When Medicine is ILLEGAL…Pt.2….and…Trickle Ripple Effect

They always say…one person can’t change the world. Well, this movie…Soul Surfer, is a true movie. This girl entices a toddler child back into the water after the Tsunami. The camera pans the beach and you see the people with smiles on their faces. She, this one person, changed their world, which is in this world. One pebble like that, must have cast out such awesome ripples. Can you imagine? The movie doesn’t go there, but I bet that allowed the other people to start going back into the water. I bet that allowed the other people to once again, find fun in a life that was hard. I mean think about it. If she put a smile on say, 20 faces that day…….imagine all the lives that would have changed…just because someone had a smile on their face and a lift in their heart. They probably went home in a better mood…which would have affected their family and perhaps anyone they passed along the way home. Ripples. Tiny ripples.

For an example closer to home….today I received a blog comment thanking me for my words. For saying what they badly needed to hear, even though I knew of nobody in need. Well, except the sad lady who’s precious one passed. I never know what ripples I am creating with my words, but I surely hope they are good ripples. I pray that they are of use. Shoot….they could be of use 2 years from now, I dunno. Interesting concept though…the trickle ripple effect. Let’s throw some trickle ripples out eh? Throw em out into the universe….into the people you see everyday. The driver maybe, the waitress, teacher, bum, child, the animal. Did you know that there are more animal shelters than there are shelters for abused women? Just came to mind, so out it spat. So…..toss up some smiles for strangers and do some kind things….watch the trickle ripple. Sounds like fun to me….you can report in here, any results you get!!! Or I get!

I tried to leave the pens alone, cuz for the most part, they were all getting along. But to watch them beat up on and chase round and round, poor Milly…day after day, as she grows big with kids…it just got too much for me. I disrupted the pens. I moved her. So far I haven’t seen any ill effects. Threw an extra scoop of feed in to appease the mighty. Donna finished eating then walked over to Milly, who she knows very well, and did One headknock….with her half hornless self, and done. Accepted. Hmmm…..makes me wonder now if I should move Maya over there with her mom Mimi. God would have to make that abundantly clear before I mess with this again.

Man, I’ve had quite a few views tonight, on the subject of ….when medicine is illegal. Way more than normal. Maybe I should talk about it some more! Maybe I should tell you that I once bit my hand till blood was dripping…….and I used to make my first husband punch my legs….while tears are streaming down his face. Maybe I should tell you that between the pain misery and the mind misery, which were sometimes, actually oft times connected…..I wanted to die. If you were in pain every day, 8-9 months at a time…..what would you do? When the pills the Doc gave you didn’t work. When the pills the one Doc sent to Mexico didn’t work. When the pills only worked to get you high….and that’s only if you took about 7 or 8. Damn…the memory makes me want to puke. It actually gagged me. When you have to be helped to walk….use wheelchairs to walk…told by a Specialist Doc at age 17 that you had 5% use of your hands and 10% use of your legs. What would you do?

What would you do if the one thing…pretty darn much the only thing that helped, and anything that helped even remotely was a blessing of grandure……. Was ILLEGAL. What would you do? You had to be a criminal to get it. You had to be afraid always, because you always had the medicine. You had to get the medicine too. How scary that was at times, I can’t portray. I’ve blocked out most of the horrendous buying experiences, but I remember once I was chased by a pack of men and many times I had to go into very shady places, had to endure the fear of being caught buying, smoking….like in the car or the house or the hotel room. Crossing borders!!!!! Shit! Petrified…..and I only had a few joints. Going from Texas to New Mexico for the Taos Wool Festival was excruciating for me. We went home a different way because it scared me so badly near the Mexican border of Texas on I- 10.

To any who don’t know…the high is just a mellowness. If you are in pain…a mellowness is nice. For me personally, as I’ve told you before, it’s like a radio station…the channel is not coming in clear…that channel is the Pain! It’s truly not like any other drug. I’ve tried quite a few! Did you know that smoking the passion flower has the same type high? Not sure what it cures, can’t remember. But speaking of highs….there are breeds of marijuana that don’t get you very high, if at all…they are bred for a certain component in the cannabis plant. The pain reliever component…without the high. Not sure, never tried it, so don’t quote me. I’m sure if I sit here long enough I will remember horror stories of buying pot…but I don’t want to. The point is….isn’t that crazy? To spend money to hire men to find them, building prisons to house them and folks to keep them…may seem like economics…but it’s not moral, and anything not moral, is bad economics.

