Barter/Trade……and a morning SURPRISE!!!…

Gotta get the elephant outta here or I’ll never type anything. Bottom line….I need to downsize. I will make hellacious deals, and some I will give Free to a good home. I will take money or trade. By trade….I do NOT mean another mouth to feed. I’m keeping the pintos and a few others and will breed for pinto babies to sell. Even Moonee(the BLUE) is for sale(at the moment…hit me up fast before I change my mind)…and Marshall(Kai Mohair…on the cover of Out There magazine at Tractor Supply. a SILVER). Make me an offer, I’ll probably take it. I want to care properly for my goats and I don’t feel that’s been happening with so many. And no, this isn’t the first time this idea has occurred to me, as you know….it just kinda bubbled over.

Ya….my fault, I either bought them or bred them. At this point….that’s rather beside the point. The cost of feed, the damn TAX increase….the fleeces that should have been shorn before 6 months. Top it off with the fact that my husband wanted to go on vacation this year and I wouldn’t go cuz there were too many goats for Cathy to care for. Now with the TAX, we won’t have the money for him to have a vacation this year. He leaves here at like 5-6am and gets home 7-9pm. A man works that hard and has no money to spend? That’s just not right. So….I am downsizing. I will be posting their photos on FB. I need the head count down more than I need to make money on it. If you want a goat or two and have financial problems at the moment… to me. Mix and match….make an offer. Or….I will just set a ridiculously low price and get all the angora goat people angry at me. 😀

Hmmm, interesting. I watched Tinkerbelle last night, then another Tinkerbelle movie tonight and now I’m watching something on Starz…..about a fairy. I see a pattern here. I’ve talked about fairies before. I love fairies. I love them, yet my 3d brain and world conditioning won’t let me Believe. Breathing and breath sounds. Hmmm. Those words were just spoken in chat and wanted to be posted here. Has to be a connection for me to figure out. And I will. Hmmm….a friend has just given me some words she sees regarding me…….Whale…..a lone wolf with the moon (moonstone) ….an owl and a creepy old tree with a treasure hiding below. I find that very interesting….as all are special to me….including the moon. Remember, I put Jesus in the moon during my winter solstice thingy. And I adore trees and was talking about letting the tree take the bad energy from you…just yesterday. Fairies live in trees! Ladybug is still here with me. It is not a living being, but it sits right here by me, day after day. Never getting bumped off….he just sits with me. Did you see how many black spots he had? Wowza. Couldn’t have fit many more! Back to the fairies. Ok…call me crazy, but it has always struck my fancy to create a tiny house…for the fairies. Placing inside of it…tiny tiny things. I have always had a fascination with tiny things. I make tiny babies out of clay. 1-2 inch. I make tiny food items. I make tiny roses. Hmmmm. I’m sensing another theme here. I love how you guys get to witness my evolution. Cool beans for sure. Frio frijoles!

Mea said tonight that the solution to the How to build an Economy, keep them sick and dying Blog……is barter and trade. I agree. My childhood vision of another world, was entirely barter trade. Notice I said trade up above regarding the goats. Interesting. Interesting timing too, of course. Really…if we weren’t dependent on money and on stores…..we could trade a riding lawnmower for a motorcycle, or a shawl or two for a goat or a necklace of precious stones and feathers for a half a ham. You get the point, eh? Dinner for some hoof trimming, lol, I like that one. I make good pizza!!! Oooh…a portion of the water in my area….for some of your cows. Or….people buying rights to a cow but the cow stays where it is…it’s just waiting for you to come buy it and take it to the butcher…sorry cow…..and both parties win. Oh man, that’s a good idea. I have cows!!! It’s just a matter of what do I have that you want….and what do you have that I want…and the letting of those things be known. I just said Buy. Hmmmm, buy with goods I mean. Interesting…..I just felt called to reread a comment from yesterdays blog and she too is talking about barter and trade. Wow….let’s keep the mojo going people!!!! Maybe that’s why I couldn’t give the goats to any Indians. A gift like that with nothing in return…is not a good trade. Maybe I should have required something from them. Seriously…..I have almost 50 goats I can trade for. I used to want to create a magazine or newspaper with needs and wants…..and haves and don’t wants. Connecting those who need with those who have. Oh ya!!!!!! The Hoegger Blog is OUT!!!!!!! They said…can you please try and make some blogs more seasonal like kidding or fiber processing? I said….well, I had it on schedule for Kidding to come out in March and you backlogged it. Life is funny sometimes.

