Mama made a joke………..!

Just as the wind starts to heave it’s presense, the guy on the tv says… hear that? The wind is talking to you. Oh ya? What’s it saying? I dunno, I don’t speak wind. Ha!!! Well I guess I do speak wind cuz it spoke to me and got me all the way to South Dakota in an Rv I didn’t want, which is such a blessing in my life now. Maybe that’s what the wind is saying….Look, you didn’t wanna go, you didn’t wanna buy the Rv but you listened and obeyed and look at the life you’re living now!!! Yes!!! Hello wind! We need to have a chat more often. Ooooh, I just had a fun thought. Think of God as the wind, so when you hear it, when you feel it, when it’s whipping itself into a fury….you can be still and know that it is God. Wow, that just came out, couldn’t help myself. It just flowed like water! Haha, or blew like the wind! I know I know, I’m hilarious.

Sitting here watching Ice Age, where the mammoth is having her baby. A least someone is having their babies! And speaking of babies. I don’t know if it’s a horrible kidding season across the US, or if I just hear about it more now since I have so many FB friends with goats plus the goat group. Last year I was on the group and I don’t remember it being so gruesome. If I was a worrier, I’d be in trouble. Just a few days ago, my friend Michele had twins. The doe didn’t make it. She had to save the buckling and nurse him to health. Which she did. She then put him in with his mom and put a board up to keep mom in with baby. Upon check, they found the mom had kicked the board down and somehow it was on the baby boy and he was laying outside in the mud and ice and mom was standing on the board….probably wondering where he went. Another friend told of losing 2 does and 8 kids. The list goes on. Like I said….good thing I’m not a worrier. And more rain. I keep my rubber boots right by my bed.

Tonight, someone on Fb said…..I don’t feel good. Would you believe someone came on and said…Boo Hoo……..!!!???!!! How rude! I take it the rude person has never felt sick or yukky or down or injured. Why? Why would someone say that? Someone musta took their lollipop away!!!! Those are the kinda people I have pity for. And that we should pray for. To pray that they find compassion for themselves and others. Anyone that bullies…and yes, that was a bully statement….anyone that bullies has been hurt themselves. If you can find the one thing to shame them,…oops I mean reach them….they might stop. Or God could hear our prayers!!!! Well, He hears them all….maybe He’ll let it be meant to be.

Wow, what busy FB night for me. While I was still trying to help my friend with the cold baby goat, I got messaged a bunch. At one point I was juggling 3. Hehehe. Quite do-able, but wowza on the mind bends!!!! Looks like I need to get myself into extreme work fun mode. So many things to create…just the right amount of time. Like how I did that? I just gave myself time, instead of shortening my time. I have fleece to wash, to pull, to spin……I have shawls to make and don’t forget, I’m still working on that mystery project. It’s lookin good. Still not done. The tea didn’t do much but I think I have a way. Shoot, I could just go buy copper curls from Lisa, but I think I can make this work. Lisa uses acid dyes where you can get the exact color you want. Having emphezema, I was trying to avoid that….but looks like I may need to anyway. I’m just gonna be busy every second!!!! What the hay….it’s all fun. Don’t forget I’ll also be birthing babies, shearing, cooking dinner, etc. YeeHaw!!!! Let the Good Times Roll!!!!!! See, it’s just a matter of rotating everything and doing which one you can at each moment. Sometimes, The yarn I need is up at the house, so I pull curls down here, till I get the yarn. Sometimes I’m in the truck so I take a crochet project….it’s a juggling act. Kimberly….just about got all the vm outta that fleece for ya. Soon my dear, soon.

