Human touch……and a new white Diamond

My neck is on rivets. It reminds me of the movie Carrie, when the head swirls round and round, only my neck is simply striving to see what the heck is going on in that durn goat pen. I can see, I can hear, but as Mea can testament to….while we skyped and I was in the Rv….I was constantly swiveling to look out…like every 6 seconds. Hahahahahaha. Welcome to my riveting world!!!! Milly’s teat was staring at me all day all the way from in here, and she was at the farthest point to the back of the pen. No matter how she laid….her udder is so full….it just pokes out.

I told you how excited I was when I first saw an angora goat. Well, that’s how excited I also was when I saw my first pinto. I remember seeing the photos Tracee was posting of her new babies and just aching, I mean, aching for them. Stunning turn of events and I, little ole me, has those very babies that I desired with all my heart. And NOW………now, I have 2 more. This does something to my stomach. This is passion pure and simple. I AM in love. In love with the goats…with the curls….with the things I make from the curls……just plain ole all out LOVE. They are my heart…along with my human kids. And I, I AM their lifeline. Their source of food and love, kind words and a touch. Touch is so important. If I was close to a city….I’d be going to the hospital as a volunteer to hold preemies or unwanteds. To rock them and touch their skin and coo at them and let them hold my finger. They so need that. If any of you have time….and are near a city…I encourage you to volunteer. It will change your life, and save those babies lives. This is one of those times when the little heart icon would come in handy!

Some of the girls need meds and I’m trying to hold out till the babies come, so the babies don’t get full strength chemicals…after they’re born, it will filter through their milk. I try to think of everything. I try to be there every minute. I try to notice changes, differences. I try to notice moods and ways. I try to be as helpful to them as I can. I try to be a helper for them. I think that’s what happened today with Joy. When I held that paper towel out full of the poop that she obviously didn’t want to lick off her baby……and I removed it!!!!! I think she saw me as a helper. Tonight, just a little bit ago, I went for a flashlight check cuz I heard new baby noises, and she was out with Petunia, up front by the water. She didn’t flinch when I came by with my flashlight. Like she knew it was ok now. I wouldn’t harm her or her baby. Took a full 2 years to get here folks!!!!! And Maya….Maya has stepped up even easier……fully allowing my assistance. Now granted, she probably didn’t want her legs sheared further right after giving birth and she probably didn’t relish being flipped on her side so she could feed the baby laying down….or having my hand stuffed inside her to check for a twin……but she seems to love me some now, and trust me some now. I did all that to her and she still trusts me. Amazing. 2 years. Amazing. So thrilling. My Maya. I’ve loved this doe from day one. Well, Joy too…but not the same. Maya has been a favorite of mine forever yet she wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. Look at us now!!! No….by no means are we buddies….but it’s a start!

Oh. I thought I should document that the muscle/weather pain has been acting up quite a bit the last few days. Last night and today especially. Dunno why…just know it friggin hurts…aches….squeezes my insides. A rolling pin, an elephant, a vise. A wringer washing machine, a heaviness….excruciating. The moon is sitting on my leg. The star is sitting on my hand. I pretend it’s not and sometimes I get away with it. And….Sometimes I don’t. I used to compensate. If the pain was in the left leg…I would put pressure on the right…therefore limping. I don’t do that much anymore. Right this second….it’s my left hand that is surging with pain. Pretty typical. It’s very rare to be in my right limbs, and when it’s all 4 at once…..katy bar the door. Anyways….just wanted to give you a bit of insight into my weather pain. Oh ya….i feel it most when the pressure is going up very fast, very slow or yimmyyammying. Well, it’s late and we have some babies arriving probably tomorrow sometime. I’ve decided to go to Saturday errands cuz if I don’t we won’t have the weeks supplies. Jesse and Cathy will handle anything while I’m gone. Hate it but damn. Donna had twins last year while I was on Saturday errands and one had fluid in her. If I’d been here……If iF if. Goodnight sweet ones. Until tomorrow. 1:03am = 4 = hello angels.

Ha! Best laid plans. I woke up at 8am, way early for me, cuz I was so excited. Nothin. Finally I decided nobody was showing any signs so I woke Jesse then I drove to town to save time and meet hubby. He went to TSC to get the feed while I was driving. We had a quick lunch then I raced through the grocery store. As we’re standing in the checkout line….Jesse calls and says we have a white baby. I told him to get it nursing and hubby said…GO… I raced home like a madwoman….only to arrive and see this precious white doe nursing. Jesse Done good!!!! The baby was here when he came down for the second check. She’s a real cutie. So, I’ve been making the rounds going from baby to baby. Tonight, Joy parked her baby then went to eat. The baby was out of her view and I went and just stroked him. The longer I did it, the less he wanted me to stop! Gonna make these babies love me!!! Don’t want them scared of me like their mommies were/are.

Oh ya….named the baby Diamond. Let Jesse think of one since he was the one who helped with this birth. I always try to find a song with their name in it or fudge one….was singing Lucy in the Sky when a goat friend said….Shine Bright Like a Diamond….Yup…singing that now. Heaven’s is….I’m in Heaven. Stars is……Twinkle twinkle and Khalifa’s is a song from The Singing Nun. Dominique, but I say lifa lifa leif instead of nique a nique a nique. Ya, I’m a goofy nut but they seem to like being sung to. The Beautifuls is…..oh my Darwin.(Darlin)…then I do a line for each. It’s raining and Belle was about to ram Pearl for being in the house and I saw and yelled at Belle….haha…she left her alone. Kids. Speaking of kids…..Kachina is so large its crazy. Ok…..well, have a great rest of the weekend. I will talk to ya tomorrow. Signing off happily at YeeHaw Ranch.

















8 thoughts on “Human touch……and a new white Diamond

  1. This was so good. I understand about the pain, as I’ve dealt with it for many years. not since childhood, as you have…but it makes me aware. I feel the same as you regarding the goats. I was reading how it started for you and how you ached for those goats and I thought…I feel the same. I really get that. It’s part of what makes you know you just have to do it. There were more thoughts…but they left me. 🙂 Loved the pictures… as always. Maya is so beautiful and that Shortcake… my goodness.. makes me know I love all colors of these glorious angels. God is good. Know how I know? He made goats. Love you

    • Ahhh not glad that others are in pain but sometimes you’re not so alone when you hear there are others. Yes…when you want it so bad your stomach hurts….it’s right. Thankyou maya is one of my favorites! Haha…God is good cuz he made goats. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Beautiful just beautiful. I love the picture of Heaven and her mom, heaven looks like she was about to come running to you. I can’t wait to see how Petunia’s coloring turns out, you can really see the brown in the one picture. and little Diamond, love the picture of her and her mom smiling at each other. Stairway to Heaven & Heaven’s gate two more wonderful songs as well as Diamonds are a girls best friend. Big hugs.

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