM sharing this with you because I can. Because I should. Apparently it was time.

On another note…think about evolution…the cavemen started with sticks and stones and the natives pretty much sorta stayed with that. But some people…..went a whole different direction. I mean…think about the Indians ok? They had baskets and feathers…all things made from nature…their surroundings. Now? Look at the world now…well, most of it….the indigenous still have it right. I have moved everything I NEED into this Rv. There is barely an available space to put anything now, but I can always build my piles of needed stuff higher!

From my view right now, here are a few things I can see, that I need to live. Spinning wheel, flashlight, shearing bag, dvd’s, ashtray, 25 ft electrical cord, bags of fiber, towels, tissues, kidding supplies, my pouch, my old laptop, cookies, earplugs, eyeglass cleaner, pocket calendars, rope and goat sweaters. And that’s just the things I can see. I can’t see what’s under the stuff I can see. Haha. So we’ve gone from living simply with nature….to stuff. Things. Things there are no place to put. Too many things. Too many packages and boxes, everything comes in a box. Industry and economy really suck the life out of the world….

Ok…on to the crazy goats. Today, we ended up milking Oprah on the shearing stand. When we were done, Jesse moved it over by the tree stump pieces so they would have more to jump on. After all, the stand had been in the other pen for a couple weeks and they’d all played on it. So it only seemed fair. But Jesse should have seen what I saw. Yazhi was up very high….yes, quite pregnant Yazhi….then she stepped over to another stump with her front feet. I was laughing like crazy, thinking…ok, you’re stuck now. She ate a few leaves from the oak branch hanging above and then I got distracted. Would you believe that goat got out of her predicament? Ha, to her it probably never was, but heck if I know how she did it. These goats are amazingly agile. I giggle at them all the time. Tonight, I think Khalifa looked cold. It’s supposedly 42 right now, going to 32. Poor babies don’t have a heater kicking in like I do. Jesse was just down here for quite awhile and we turned the heater way down so he could play his music and Riff Raff interviews, and just plain chat. Now….it’s way cold and I gotta heat the place back up!!! But the goats can’t do that. How sad. Especially the sheared ones. I mean seriously. It’s March. We are supposed to be starting spring. We had an unordinary warm winter and now it’s spring….and it’s 32. Kinda like it’s been shifted a bit. Just strange, that’s all. Ok…night night you guys!!!! Love you!

Woke up 2 hours early. Saw Milly standing there and said to myself….see if she digs. Then I laid my head back down and back came the memory of wanting to see her dig and up I sat and turned….and she dug. Haha. Well….my soap isn’t on today cuz they are wanting to find a new pope. Personally, rather than a new pope….Let them release the contents of the vatican. Let them share with the world…..the papers, the objects….the TRUTH. That’s on my newly started….World Event Bucket List. And on my personal bucket list……free your mind Sheri. Free your mind when it comes to creating your goodies. Let your creative mind OUT OF THE BOX!!!! Yes, please…..I just need to free myself up. I tried chili powder today. I didn’t do the process right, but in the end, it’s still holding it’s color fairly well. I’d have to try it again the correct way…adding vinegar as a mordant, to make it a bright vivid copper….but copper it is. Don’t worry Mea….I’ll use your black walnuts!!!! But yes….finally. Once again, I have been successful. That’s like what…2 days in a row…or close? Yippee. I also think I may be making a TRADE….yes…..of my raw mohair for art batt for fiber painting. That sounds successful too! Also, someone wanted pinto fiber sent to Australia…..not an easy task I’m finding. Will check more tonight on it.

Well, after determining as close as I can that Choxie is not pregnant…..and seeing her bash the babies one too many times…..we loaded her up in the zenbuggy and took her back up front. Man….big bossy one Chox had to fight for her place. Fighting 2 at a time! Sarah, Gracie and Dessa….all the children…being the ones to challenge her. I wonder how it will turn out. Well….guess it’s that time again my friends. Hope you enjoyed the blog today and are not offended by my view of why Jesus came to earth. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…….in the waiting room.















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