Diamond in the Sky in Heaven……..goodbye beautiful baby

Just had the coolest thing happen. Was cruising FB and I see these peoples interesting photo…they are friends of my daughter Summer. The photo was peoples heads in a circle, like a wheel. I was spinning my iphone around, to view each face….when I thought I recognized a hat….one of MY hats. So I asked. He said…..yes….there are THREE of your hats in this photo! We love your hats!!!!! Holy guacamole and tenderloins!! If I hadn’t already had my day made…by birth of Diamond….I’d say this made my day. Wowza, just wowza. That’s a boon to my soul and my heart and my self esteem! Summer had taken them as trade items when she went to Cali before she came here. One of them was scratchy and the guy wanted a liner. (Had mill waste in it….which I used to use in the beginning) It never came up again…till tonight. So I offered to make him a fresh one out of baby fiber and he refused. He wants a liner cuz he says he loves it!!! I’m doing the happy wiggle and bounce on your Rv bed dance.

Ahhh….I just watched the most beautiful scene with Georgia and Belle. Georgia was on the sideways treestump and Belle and her were obviously talkin and they nuzzled each other then Belle jumped on the stump in such a way that Georgia didn’t have to jump off and the two of them kissed you could say….then Belle said….ok, get down and Georgia did. Awesome the insights I’m getting here. They act all aggressive toward each other but when nobody is looking…..they love each other. How awesome is that? Yay GOATS!!!! Just went for a check and Milly was breathing really fast and hard. Waiting…. Also thinkin Lily and Mimi…oh gosh. Nah…usually it’s all in one week, what am I fretting about. Been here….just not so many at a time, all due to pop. And I now know the answer to…..whe it rains….do all the goats get to go in the house. For once and for all…..the answer is NO. No, they do not. Bummer of a realeyesation, but it is what it is. Not a dang thing I CAN DO ABOUT THAT ALTHOUGH I DID TRY. I STOOD INSIDE THE HOUSE AND CALLED Milly in. hahahaha. Love you Spirit!!!!God!!!! But she didn’t come in. We got thunderstorms now. Dang it all. Ahhh, but it’s ok. God is Very very Good! And thank you God that it’s warm. And on that note…..goodnight and sweet dreams my friends. Happy little goat hops to ya!!!! 1:41am = 6 = earth. Ha. Goat hops are earthy.

I feel like God has been talking to me this past week or so through a song that won’t leave my head that came from nowhere. I did Not hear the song recently, but it’s always playing. I wake up hearing it. I go to sleep hearing it. Now I get it. Little baby Diamond died today. I did everything in my power to save her including attempting to tube feed, which I swore I wouldn’t do. I was just re reading what I’d written last night, and I saw the part about the storm, then me saying God is good. Then he sang me the line again………… When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek. See, God once asked me to dance….. As I just now googled it to verify the lyrics….I saw that it is also the song that I’m singing to baby Heaven. Heaven, I’m in heaven. Oh man…..God truly is Good. So…God is dancing cheek to cheek with me. Life is a dance…..and it seems I have a dancing partner. Well good, Father, you lead….I’ll follow. Isn’t that something. I’ve had two human fathers and I don’t believe I danced with either one of them. How blessed am I, to be dancing with God.

It was most likely the storm that caused it. During the storm, Oprah and her baby got separated. Diamond was at the very back of the house against the wall, and there were a bunch of girls also in the house as well as the very large Mimi and Kachina, and it was pitch black….6am. I thought it was another baby being born that woke me. It was Oprah crying for her baby. I found the baby and placed her near Oprah. That’s when I realized something was wrong. Diamond was all floppy. No muscles working. I first tried to give her a suppository but it wouldn’t really go in. I held it as far as it would go for the five minutes, then scooped her up and went to the house. I called Kimberly and based on what I told her……that yesterday I wasn’t sure if she was having a hard time going potty or if it were that her back legs seemed longer than her front, so she was standing funny. Decided it was the legs. So, based on that….she thought she had ecoli….so I gave her a shot of antibiotic. Oh….the litany of what I did for her is not necessary. Suffice it to say, I tried everything. Well, I’ll tell ya anyway…sorta……suppository, molasses, shot, bottle, box of heat, tube, syringe, skin to skin contact under my shirt, molasses, bottle again and that’s about it. I took her down to be with Oprah, under my shirt. She was alive when I put her there. When I pulled her out for Oprah….I realeyes’d her chest wasn’t rising and falling. I wailed, while Oprah nudged her over and over. Then I left the two alone together. I dug the hole and got a tshirt to wrap her in. When I got back down, Oprah was laying down on her head. Not sure what she was trying to do. I laid the baby on the tshirt and wrapped her up. Oprah now thinks I have her baby under my shirt. Fixin to change clothes when I go up to the house, so she doesn’t have to smell her. I’m going to try to harvest some colostrum from her in a bit. Jesse thinks Diamond is lucky…..she’s in heaven. Oh…..and now I guess she too, is dancing cheek to cheek. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….we have discharge on Milly and Lily.Milly was breathing really hard and fast last night so I really thought…..maybe tonight.














12 thoughts on “Diamond in the Sky in Heaven……..goodbye beautiful baby

    • See! You did read it. I guess for you it was just like turning the page in a book. Yes. Very sad. Very hard. I couldn’t find a way to blame myself this time so that’s a blessing. As you are my dear. Thank you 💙

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  1. I was not going to read your blog tonight because I knew I would start sobbing again, and I am. It hurts so much to loose a baby, and to feel so sad for a baby that I never met but feel so close to none the less. I am sooo sorry.

  2. Sorry that you lost little Diamond. I set up little areas (jugs) for the new moms and babies, so that they are safe together, until I’m sure they are well bonded and the babies won’t get lost in the big group.

    Good that you are going to harvest some colostrum. It freezes well for future use (just be gentle thawing it; heating it too hot will kill the antibodies in it). Check the mouth before you try tubing; if they are too cold their tummy can’t absorb the nutrients. And I’ve always found enemas more useful than suppositories, but maybe that’s just with my beasties.

    • I’m just not well enough equipped. I ordered the screw spikes that connect pieces of panel….so I could make tiny pens but hubby never felt like hooking up the flatbed so we could get panels. At least I now have one. Ya, know about the bold mouth is why I put her in a hotbox. Never done an enema yet. Sure I will one day. Thank you for the good advice! Didn’t know that about the thawing!!!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

      • I actually made my panels from wood (1 x 2’s and 1 x 4’s). They take up a bit more room than the wire panels, but I use them for lots of things besides the jugs. And the wood is lots easier to get home than the panels (especially now that I don’t have a pickup and have to use the mini van for everything, including animal transport).

      • You’re the second person to suggest building them out of wood. Thank you. And I now have frozen colostrum cuz I did it!!!! And will remember your words about thawing slowly. 🌹

        Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  3. these critters will just up and die on you sometimes and break a heart…I have had more than one die because of faulty plumbing. Never pooped. (gotta watch for those first gummy yellow poops after the black miconium.) So many things can just go wrong. But you would have known that, too, because they bloat up. Anyway, didn’t mean to get wordy. Just wanted to tell you that your story touched me. I know the pain. But, I too know that God is good! Everything He does is right. It’s good to put it all in His all-wise Hands. Father knows best…

    • thank you for sharing…your comment made it after all! Sometimes ts very sad cuz we do everything to give them a chance. :(( But the sads are way outweighed by the joys. :)))

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