crapola in a handbag……………

For some reason, moonstone has been important in my life and lately has been calling me. I’ve been steadily ignoring it until tonight. It’s stronger tonight. Guess I better look it up but I think it’s deeper than that. It’s like there is a moonstone in my past, yet I don’t recall any. Googled it and it is foremost a talisman of the inward journey, taking one deep into the self to retrieve what is missing, the parts of the soul left behind or forgotten, then brought to light. I like that, and that would definitely describe me and my life. It has more meanings but I think it’s this one that applies. Guess I need me a moonstone! I don’t know if it will come as a pendant for my pouch or as the stone itself. But I know it will come. Crystals come to those who are ready and for what is needed. They are gifted, they are sought, dug, and sometimes urgently unknowingly shopped. All you know is that a crystal is calling you….and you have to find it. Or you walk into a store and it calls you to it, like a silent song.

I once looked into a crystal and saw two eggsacks. I knew that my friends daughter was pregnant and Knew it was her. The next day as I run in to tell her….she says I know…they had the sonogram done today, it’s twins for sure. The day that a moldavite carved into the head of Jesus was placed in my hands and it started jumping with the pulse of itself…that’s the day I really got hooked. I can tell ya now…don’t go to one of those dig your own things in Arkansas…sorry, but the sight of so many broken crystals will just break your heart. And there’s nothing personal about those crystals. It’s really just sad. Sedona is on a bed of crystals…did ya know that? That’s why it’s got so much energy, power. If ya get too much…easy to do…just lean on a tree and ask it to absorb. I only know this because as I’ve told you……a tree called me to it to take the energy from me and instantly I felt ok. No longer sick. Thank you Sedona tree. Oh ya…light some sage….white sage…that’ll work too. Wait a minute…..didn’t I just buy a moonstone pendant? Lemme check my pouch tomorrow. How odd. No….Moonstone is definitely calling me and if I did just buy a pendant….then that answers the question…I need the stone itself.

So…I’ve been asked several times today if I got the dates wrong with my girls. NO. Let me spell it out simply. I used 6 month old baby boys as the bucks this time. They were left for a whole month. The month is not over. The first boy, a month previous, only bred one doe, and that baby died. Baby Hap. This batch coming up has either a 6 month old pinto as the dad or a 2 yr old Munchkin as the dad, depending on which pen. Munchkins are simply handraised boys. Meaning I played with them and socialized them at birth. Very soon…..the Littles will become Munchkins and join the Boys. Lol, complicated to anyone but me.

The Munchkin in question is Angel. A bottle baby of sorts. My first actually. I did the….the hand is feeding you this bottle, not the human…thing. I didn’t speak to him. Just walked up…..turned the bottle his direction, turned my back and let him chug. His mom did the rest. Jesse loves Angel. Jesse wants me to put the boys in the L after kidding season is over so we can have more one on one with them. I can’t. I’d have to feed them. As it is they have about 118 acres to free graze and forage in. They get fed once a week with the cows and horses, along with hay bales…only in winter though. Summer they get neither hay nor grain. It’s been recommended that I keep them handy, in a section…but the L is the only section and cannot sustain 15 goats during summer heat. Not in my opinion. And they’re my goats.

I saw a FB thingie that showed the picture of a cigarette and lines drawn out from it telling you the contents……chemicals….all chemicals…you know, I never even saw the word tobacco…it had to have been there, right? I’d like to see that FB thingie again to see. In light of yesterdays stuff……I just had a thought. If my cigarettes are only chemicals…..that knowledge mhight help me beat them. Just a thought I’m pondering. I always thought I’d smoke till I died, cuz I enjoy it. But hell….if it’s all chemicals…..I don’t wanna do that. We’ll see. Just googled it. Took a screen capture of the chemical list for you. YUM! Wow…this will have to be a conscious choice. Then, hard as that is…I’ll then have to smell the smell in my house which by then will be like the smell of death, well, close. Nothing beats the smell of death. I know it. I drive down a road and smell it off in the distance. Yikes! How’d I get here??? It’s probably a good stopping point anyways….it’s 1:18am = 1 beginnings. Night night and sleep well and cozy. Namaste.

Well…’s been a day. I sheared 2 goats myself and the fleeces were so full of hay, one being already spoken for….that they are practically useless. What should have been my 2 best fleeces are not so good. Very depressing, especially with our current financial situation due to the OBAMA TAX. I’m pondering this. Guess it’s not been the best of days for me. To be honest…..I’ve written and rewritten this paragraph many many times….and because of that……Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















4 thoughts on “crapola in a handbag……………

  1. Oh I just love her and I love the lion haircuts. I wish I could give you a big hug. Something in the starts is making the last few days hard ones, today was too. You are not alone. I decided to give the girls some carrots after feeding Lilly her last bottle and cut my finger good, yup the last of today, glad it is over and i am going to bed!!! There are some people coming to the farm tomorrow to look at goats. They are looking for a buck, I hate this, I know who they will want and I don’t really want him to go if they want him now, but he is a black buck and I have so many of those born this year I really need to let him go. I can’t even remember how much I told them he was. Hugs and Love, the babies will come when they are ready, as for dates, God knows when they will be ready to enter the world and all we can do is wait. I hate waiting-I think this is Gods way of teaching us patience and the longer you wait, the better the rewards, so you must have some great babies cooking in there. I am so glad you are still not worried about harming Violet.
    Talk tomorrow, Hug Georgia and Jesse. Life is short, enjoy every moment and learn from it, I know you do.

    • Ahhh my sweet Mea. You always say the right things. I am feeling better about it all. And yes. In Gods timing the babies will come. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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