Still no baby….but there’s always Thelma and Louise…

I’m noticing that at least one of the pups is here by the Rv at all times. They have such loyalty. Especially Baby Girl. I showed you her picture yesterday. I saw that she had that look on her face I wanted, so I pretended I was photographing Ernie the peacock, then I whipped around and snapped. Got it. She’s my wise one. She’s the one who knows when to work and how to work. Also…because she’s my wise one, my elder, she knows how much I love her and she loves me too, with a depth. I can see it in her eyes, different times during the day, when she approaches me and I get excited to see her, she sparkles. I need to put that photo on here again, so you’ll know. So you’ll look into her eyes and see the age and wisdom. BTW, she’s only 4 yrs old. She feels like an old soul. An ancestor.

I’ve been a goatess for 4 years now and never have I had a case of goat constipation. I posted a photo today of Khalifa on FB, and one of the goatie experts, my local one, Lisa, says….that baby is constipated. Based on the way he’s laying and holding his head. Problem is I don’t have suppositories here….didn’t even know I needed em. Today he was very playful….tonight he is fitful and his tail is down. Ye know….I was wondering about these experts. Mine in particular…..did she have someone to learn from or did she have to learn everything the hard way. I am blessed that this woman shares with me and all who need to know, and all the other shoot, can’t think of the proper word, all that comes to mind is oldtimers….sorry…..these old-timers share their knowledge these days, thanks to FB. I don’t care about the naysayers, for me, FB has been a boon to my soul. Helping me to meet so many wonderful people….expanding out of my hermitness to become MamaSheri…..and all that that entails.

I was just thinking about that today. That Cathy has been an up close eye witness to my transformation from a hermit to now. She must have a story to tell, sounds interesting to me….lol. Listen to me. No, seriously….she’s been living here next to me for most of my spiritual life, which is approaching 14 years. 11 yrs for Cathy to watch me go from a person who wouldn’t even go to the grocery store….to what you see before you. Maybe I’ll ask her to blog it for us, eh? Hey….she might! Who knows. I know she seems to hold me in high regard.

All quiet on the friggin frustrating wonderful baby front. My best guess, and Lisa concurs……the shifting of the babies caused her pain and she didn’t know what it was or what to do with it. I’m counting on there still being a live baby in there. I already know her name. Starts with a V. And it’s my favorite flower, except for the Rose, of course. I know….too easy…not playing a game…just don’t wanna say it out loud yet. Not till she’s here safely. It doesn’t feel like a boy cuz not a single boy name has come to me concerning this birth. Neither did a second girl name, in case of twins. Nope, just my V.

I am sitting with my back to the goats, facing forward in the Rv, watching Tv and talking to you guys. Last nights events did something. I’m not sure. Shame is definitely there, even though the rational part of me knows better. I do indeed feel shame that I tried to go in before I saw goo. But I swear…I thought the baby was positioned wrong, therefore the water wasn’t breaking, I don’t friggin know. She had her head to the side of her body, like Lovey did at birth….scared the tar outta me folks. She ran like that. She laid down like that….and no, her teeth weren’t stuck in her curls. She laid there and pawed at the ground desperately. She would jump up very fast, then stand in one spot for quite awhile, then try to lay down, but couldn’t. I’ve seen that position, that scenario a bunch of times right before the baby popped out. But no baby popped out. And no goo. And still, nothing. At 1:24am. Tomorrow is Saturday….errand day. If I don’t go, we don’t get what we need for the week….already been there done that. If I go….after I know the baby has shifted… to live with myself if something goes wrong. Anyways….gonna try to get some shuteye. Nightie night sweet folk. 1:26am = 9 = endings……dang that’s 3 in a row. Night.

4:30 next day and still nothing. Went to town….and prayed the whole time that they be cared for. Came home, nothing. Didn’t come home empty handed though. Besides my awesome smoothie……hubby wanted ducks. I said only if they’re girls so lady at TSC sexed em for us. 2 duck girls….Jesse named em Thelma and Louise. Hubby puts em in the tiny cage in the chicken coop but one can get out…so he calls me to see. These two babies are chasing one of the chickens everywhere it goes. Thinking its mommy. Chicken freakin. SO…..what did I do? Mama to the rescue. I went in and made a chirp sound like theirs. It comes in very handy if you can mimic sounds. So….I chirp and chirp and finally they come. I picked em up and stuck their bills in the water. Told em I was mama. They hung out but then wandered toward the chickens so I called em back. They came back and laid down by me. In the meantime, hubby got a tin trough and put hay in it. Placed it near the tiny cage where heat lamp is and I once again stuck their beaks in the food and water.

They now have a new mama, so they won’t chase the chicken and strain themselves to death running. Guess I have to go be mama occasionally now. Lol…..the birds are supposed to be hubbys!!!!! Lady at TSC said Lily could have been scared and decided not to birth the baby and just hold it in till it dies. Jesse said….oh man don’t tell her that!!! Ha!!!!! There goes Ernie again……visiting the Prego girls by standing on their fence and this morning the gate. Little star was sniffin his tail. Photo op for me. Still don’t know why Ernie is all of a sudden screaming all day and night. Well, not all day….but a lot!!! Watching Khalifa to see if I need to give suppositories. His tail was up this morning and wagging. Watching. Ha! Now Ernie is in the pen, on the hay rack!!!! Oh what fun that was!!!!!!! YOU:LL SEE! When you see the photos…(yup, Spirit liked that)

Just got to play with the squishys and even my new duck squishys. Didn’t get too many hop fly photos of Khalifa, cuz the pups were in the alley as well as Jesse carrying feed, and it was a bit crowded. Got some blurry blurry ones, lol….but nothing great. All around an interesting day….with even I think a possible request to take 2 nigora does off someones hands. Not sure. Still waiting on babies…..and signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!














10 thoughts on “Still no baby….but there’s always Thelma and Louise…

  1. Khalifa doesn’t look constipated in any of the pictures I’ve seen of him. It happens though, so it’s good to keep an eye on them. I don’t use suppositories, just some warm soapy water as an enema (another use for the tube I use for feeding babies that need it). Constipated lambs and kids are usually hunched up, & they may strain & cry as they try to go.

    • Hmmm not so hunched but every now n then his tail is completely down. Thanks. I’m watching. If I have a slight feeling will go ahead cuz doubt it would hurt him. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. should have Ms. Cathy write a blog about your old hermit days…now that’s a story to tell…(i mean that in a good, kind, loving way…you know that already.)

  3. Don’t fret. I have had several does kid this year with no goo to start, or during at all, so Don’t Fret. You were right to check, all will be fine, Trust in God and his plan, your wait will be well worth it. I am off to get Lily, she must be starving by now. Hugs and Love

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