It’s rather like a nice glass of wine. Which is legal! Kills people every day. Don’t hear about pot killing people, do ya? No, cuz the propaganda kept you from thinking anything but bad things about marijuana, like thinking it made you a couch potato who ate sugary food all day and said…duh? Not saying that part isn’t true….it’s all in how one uses it. As a party drug or as a mellow maker or a medicine. I’ve personally used it for all three purposes over the 40 years I’ve smoked it. Nowadays….it’s my medicine and I treat it so. There are thousands or more…like me. People who just want the pain to go away….but don’t want to go to jail for the pleasure of having their pain removed. So please….consider us when you hear about the efforts to legalize it. Ok, well, I’m done now. Hate talking about my pain, but did it to inform. Night night sweet fantastic folks of places….sleep well….1:35am =9 endings.

I had company over today…Ann, who wants a purple goat, from my fiber guild who knew me when I didn’t know the first thing about fiber….that Ann, came for the first time to visit my little farm. She’s the gal who comments about the alien on my head on the FB blog link. Lol, baby Star. Sweetie that she is, she brought me a gift….a quartz sphere!!! Don’t have one of those!!! Well, do now! She came to ask about some mohair she’d been employed to wash. She showed me a sample of what the majority of the fiber was like. Trash. Cotted, felted trash. I took her out to the girls and she got to see what fiber is supposed to look like and feel like. Like my Milky! We had a nice visit. Hey Ann, you forgot the purple koolaid to dye a goat!!! Well….moving Milly was a great move. No problems and now nobody is chasing anybody. Yay! Got all the critters fed and working on a couple pans of lasagna. Hubby left work early, thinking he’s gonna want to try and remove that tree…..better be safe about it is all I can say. Ok…well, it’s nearly 6pm, better get to layering the lasagna. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch….with the hopes that the babies don’t come ALL at once!!!!!! Still in the waiting Room!














2 thoughts on “When Medicine is ILLEGAL…Pt.2….and…Trickle Ripple Effect

  1. You know that I have MS and in the states where cannabis can be used for medical purposes I would be able to get a script to help with the muscle spasms and pain. Instead I have about 6 prescriptions for these symptoms. If I smoke, I do not need to take any of my meds at all, and I have more then the 6 above including antidepressants. I too, have had some very interesting experiences finding what I need through the years. When I moved, to where I am now, in the middle of no where and I don’t know anyone much less anyone I can buy even a joint from, so I had to figure something out. Time travel time
    OK, going back in time, when I lived in England I went to Amsterdam, back in the 80’s and what an interesting experience I had there. The guy had a box at the Bulldog, which he opened and there were many different types of stuff you could choose from, the price depended on the type you wanted. It was like a dream. Well that dream has gotten even better these days.
    There is a websight, blackmarket, where you can get all sorts of stuff but cannabis is the only thing I have looked at. OMG there are 831 different ads for weed worldwide, 546 from the USA, you can get anything from a gram to 1/4 pound, maybe more. They have lollypops, cookies, some other candies. The money is not any normal currency it is bitcoins, and the rates vary a lot, but the prices change according to the exchange rate. They vacuum pack anything several times so you can not smell it through the box. Let me tell you, this is the future or drug sales unless the gov’t gets it’s act together and allows those of us that need it to help us live our everyday lives. One of the coolest things is you don’t release the monies until it has arrived, where else would you not pay up front? Silk Road look it up on Wiki, you have to have a special browser, it is all very hush hush, well maybe not now. But at least I don’t have to go to strange homes/apts or parts of town, endangering myself. I order it and about three days later it arrives. It amazes me scrolling through the pages of the strains including pictures of what you are ordering. Each seller has been scored so you know who is reliable and then there are the comments people leave about what they received. You certainly don’t have any choice when you go “find” some somewhere, you get what they have, and you have no clue if it is good or not. You can even buy seeds to grow your own. It is wonderful what the internet has done for some of us.
    OK probably said way too much, but I do what I do, so I can live my life and be productive. Much better then sitting in the house on a pill induced haze which is where I was before I decided to go back to the medicine I knew worked best for me, and you know the cost is much less then getting the scripts I have filled.

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