Did you know that when you pour the chemicals on the just shorn goats back….that it turns some of them red in that area, especially the whites… if it burns them. This is the bug treatment. We do this every time we shear. It’s not a pleasant aspect of goat ranching, but it is real life. Needless to say….Georgia and Pearl are both pale skinned. I hate it. More shearing, more skin burning and more shots due tomorrow. Okie okie…on that horrid note….lol….fairies and ladybugs…good sleeps and nice dreams. 1:15am = 7 = holy.

I had a very restless sleep this morning but the only sounds I heard were strange new popping sounds from one of the peacocks. I got up and walked out of the Rv and felt a sense of something…and told the girls I needed some tea but I’d be right back. Cathy called to see if we were shearing and I said yes. I met her outside when I was filling the chicken water, then these girls needed fresh water too. As I went to put the hose in the Ladies pen, I saw Joy in the house. Something moved near her feet. Joy is not friends with anyone so I did a double take. I stepped a few feet to my left……and started screaming….it’s a pinto! It’s a pinto, it’s a pinto….as I did some weird sort of happy dance marching band jump thing over and over. I am still over the moon and it’s been 4 hours. Joy. Joy, a first time mommy somehow snuck this one by me. She is petrified of humans…cuz her mom, Donna made her that way and she had that baby all dry and walking. I named her Petunia, which was my Grammys nickname. It was the name that wanted to be named. Joy did it all…..all by herself! I am so proud of her. I’m having to socialize the baby against Joys wishes, but in the end, she is being socialized too. I refuse to let another mother shut me out and then I have to deal with the critter terrified or humans. NO more!!!

So….Wy did come through for me after all. I’m beyond over the moon! Speaking of moon….I can now dissect that message Mea had for me. Whale = ancestor…Grammy. Lone wolf…one baby. Owl = mystery….had baby while I slept, and old tree with treasure under it……the baby. Man…you are good Mea!!! Oh ya…..either there’s still some dirt on this baby or…….she is TRI colored!!!!!….with brown toward the back…and if you count the silver wisps……then Quad!!!

God is so good. This came at the perfect time for me…to substantiate my decision and my new plans. I will raise the pinto babies…to be for sale. Will need to build the herd a bit in that direction before I sell any…but yes, this is the direction I am going. I’m extremely psyched now, where yesterday it made me sad. But still………….I have close to 50 to trade or sell. What do I want as trade? I dunno…..whatchu got??? Ahhhh, the highs and lows of life. Stunning in their swiftness. Fixin to take some peanuts out and try to coax me a mommy. Usually I babysit while they eat and they see I won’t hurt them. Joy was digging some yesterday. Maya is digging today!!!! Ahhh well, seems she may not be Pinto after all. A combo of patterns is being suggested? With 4 colors? Hmmm, really thought. It’s still being debated. Either way….it’s one awesome baby!!! Just got done holding her while mommy ate and cried for baby….lol. You’lll just have to deal Joy. Petunia just laid in my arms without crying while her mom frantically ate and cried. Ok folks….better end this before it becomes a book! Signing ecstatically from YeeHaw Ranch.













6 thoughts on “Barter/Trade……and a morning SURPRISE!!!…

  1. wonderful wonderful wonderful, I am glad you figured out what I was seeing, how exciting, you have babies, I love the other one, new color red!!! Can’t wait to see what is next!!!

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