Credit for Trying…..?

Waiting on a friend of Jesse’s to show up. How odd….something I’ve never done before…hosted one of my sons friends….why? Cuz he didn’t live with me. It’s just for an hour or two maybe, but still. Hopefully they come back here, so I can show em my girls. 19 yr old boys, but hey….my goats are pretty darn cool. I hate waiting. It’s full of expectations. I don’t like expectations. I have expectations for these goats. I try not to. I will love them all with every itty bitty bit of me, you Know I will…..but I do so hope for a pinto or two or three. I can’t help myself from hoping that some of the goats come out with the wildest markings. Ahhhh, I can taste it, I want it so bad. Well crap…..he’s not coming. So I shall go to the house and watch a movie with Jess, instead. Oh damn, that didn’t go well at all. I went there thinking I would like the movie. I didn’t. Just a difference of opinion, that’s all, but it bothers Jesse cuz he was trying to tell me something, I know that, I got it, I saw it. If it had been a normal type movie….. but it seemed more documentary to me and it was narrated and it is very late and when I’m gone, all I can think about is the girls. Sorry Jess, it was just not my style. Give me credit for trying. The end.

There are plenty of things I get wrong or do wrong, I’m perfectly aware of that. But if I try…..if I give it a go….doesn’t that count for something? It should. Try doesn’t really count these days, does it? Like, I tried to save that goats life…or I tried to get that awesome peacock shot. Trying just seems to be so darn low in the pecking order, nearly to the point of oblivion. I try to unplug the Rv from the plug. I can’t. I try to listen to and like Jesse’s music likes, and his movies. I’m usually more successful with his choice of music scene. I can listen to most kinds of music. Have a hard time with Rap most of the time, but not always. The point is….I try. I think try needs to move up another notch. And now….I am trying to be patient, while waiting for the babies.

This waiting has never happened to me before. I always knew the exact day….cuz I saw the action myself. This time, they were babies and they were scared. Who knows how long it took them to get comfortable and get interested. I see some udders filling to what appears to be full full!!! Come on already. Actually, my weather app predicts 50’s and 60’s for the next 10 days!!!! Tonight is supposed to be the last day of cold for the moment, yeehaw!!!!! This is just crazy. I never should have done it this way. Yes…it’s cold and it’s late and there are still no babies. Aiiiihhhhh!!! On one hand I’m slamming my head saying you shouldn’t have done it this way…the other side is saying…but hey…Star and Khalifa…ya, and they’re becoming real human problems. Not enough babies, too much one on one. Strange kidding season.

What a strange couple of days. I just can’t believe I ran over the cat. Was it a miracle? Or was it the cat moving swiftly or both? I just don’t know. But I did pray my prayer. Also, hubby says he’s favoring one hip. Daggum, I was sure hoping it was just the vasectomy. He doesn’t think it’s broken, like I said…..but still…I did this. Ok Sheri…practice what you preach….what did you learn from this horrible experience? I learned to pay more attention. To not get so caught up in the moment that you forget the moment before. IMPORTANT real…eyes…ation here. Read back if you have to…..I feel that’s very important. Night night sweet ones. Later. 1:35am = 9 = endings…..again?

Well, Wiz kitty seems to be feeling a bit better. He stepped up onto a small box to lay down!!! Still not eating though, even though we tempt him with all kinds of canned goodies. I was woken this morning by hubby working on the zenbuggy right next to me. Then he got the tractor out so I got up. Someone had to keep the girls away from where he was working on the tree stump. In the end….we left the stump and a few other large pieces, even put a few in the other pen for them to climb on, like I’d been wanting. They’re goats…they need to climb!!! And climb they are!!! Next, he charged the buggy, then started on rigging the two 5 gallon propane tanks. We are now rigged. Oh…..awesome!!!!! I told hubby how bright it is in here in the morning and he just put on the front cover!!!! It covers the windshield and both driver windows. Yay oh yay.

Since I had no electricity for most of the day….why not remove vm from a fleece? Yup, lovin me some Wywy curls, all candycaned up!!! And I’ve decided to dye the roving one more time and leave out the yellow. I liked what it did, but cuz I added the yellow, a lot of it is green and it don’t go!!!! I took a tiny photo to show you…hope it doesn’t reveal too much. See……look at the photo…it’s kinda coppery on the right…and green below. Copper good… bad. I’ll try again tonight. I’m determined to get this right.

Well, once again, for like the 4th or 5th time in a few days….Jesse’s friend is supposed to stop by. Hope he follows through this time. I remember once when my parents threw a party. Spent so much money on meats and booze and came time for the party….nobody showed. That hurt my feelings…I hurt for them. Things like that stick with me. Like the time my parents bought my sister a watch for Christmas and she threw a fit, what on earth made you think I wanted a watch? I cried about that one for years upon the memory. What does that make me? A person who cries when other people are hurt? An empath? How bout a person who cries LONG after someone was hurt? A longstanding empath? Haha. A nutjob? Please show up Lance. Jesse has been here without any friends for so long. Ooooh, there’s Ernie and he’s in the sun….gotta run! Oh holy cow. He showed up!!! Yay!!! Just got all the feeding done too! Been hearing some booms lately. General consensus on FB is it’s Fracking! Fracking here??? Everytime it happens….we think something has exploded. Last week, Cathy called wanting to know if the Rv blew up. I said I sure hope not…I’m sitting inside. Ha. Well…..guess it’s that time. Jess is visiting with his friend Lance and I’m trying to figure out what’s for dinner. Considering it’s 6pm….I better get my fancy thinking hat on. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














7 thoughts on “Credit for Trying…..?

  1. I am glad Jesse’s friend finally showed up. I wish my boy had some friends. It is hard to heal with no one but your Mom around after a while. I am glad Wiz is feeling better, is he eating? When he walks is it his back right leg he is favoring? I am waiting for your babies!!! Where are they

    • Ha!!!! Where are they???? Scratching my head. I wish Christian had friends too. This kid lives in west Texas so now but with work he may come by more. No. Wiz is still not eating. Will look and see which leg. Huggs!!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. good pics!!!! of course! I understand about the friend thing and about parties no one shows to. had one of those when I was a kid. Wiz is getting better! Good deal. It as been a real big week for him!

  3. I also get the credit for trying thing. I feel that way too. Do I get credit for trying to heal the goat or for trying not to irritate the young adult son or for trying to clean the house with twenty other interruptions going on at the same time. Do I get credit for trying? Trying isn’t given much credit lately… you are right… but making the effort really does matter. Even if we don’t succeed.

  4. The trying thing? Yes…I wonder if maybe more do than we know. I haven’t been famous for giving my own self credit for trying in life… but that wasn’t how we did things…and overall it still isn’t in the extended family. funny how that stuff keeping cycling unless you stop it

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