Ooooh, revelation. Watching the movie…..The Rookie, bout the middle aged father who gets to play in the big leagues. The scene in the end where he sees his dad has come to see him play…..and dad says…..I wasn’t missin this one……usually that scene makes me cry. Gets me all choked up about my mom. Guess what? No tears! No choking. Just thoughts of you guys….supporting me, giving me strength, liking my words, my art. My new family is indeed healing me. Between my blog people and my FB people….I am one blessed gal. And I do mean all of you. All of you who quietly read but never reveal you’re reading. I appreciate you too and you too are a part of my new family. Sure…any of my old family still wants to be my family….sure. In the meantime….I’m addressing my new kin. I keep wanting to say peeps, but that word seems to have negative connotations to it. I’m pulling baby Junebug curls now. Godly soft. If my friend Blanche is truly interested in a shawl, they will be inside. Hard to describe this color. Silvery brown. Ha! Yup, that’d have to be it. Junebug, for those who know….is one of my 3 Munchkins, 2 yr old bucks, who resemble Lisa Shells Nanji. There’s Sendai, the smallest, then Junebug and Edo. It’s a grey black silver combo goat. Joy too, but she’s a doe. Question to all you goat people……..tell me about tags. Do you have to put them on when babies? If you wait until sold, is it really that much worse? I’ve never put a tag on any of my babies….duh, or I wouldn’t be asking. I know they need them in order to be sold, but I haven’t sold any. Haven’t really tried, cuz, well just cuz. Haven’t registered them either. All still in the names of the former owners….but deeded to me. Do you realize how much money that would be? And how much of my time? I’m not a businessperson, or a salesman. Lol….oi ve. I apparently am becoming one. Jeesh and canolas. Ya, and somehow I gotta get it through my head that the later I stay up, the less sleep I get cuz I get up at the same time or close, every day. Nightie night oh beloved kin!!!! 2:09 = 11 = master number.

Goodness…been a busy beaver today and it’s only 2:30!!! Spun some stuff for the project….pulled curls for another…went to the post office to mail out a few things and freed a goat from a fence hole. Had to cut it…bummer. I was up here at the house and Cathy called to say she heard some hollerin. Nope. Just a bunch of girls wanting their feed. Jeesh!!! So, I played with me some Star and Khalifa then chased Ernie around trying to get his pretty tail in the sunlight…hehe, he’s not sure what to think of me. Well……I messaged the H people and they agreed to my idea, as long as it’s there by the 20th. Hmmm, my deadline is the 21st, or it was. So, I have the March H blog ready, well, sorta ready. Ready but now I’m working out the details of creating a new blog. Lotta details left to cinch up…..but in the end…..the Fiber Blog will be hosted here, at WordPress. Let ya know when it’s ready for eyes. Ok….I’m under the time gun today. Been so busy and still much more to do. Dang….guess people are gonna wanna eat dinner. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oops….I may have misunderstood their response. Hmmm, dunno now where the blog will be. Ah well, later folks!














6 thoughts on “Mama made a joke………..!

  1. you are amazing! I love reading of your insights, growth, and farmlife! We both feel the same about our lost ones too… I had to take a picture of our little doe who didn’t make it. ~ I thought of you and was comforted
    I can SO relate to the RV thing… we bought ours in California in March last year – drove to Oklahoma and lived in it for 3 months until we found our homestead. What a blessing it has been!

    • Yes, we do have some things in common! To me, not taking a photo, denies they even existed. I acknowledge their life whether they breathed air or not. Cuz before birth….breathe they did!

      Ya, the Rv was a great idea but it can be a curse too. All that staring. All the crooked necks. All the stress. It’s been a stressful night with no baby to show for it. Hangs head in bewilderment and fear. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. No, you don’t have to do ear tags just when they are babies, but they are helpful when you have a lot of babies that look the same. I have to tag because I show, but I usually hold off until I’m actually at the fair to do it, because my animals seem to be so good at getting them out. It hurts for a second, kind of like getting your ear pierced. The lambs seem to object more to being held than to any of the herd management things I do (banding tails and testicles, ear tags and shots). I let them go, they run up to mom and nurse, and all is well in the world again.

    • Ahhhh thank you. I never asked before glad to know I’m not screwing up too badly! I’m in the rabbit hole at the moment…waiting to see what the heck the ending to this day will be. Been awake all night with Lily and all signs have stopped as of 8:30am. Hands wringing. Thank you for your wonderful bits of advice. Could use some now 💜

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  3. Check with your local extension office. Here in Oklahoma if you sell any goat, it must be tagged before leaving the farm.

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