Oh God…..I ran over the…….

People are so much fun! You people are especially great. I had a call tonight and was given a secret recipe for making copper colored fiber!!! Yay and thank you so much!!! On the other hand….I may not need it. The colors I made…believe it or not, there is an actual section of copper!!! Plus, I think the rest of it will blend perfectly with the rest of the project. It’s drying up at the house, so not sure, but nearly willing to bet. Another one of you hooked me up with possible meds and still another, is trusting me as I am trusting her. Well, that goes for tonights secret recipe caller too…trusting each other in another endeavor. I’ve got a few irons in the fire these days people! Oh, and I was told if I told the secret….I’d have to be killed….so, in the interest of me living a long and happy life……cracking myself up here….I shall remain mute about the secret copper recipe. And yes dear….I’m having fun, just playing. Just blogging!

There is so much going on right now that is great and exciting. Partnerships, ideas, creating, visits to come, machinery to learn, babies to birth, goats to sell, goats to shear, shawls to make, special projects to make….goodness, my cup, no, my huge bowl is overflowing!!!! Oooh, a huge singing bowl, yes, the huge singing bowl inside me is overflowing. Looks like I will be having a visitor this spring and I will try to find the best Rv spot for her at the time. The girls may have been moved back up front by then, so we can put her Rv up thataway. Whatever works! I have no patience. The roving is wet….I want to spin it now. Arrgh. I’ll go get it in a bit and string it across the Rv and it will dry lickity split. Besides, I forgot to bring down any Dvd’s. Ah, but on the other hand, Edward Scissorhands might work. Haven’t seen that in awhile. Ah look…the cookie cutter people in their pastel houses. Each wanting to be like everyone else. Not me folks. I want to be ME. There’s no one more worthy to be me than me. Besides….what’s the point of everybody being the same? No point that I can see.

A friend just challenged me with the question that was on FB today….What would you do if you Knew you Could Not FAIL? Boy, that sets the soul to searchin! I BASICALLY ANSWERED HER WITH THINGS I’VE ALREADY BEEN WORKING ON, AND THAT SHOULD SUFFICE. Should I add to it? Ha!!!!! Guess that answers that!!!! I was literally watching the letters appear on my word processor…watching to see when it would revert to normal case. Right on schedule, as always and I obviously didn’t need to go on with the thought cuz the very capitalization of that set of words….well……need I go on? What fun! So, for those who say that technology is WARPING THE BRAIN AND SHUTTING DOWN THE SENSES, I WOULD GUESS THEY ARE RIGHT, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND…I AM BEING HAUNTED, IN A GOOD WAY, BY Spirit, right here on my computer and my tv’s. Cool beans…it happened again. Gosh…how cool is this??? Lol, notice where the Caps stopped….when I went to name it. I called it Spirit and down the caps came. Wrong name, duh. Let’s see. Let’s try an experiment. God. Nope. Jesus. Nope. Angel. Nope. Father. Nope. Satan. Nope. Consciousness. Nope. The word. Nope. El. Nope. Guardian angel. Nope. Hmmmm. Mother. Nope. Maybe I’m not supposed to challenge it. Just go with it. Okie dokie….go with it I shall, and have.

It’s cold tonight, earlier, colder. The goats are very quiet, except for a couple calls from Khalifa probably when someone butted him. That’s probably the hardest part of raising goats. Their meanness toward each other. Their lovingness is pretty equal to their meanness. It’s hard sometimes. I don’t want any of them to have pain and ye know getting knocked around with running foreheads…has got to friggin hurt! Think about it. Milly’s babies are already some really tough cookies cuz they’ve endured being rammed countless times, plus the running of their mommy. Interestingly enough and terribly goatish….when I moved her….to spare her that….she rammed baby Khalifa. I mean, really? A baby? You’ve got babies in your belly and you want to ram a baby? Jeesh. Things like that just get my dander up.

As I was teased about tonight….no….I really didn’t make it up. I really didn’t just pretend my goats were pregnant for blog viewership! Ha!!!! If I’m wrong…then why are there all these fat goats with udders filling up? Ayyyye, I swear, using baby bucks is a frustrating thing. When did they do it? Hurry up already. But not at once, that’s just not nice. It happened to me once before and I lost a baby. Only cuz there were too many black babies and he got separated. Love you Koko. My first baby loss, baby Koko. Kitchie’s twin. Kitchie is still black, at age 2. The only one.

When my son first came to live here, fresh from jail not too long after his 18th birthday, I asked him what he wanted to do with his life. What did he love doing? He said graphic arts. I said, really? I see you gloving all day. I see you listening to your EMD (electronic dance music) all day long. Not drawing. He said…you know, you’re right. So I found a school. In NY. That didn’t work out…but he’s working on getting into one here in Austin. IN the meantime, he’s been putting out rap songs on Soundcloud. Today, as we were listening to a prerecorded cd that he had specially prepared….he prepares one for every outing!!!!……all Rap……I said…I like this one….he tells a story. He has something to say, other than about purple lene. He took that idea and he KILLED IT!!!!!!! That’s a good thing!!!! Lol. Slang. And best of all…the word lene wasn’t in it!!! And very few if any cuss words. It’s fit for y’all, I would say…..so I’m putting the link for you……..LINK.xxxxxxxxxxx Oh man, he did great. I loved the other ones too….although I hated the content, lol, a mother thing….But this….this one was a true artist doing his thing. Lovin it. It’s 1:11am = 3 trinity…..and I need to go cuz I wrote a lot. Leaving room for a few words for tomorrow. Nightie night and starry flights.

Good Lord…what a day. I’ll tell it in order, which will give me time to calm down. Cathy wasn’t home and Jesse was sleeping so I hauled the electric cords myself and got set up. I sheared little Sweet Pea and then they gave her a hard time, as usual, so I knew to shear another goat. Of course, I got the goat with the best coat, before it went to hell. Milky. Upon first try to catch Milky, she got away and I went flat on my face. Which of course, activates the oh no you don’t factor. Yep, I got her. Texted Jesse to see if he’d bring me a bag to put the fleece in. He did. He then helped me shear her. As we went to do the neck area, he said he’d just take her out of the stanchion so I could get it all. Well, she went nutso and for fear of breaking her horns…he let go. So, ten minutes from done….she’s not done. Will finish her maybe tomorrow.

So, immediately we left to get Wiz from the vet. Jesse talked to him and petted him inside the bag/cage the whole trip. As we pulled up to the gate, Jesse carried the cage with him. He set it down. He went through the gate, put 2 of the pups up and had a hard time getting the other two, one of whom was totally sleepwalking, so I said, it’s ok, he’s too sleepy to run. So Jesse opens the gate and I drive through. Then my son begins to scream. Over and over. I stopped immediately, got out and pulled the cat cage from under the car. Jesse is yelling….he’s dead, he’s dead. I grabbed the cage and walked into the house. Not the car, where I could take him to the vet, nope, the house. Unzipped the carrier and he came out. He was crying. I petted him, he peed then ran and hid. I came to the Rv and balled like a baby. When I got it under control, I went back up and found him after calling the vet. His breathing is normal, mouth is pink and he was purring. He may have an injured leg, but there’s no blood. He may also not have an injured leg, it could be from the neuter. We are watching him for signs of blood in urine…..well, sorta, he’s hiding again. I’m still shaking. Catch me now…. I feel like fainting. Too much strain. Ok….it’s late and quite frankly, I’m mentally and physically exhausted. So, signing off gratefully, at YeeHaw Ranch. Ps…..Khalifa is doing normal bean poo now!!!
















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