Heaven yarn…..and a wind EVENT

You want the good news first or the bad news? Bad news is…babies from WyWy and Angel could come anywhere from now till March 29th. Well, a week later for Angel. I left them in long enough to cover two cycles, or tried to. The good news is…..we gonna have babies!!!! Some day. Some hour….unknown to all but God. They are worth waiting for. Right now, I’m plying baby Duchesse(deceased) and an unknown mystery baby…bag is unmarked….it happens. I get to run my hands through incredible softness….for a living!!!! Granted, I’m not making a living at it yet, but that is the goal, well, it is now. Originally, I just wanted to play. That simple. I had to play. Had to have the goats. It has all evolved from there and now I’m about to start selling my own yarns. Quite humbling and exciting at the same time. This here yarn is gorgeous. I love yarn. I’ve just filled the spool as far as it will fill, which deems it……a skein. Need to order tags, the kind that hang off of the item. Have the tee tiny walmart white ones…yuk. I was happy with my Vistaprint business cards…lol, even though parts of them need changed already!!!…..so I’ll stick with that company. Oooh, it’s Sugarbee…also deceased……how odd is that??? A skein of yarn from 2 goats in heaven. Sweet babies.


Avatar’s on. Haha!!! Only catching the last half, but yikes, it’s still good. Oh ya…screw it….Violet. Her name is Violet. Mea suggested hugging her and feeling abover her udder to feel the baby move and give me relief. Gonna do that tomorrow when I wake up. Have tried it before with no success. However….tomorrow is a BRAND new day. Similar to yesterday, but not. Even though we do the same old chores day after day and eat the same old damn food day after day and go to bed at the same time day after day…..in the end…they are all unique. How can we get beyond the magic in that? The mystery in that? The AWE in that? Tomorrow….I AM feeling baby Violet move, while giving her mom Lily a hug. I worded that very carefully. It was strategic. I left out initial words that came to mind, like “going to feel” and changed it to ‘feeling’. Things like that.


So…my apologies for the content of this next paragraph. Here’s my thoughts on why the babies aren’t here yet. Both of the bucks I used, were unproven. One was 6 months old at the time and the other was 1 ½. Neither one had ever done this before. There was a good 300 ft I’d say between them and the BigBoys…who really wanted in. So…I’m thinking it musta taken a few days or so to get comfortable with the situation…then one probably spurred the other on….there is only 10 ft between the two pens…aka, the alley. It was rut season after all. Boys like to challenge each other. That’s how the two boys got their horns stuck this fall. And seriously….Wy was a baby, just a baby. So was Moonee. Angel is a bottle baby, so sorta a baby too. Wy. Wy is just awesome and practically the only buck I want to use at the moment, so I sure hope he did do the deed. He’s so awesomely covered in grey and white candycanes. I’m about to start washing fleeces…his will be towards the forefront, cuz I’m curious…and Moonee. Noone wanted to buy Moonee, so I will use him myself. Haha…I have that aspect to me…did ya know? I’m not all peaches and cream….and a sad cupcake. I got some spitfire in me! And in the end…I might not be selling many fleeces. I might be keeping them. Or most, anyway. I dunno…it’s evolving. However I end this blog tonight….watching Avatar, remember?…….just remember……I see You! Ooooooh, it’s repeating!!!! I get to see it again!!! My copy is missing the first minute or two….cool… Nothing shall distract me! Most awesome!!!!!. Finally, I see the beginning! The Amazon people say that Avatar is their story. I believe it….think I already said this once…all they need is some brave famous people. I don’t know any, or I’d twist their arms.


Every fleece is different people. Even if you bought say, Miyagi from me, at 2nd clip…..don’t expect the third clip to be the same. I’m not sure that many people realize that. Each clip is different as each goat is different. Choxie for example, gives me huge brown neck ringlets about every other year. The other years, it’s tan, like the rest of her. I don’t know the precise word. Fawn maybe. Remember how soft I said Lily’s fleece was? They’re all soft, but there are degrees. Some are so high in lanolin that they don’t feel good in your hands until they are clean clean. Mea suggested a turkey fryer….I’m gonna have to get me one. Planning on washing tomorrow, as I said and while I’m up there doing that, gonna felt me some not quite copper, ha, pieces. These things need to be done at the house. I’ll be popping my head out to listen periodically. Goin to sleep now adorable people. Lovin you. 12:30am 123 go go go…….= 6 = earth.


And I did indeed do those things. Got the yarn felted, ¾ of a fleece washed, let the Littles out and am dealing with the freaky high winds. Lisa is worried about fire and is getting ready to evacuate. Never even entered my brain till I saw she was scared. We’ve had so much rain that I rarely wear shoes…choosing instead rubber boots….so no, didn’t have that fear. On the other hand…..likely to blow me away out there!!! I’m a little thing. I’m hungry. It’s already 3pm, so shouldn’t eat, but dang, I’ve got leftover shrimp scampi. Keep forgetting how much I like that and haven’t made it in forever. So easy. Wanna know? Thaw the shrimp in cold water, dump water, replace till thawed….sauté green peppers, onion, mushrooms if ya have em and garlic if you have it. Add white wine. Add heavy whipping cream. Add lemon juice. Add parmesan cheese, the kind in the sprinkle on can. Adjust these till you have the right amount of sauce you want….and it tastes awesome. Yum…yup, gonna have to go heat it up now!!!!


Yup….I did eat it and it was good…..then……………………… I heard a very large crack sound…..it was the back Girl pen’s shade tree….completely uprooted and laying across the fence. Eveyone is ok…but I think Khalifa was laying near it when it happened cuz he’s very very scared. All tail tucked and scared. Went ahead and did the suppository again while I watched the girls eat the roots of the fallen tree and got some poo out this time. Then another tree fell from Cathy’s side and landed on our good fence. Crap. I heard it crack….and held my breath…not knowing which tree or where. I was like in chicken little mode….all hunched over to protect myself! Wow. Nope, no fire….but plenty of damage. The girls think it’s a smorgasbord. They are having a blast eating the roots….thing is….they are going underneath it…scaring me. Holy cow babies…..the Rv is rockin!!! Hope my high powered lightstand is ok…it’s laying down about 10 ft from it’s spot. Scary stuff. Gonna go feed now….jeesh, it’ll probably blow the feed in the air.


Ha! Sorry, couldn’t help myself on the one photo. Weighed whether I should include it, but hey….it’s a part of life….goat life. Hubby came home early to deal with the trees. Got one, but this one in the pen is friggin huge…..as you can see by the size of the roots. When I open the Rv doof…it gets sucked outta my hands by the wind. Damn……hubby couldn’t get it all….and now how much you wanna bet I got girl goats in the L, in the sticker burrs. MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I coulda told ya it wasn’t happenin!!! Gosh. Well…….it’s late…very dark, been standin out there in the cold keepin the girls away from that huge root for hours now, while he uses the chainsaw. Cold. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














8 thoughts on “Heaven yarn…..and a wind EVENT

  1. Hey- tinkerin to see if I can do this with the phone. yay! I could read and see pics. good blog! got me thinkin more on the fibers! thanks and loved the pics! I can do this if I grab off your fb. someday I will get a smart phone but for now I want to spend that money on a goat!

  2. which picture didn’t you want in here? Am I missing something? Must be. Love the yarn, and the leaping babies, but the goats all eating the roots is great

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