Are you a part of My HERD?

Quite a few years back….hubby would complain that he couldn’t find any clothes pins. He used them to close chip bags, etc. So, one Christmas, I bought a package. I hand painted each and every one. The four seasons. Then I put them back into the bag as if they came from the store like that. Of course he knew. Knew that I’d painted them and seemed like he liked them….and maybe did. I told him now he would know if anyone had used his pins, cuz he’d be able to spot em, since they were handpainted. Tonight while I was rearranging things in hubby’s room, in order to try to reach Wiz to find out if he was hurt…..I found the package. Exactly as I’d given it to him. Not a single clothes pin had been used. So…..they sit as a jut on a mountain of things. Unseen, unused……unappreciated. Sure, he may have liked them so he wanted to save them, as he does most things in his life. But for me…it was a huge letdown……she says as she remembers moving the also unused expensive telescope with all the bells and whistles, to try to get the kitten. Somewhere inside that mountain is also a game of horseshoes. Still in the wrappers. I’m a little confused. The saw….from last anniversary still sits in the box and the box seal has not even been broken. Hmmmm…..I’m seeing a pattern here. What the hell could it possibly mean????????

Iceage is ON!!! Fitting since it’s in the low 30’s tonight. As you can see, I am not above watching animated movies. Love them actually. The Lion King is an obvious remake of my favorite childhood show….Kimba, the white Lion…..but it’s still an awesome movie. I loved Spirit, which the movie Warhorse seems to be taking after and not stealing from anyones ideas that I know of, is one of my alltime favorites….Ratattouie. We have video tapes of at least 50 Disney movies…hubby’s collection, and I’m always adding more. I don’t have Ratattouie yet, but I will…if it’s findable, I will. I love how they draw these adorable little creatures and then redraw every single thing the character does. That’s a ton of work.

And yes….I’m avoiding the elephant in the living room, lol, or Rv. I ran over my kitten. In a couple thousand pound car. My sons mind saw his head squished and bloody and my mind saw him walking out of the carrier when I got him inside. It could be no other way. There is no way in hell that cat was splattered in the carrier. No way. The cat is fine. The cat is fine. You’re ok Wiz, you’re ok Wiz. I didn’t run. I calmly walked. I refused to accept anything other than he was alive and well. There was just no way I killed hubbys kitten after Damey just froze to death and Lovey was put down minutes before his more suffering death. These were hubbys goats. At the moment, we think he’s ok. We kept having to find him cuz he just wanted to hide and be alone. You know cats. He’s gonna sleep with hubby and Gypsy kitty tonight. The flashbacks are just awful and I know Jesse’s are as well. He had carried the kitty with him to the gate so he could get him to the comfort of the house faster…..then he watched him be run over. It was bad folks, just a God awful moment in time.

Someone asked me if I had sweatered the two I sheared yesterday. I know better than to try and sweater my adult goats…they just assist each other in taking them off. I sure feel bad for the little ones tonight though. So tiny when the curls come off. I hope they cuddle together. The angels will hover over them and keep them warm as well. It’s March. I shear in September and March. In fact, I sheared Maya in August, so she should have been first, but I still had those double coated goats, then the two babies today for other reasons. Did you see all those black spots on Milky? She only had 3. 2 on her ankle and one on her back hip. Today, they were all along her topline! Yup, she’s going in with Wywy next. Pinto potential!!!! Yes, I already knew that…was waiting for her to grow up a bit.

Ya….I’m wondering if I should go ahead and swap Maya and Joy. That way, Maya is with her mommy when she gives birth and after…to have the family effect, and for Joy, because Donna never let her come near me to get socialized. If she’s with her mommy maybe she’ll be more receptive to being a new mommy herself. It makes sense. Course…, then theres Lily and Lila…in one pen and mom Choxie in the other. Nah….that’s too much maybe. Ya….gave it a ponder and remembered that since Ella died, Choxie is being guardian to Oprah. She might do that less if I move her twins over. And the twins are capable girls…3 yrs old, but first timers. Or is it 2 yrs. Jeesh. I love this line in the movie….that’s what you do in a herd. The herd they are referring to is a motley conglomeration of assorted prehistoric critters. Either way….then or now…..friends, animals…all together…a herd. And on a quick side note…my hand is still not quite healed. It’s fine….I just feel it when I do certain things, so I back off. I ran over the cat. I prayed my shield thing as we were driving away and included all my animals and all their parts. All I know is…I ran the carrier over. The cat lived. Thank you GOD. Thank you for my entire HERD….animals and human.

And on that lovely note……goodnight my sweet and caring friends. Thank you Mary for the mention and for getting something from my words. That’s pretty cool for me. Night night folkie olkies. 12:53am = 11 master number. Hold up. Now I’m watching Eat Pray Love……The guy is saying that he came drunk in his car flying around the corner into the driveway and he ran over his little boy. But somehow, his little boy moved…and was ok. Sound familiar? Also…damn good movie folks….also…..she’s meditating and she relives a bad moment and makes it a good moment. I’ve heard of that. Haven’t tried it but maybe it’s a good idea….eh? Also…they keep talking about service in this movie. I’ve always felt that I did no service. Maybe taking care of the goats counts? Free your mind Sheri Lee…free your mind. No restrictions…no forms…let go. 2:27am = 11 = master number. Lol.

Well, another Saturday has just about bit the dust. Wiz still isn’t eating, but he is drinking and it looks like he might’ve hurt his back hip in yesterdays fiasco. Not broken, just wounded. For that I am ever grateful. I think he’ll be ok. Ohhh man….just did the feeding rounds and had a precocious black Star trying to stand up my legs. I don’t allow that, but today she just wouldn’t take no for an answer and when it would get nutty and I’d be more forceful, then she’s just go butt Khalifa around. Why can’t she realize the difference between crawling on my back and crawling up my legs….one is allowed, one is not. Man, need more babies. So…..instead of taking the Rv to town for propane….hubby carried 2 tanks with us in the truck and bought an extender kit so now we can just run off of the portable tanks. Yay…more heat. I can turn the setting up higher now….good thing…it’s to be 32 tonight. Speaking of cold….the two sheared girls were still alive and kicking today, thank goodness. Jesse stayed home today in case a friend showed up and to watch the girls. No friend and no babies. Man oh man though, Joys bag looks close to busting. I just don’t know if I should leave them where they are or if it’s be easier near her mom. I’m only really concerned with these two, her and Maya cuz they both have been so anti Mama!!!! Especially Joy. All I can say is….they better get friendly soon. Got the ingredients for the secret copper dye recipe and the koolaid colors that Tracee suggested as well. Kittens somehow got hold of one strand of dyed roving from way up on the oven door handle!!!! Not ruined though, just wider. Cats. After trying to help a friend with a sick newborn goat half the day, by helping her post, etc….the baby did not make it. These things are always so hard…even when they’re not your goats. And see….all that worryin about them being birthed….this baby birthed just fine and still didn’t make it. Jeesh. Goodbye baby. Prayin for healthy babies and easy births here…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.


















2 thoughts on “Are you a part of My HERD?

  1. I am sorry he doesn’t use the presents you give him. Perhaps you should rewrap everything and give them to him again. That is what I would do, say something like, well I figured you forgot about them so I thought I would regift them to you. 🙂 Drinking is a good thing for Wiz, try a bit of canned tuna or some sardines or a bit of turkey, they can go quite a while without eating it is the drinking that they really need. I can’t wait for you to have more babies. I have a few to go and they are due on about the 20th, I swear at least one is ready now. haha yeah like they will have them when I am watching. Love the new haircuts!!!

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