I live in a Sliding Scale…..

I wonder why I compare myself to everybody….well, in an odd way. If I’m cold…the Native Americans are colder. If I’m hot, the Australians are hotter. If I’m hungry, the Africans are hungrier and if I’m stuffed, I’m not as stuffed, I’ve eaten more food than someone else has access to. This is stereotyping I suppose, but it’s also something that causes me to be grateful. Grateful because I know it can be worse than what it is. I learned that lesson with my pain. That to everything, there is a 1-10 sliding scale. My grief factor, pain factor, joy factor. Whatdya know…..I answered my own question. Funny how that happens.

I’ve got half my house down here in the Rv, and yet I’m just thinkin….there is absolutely nothing on Tv tonight, need some movies. Oh ya…speaking of Rv….I emptied my pee today and tonight I noticed again….a difference in the pups. I let Blue out and then I heard growls. I went to the door and they swarmed me. I put shoes on and went out and they swarmed me again. I felt tension. I petted them all and talked to them as I always do…good puppies, and call them by name, etc….then Geezer goes off a couple feet and does that swipe the claws in the grass thing. Like a bull does, pawing at the earth before charging. I came in. It’s the pee. I know it is. They think I’m marking my territory and Blue is a part of me. I’m not…just need to empty the dang pee. It’s unavoidable. I’ll just sneak out tonight to put out the high beams I have on the goats, and shout out a night night.

Jesse says the copper Not color is all wrong. I think he may be right, even though I tried to deck it out. I have more and can try again. It’s nearly the last part. Wonder which koolaid colors I should try to get copper? Or close. Too bad there’s no brown koolaid. And I don’t have any walnuts handy. Ooooh……orange and blue…complimentary colors…but when put together as paint….they become brown. I have blue koolaid, and if I don’t there’s a store nearby. It’s worth another try. I’ve got time. I know I can get closer. Yes….I could quick order some acid dye…but no need…I will get this closer. I’m a determined bird. My friend is not demanding of exactly copper. Cathy, Jesse and Ann have seen it so far and they all love it. Jesse of course has some input. Well, like I said, he didn’t think the color was right, and he also thinks the yarn should be way fatter. We shall see. 444 words, yeehaw, hello Angels. I don’t know people…I’m winging this thing. Reminds me of my beginnings in the fiber world. I was so new and so raw and so green, that I could do anything, just because I saw it in my mind. Then I started learning HOW to do things, and my spontaneity petered out some. This project is spontaneous. Fun. Raw. When it’s done, I have to show her first, you understand. She’s the one who ordered it. I’m so glad she did!!!!

Polly pigeon is still here. I think that’s awesome. And last night, I heard a crunching and looked and it was a white tailed bunny eating the birds cracked corn. He saw me then kept eating. How cool. Looked it up….bottom line…be careful. Be wary. Intuition…yup, try to follow it at every whisper or tug at the gut. In fact…..every second of my life. My existence. My every breath. Well, not every breath, but dang close sometimes. For me, intuition isn’t something that comes once in a blue moon or only in scary awful circumstances….no, every day. Every way, and indeed, every second. When to turn the light out, when to rise from my chair, when to make a phone call….and yes, when NOT to go check on the pregnant goats, therefore you find a dead baby. If Hap had been meant to live….I would have been guided back there. I would not have been trying to meditate for the first time in a year, or chatting on the phone. Instinct, gut….goes both ways. Cuz the plan, the show, has its plot. Night night my friends. The plot says Lights up on: MamaSheri says her goodnights to the peoples of the world who share her life. 1:53 = 9 endings. Dang!!!!! Night

Sometimes, the unexpected creeps up on you…on me. Only one thing happened today, that was expected. The shots. We gave the subq shots…gosh I hate that chore. What was unexpected was….a message from hubby telling me to take Wizard kitten to the vet for a neuter, cuz Smooch is in heat. Boy, he must be broke if we aren’t taking the hollerin in heat cat too!!!! Dang. The other unexpected thing was shearing a girl who I’d left the coat on this fall cuz we ran out of time. Well, she was hiding a severe case of mites under those curls. Got her sheared and gave all the girls the shots, even those without the mites. Cuz if we treat only the mited…then the mites will move to the girls with no meds. So, all got meds. All in that group that is…acres between the groups. I’m glad that’s done. Several times I put the needle all the way through the tent and meds came out the other side. Yikes. How many do I have to do before it becomes second nature??? Ready now!!! So, that’s one less goat to shear….which needs to start NOW. March!!! Yikes again!!!

As for the Wiz. He was very unhappy about the trip and being placed in a carry bag. Jesse insisted he is a chill cat, doesn’t need that bag. So, we get in the car and start driving down the road and he lets the cat out of the bag…lol…..and the kitten proceeds to climb under the passenger seat and he wasn’t comin out. Nope…don’t need that bag at all!!! He eventually got him out and put back in the bag. So poor Wiz is spending the night at the vets. Poor little half a guy. Tonight I will dye some more roving to see if I can make the color I seek. And tomorrow…we will pick up our little neuter boy. And on that note….Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















10 thoughts on “I live in a Sliding Scale…..

  1. I should have read this yesterday!!! I have a bunch of black walnuts I collected for some unknown reason and now I know why. I just went to the PO, it took me 4 mths to mail off my brothers stuff, since Nov. I will try to send them to you

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