The BEST part of ME……..

One of the things I like best about myself now……was just brought to my mind from the movie….Under the Tuscan Sun. There’s this all worldly beautiful blonde woman loving on a baby duck. She has the duckling up to her face and is rubbing the duckling with her face and nose with a huge smile on her face. The main star of the movie is looking on enviously at the elegant womans ability to be so free without a care in the world who is watching. That my friends….is where I am at in my life! I realeyes’d it when I saw that scene this time. I don’t care one whit what anyone thinks of me when we are out these days. Nope….I will sit on the floor in the grocery store if I don’t feel good…..I go out in pajama pants for goodness sakes….so many examples, but they are unnecessary. You don’t need examples. You understand exactly what I’m saying. I am free. I don’t care what clothes I have on, I wear NO makeup and I do whatever comes into my freaky lovely brain.

The one thing about my life that does bother me and does shame me, is the state of my house and parts of the yard. If only there were a place to put everything. Order, to my chaos. If only. So…to combat that, when someone comes to visit….as I’m walking toward the mess, I say…..sorry…the place is a real mess. Really…it’s a mess. Then I’m done. And I go on with the visit and they usually don’t care but I always think they will. Now, my Mom….knew she would hate it…and she did. She likes things neat and tidy. I’m a very laid back person….I remember telling you that I used to consider myself the laziest person on earth…..till I fell in love with angora goats. Now I’m always busy….always doing Something.

And right now….I got me some baby goats to play with…..and more on the way! Most of them should come in the next few days I’d guess. The newest baby, Heaven….born last night around 7pm while I was putting up the blog in the house…..well, Tracee asked me if her mom was born red. Made me think….no, but she was peach!!! Like my Kya, rip, born to her mom the next year along with twin Milky. Milky as I told you, was born with black spots, and I also told you….her spots have grown! What used to be 3….is now at least 50 or more on her topline. This is all so dang exciting for me. Babies. And not just babies…..colorful patterned babies that may or may not be pinto….but they will still be desired. Funny….I asked the question cuz I just wanted to be sure….didn’t expect to be told that Petunia wasn’t pinto. How strange. I talked about this stuff in the H Blog and readily confessed that the genetics is way over my head. I’m all artist.

Just went out with Jesse to show Maya how to nurse the baby laying down cuz, I could see from my bed perch that Heaven was trying to nurse on her chest. Maya knows it now…hopefully the baby will figure it out. Tomorrow, we will shear her entire backend…if not the whole goat….just not sure if shearing whole goat will confuse baby. I can’t explain to you but you can try to guess my feelings tonight. Top of the world, cloud 9, in heaven, lol, thus the name. I keep hearing knocking tonight. Knocking on Heavens Door comes to mind right about now. I swear, if a baby is born tonight I will have to name it Bon Jovi. Gosh I love the sounds of the brand new mommies talking to their babies. It’s a different sound than any they make. They even talk to them in the womb sometimes. Lily was, that fretful night! It’s maybe something I can record for you. I did record the pups howling tonight…who knows if I’ll remember to put it up.

I look out at them….and I see family. That’s the hardest part of any of them leaving. I saw Tika and Khalifa over at the water trough. Tika walked off, over towards the hay. Khalifa was busy but when he finally looked up….his mom wasn’t there. He looked around and yes…he found her and he ran straight over. It reminded me of Opti. Opti loved his mommy so….and he’s still sad. And he’s still here!!! Just a couple hundred yards away. And Maya…twice now she has headed for the water trough and both times…just as she starts to take a drink…the baby cries and she runs back. I know….I should take her some water…but if I do…I will be flocked by goats…who will think it’s Special water and want it and interfere in the mommy baby bond. 1:15am = 7 = holy. Think it’s time to shut’er down tonight folkies. Love ya. See ya tomorrow. Maybe new babies by then!!!

Both babies are doing great today. It’s a rainy day, so shearing is out. The first play session with Petunia went rather like yesterdays with mom looking at me and the baby, then looking wildly around for baby and running around screaming. The second time….I removed a butt plug of poo and offered mom the paper towel to smell. Vaselined the butt and tail so it won’t happen again and seems like that might have crossed us over. I think she realized in that moment that I was helping, not hurting. Right after that, I scooped the baby up and sat her down on my lap. This time….Joy looked right at her. Then came and sniffed me over from by boots to my face, and my iphone camera. It was so special That’s the closest she’s come to me since the day she was born with her leg all dragging behind her. The baby, Petunia…will be a stunner when she grows. Joy let me sit by the baby while she ate!!!! So did Maya!!! I’m the babysitter and they said ok!

The other one, Heaven, is a different story. Maya is letting me be near her!!!! She feels no threat. Heaven is already trying to do the little hops, just not lifting off the ground. She’s so much easier to be around, but we’ll get there with Joy and Petunia. Oh ya…..I skyped with Mea today and I went into the pens to show her the babies and Georgia of course, and she taught me the ligament thing to tell when a goat is due within 24 hours. I did it!!! I finally understood it and did it. Milly, my dear……I’m waiting. Ok folks………looks like we should have a set of twins for tomorrows post. For now…just the two gorgeous Pintos. Also….the final version of a pinto is……if it can’t be duplicated….it’s a pinto. Mine are pintos by that standard for sure!!! Yippee and YeeHaw!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













6 thoughts on “The BEST part of ME……..

  1. Heavens mama really loves her, you can see it in the pictures. It was so great skyping with you today. Next time I will take you out to see my goats. How is your shiny udder doing? and Milly? Are Star’s horns growing straight up? they look like it in the picture, you know like that one goat you have, sorry I forgot her name. I am waiting for you to have more babies, it is after 7 so maybe they have popped out by now. Hugs

    • Nope not yet! And yes Stars horn seem to be going straight up like Junebug who is Joys twin brother. Joy was born minutes after baby Koko died so I named her Joy cuz I needed some. Yes, Maya loves her Heaven and lets me be near her…amazing!!! Ya I had fun too and looking forward to reversing it and seeing Hera and clan! Huggs! 🌹

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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