animal relationships……and a request

I’m watching movie about a young teens last few hours. They’re telling her to tell the cancer cells to go away. Everyone is laughing. Now…it might just be a wee tad too late for this child, but I do believe in part of that. Not cancer cells go away, more like I would tell my body to attack the enemy. The thing that wants to harm Sheri. I would also create an image-In—ary… imaginary filter to collect it. Every so often I would turn the filter contents into pure love then release them from the filters to pass harmlessly through my urine. That’s what I would do. That’s what I have done. How long ago were those kidney stones?…among other things, obviously.

Something strange going on. Remember the fight I told you about between Lily and Belle, that baby Star got in on. Well, now it’s Belle and Etta and baby Star. Earlier, Belle was runnin and jumping and freaking out to be honest. No idea why. Jesse kept saying she is fixin to have a baby, look how big she is….I said no, she would have had it 2 weeks ago. No, she’s pulling at her curls, so I’m thinking a bug but why would everyone all of a sudden want to pick on Belle? This is just plain strange. Cuz you see, animal families are fairly loyal. Fairly pack oriented. Fairly hierarchal….as in….babysitters. I’ve seen it a million times with the goats, but today I saw it with the baby cow, Valentine.

I look out my window and I see cliches. Just like in high school, but it’s not high school here, it’s family. I see three of the Washington girls laying together, the unmommied ones. I see Donna alone. I see Lily, Lila and Maya laying together. Maya is not family to Lily and Lila, just bonded. Poor Shortcake…noone is with her. And each of the two new mommies are with their babies. I can’t really see the other pen, but I bet it’s the same. Today, Betsy cow showed up with her new baby, probably born on Valentines Day….see, cows go off by themselves to have their babies then come back a few days later to introduce it to the herd and the humans. I call him Funny Valentine cuz jeesh…who expects a bull for Valentines Day? I watched my husband feed the outside critters again, cuz I worked the gates again! He’s got quite the routine down. First he takes the hay, then he pours feed, both horse and cow, into the black feed thingies. Then he strategically places piles….some for Emmett and Murphy, some for the goats…there’s a lot of horse kickin for awhile till all the piles are out but then they settle. Fascinating. My goat girls bicker the entire time they eat. And I put down a bunch of piles too!!! I watched Betsy eat, and leave her eldest daughter White Owl to babysit Valentine. When he got astray and cried a tee tiny bellow, it was White Owl who came for him. Betsy didn’t even look up. Makes me wonder if I should have Shortcake in the other pen with her relatives…Choxie and Oprah….but at this late date, they’d just beat her up in the new pen.

Can’t tell ya how thrilled I am to know that Lily is pregnant. Lily is the one with the oh so soft fiber, remember? Choxie’s twins, Lily and Lila go everywhere together. I wonder how the boy twins feel being separated. I know Opti hasn’t been the same since I took him from his mommy, Milly. But that’s his mom, not a twin. Opti’s twin was Lovey. His coat is so beautiful and his personality used to be sparkling, but he is ever so sad now. His penmates aren’t so friendly with him. I’ve considered putting him where the Washington girls used to be….connected to the same tree as where they are now, but separate. Maybe I’ll do that and put the new boy babies in there with him. Shoot…still no shelter in there. Figure out something.

But back to the boy twins. Twins are twins…supposed to have a connection stronger than most. How hard is it say, for Miyagi to be away from Maya? I still say… I hate that America has the mentality that it has. I would love to let them just run all together. As a herd. But I can’t. Well, I can…..I’d just have to sell them all as unregisterable….which some of mine already are…like the Pretties that I traded for, therefore any offspring…like…. Khalifa! BUT….I’d want to cull before I did that. I wonder how they do it in Turkey….where they originated? I guess the fleece wouldn’t be as fine, cuz you wouldn’t be putting the best with the best, just the strongest to the strongest. Hmmm. You know…whoever wins the fight gets the gal! Like Aramis, God rest his soul….he always got the girls who snuck out. He WAS the leader. So far, I see no leader, but they are still a herd…..and that’s a good thing. A herd. I remember when we got our first horse. We went to get one….River…for me. We came home with 2, River and Lace….and thus we had a herd. Completely different than a single animal. Maybe if we’d just got the one as planned, I wouldn’t be scared of them now….but hey, it happened, thus meant to be. Ha, meant to be scared of horses. Sucks. Herd mentality. Herd loyalty and Herd Love. That’s basically what I’ve been trying to explain.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t talked about that funky yarn I spun up the other day…well, cuz it’s art. I am an artist. It’s all perfectly timed. Right now I know the art is in there and I will be in the right mood soon, to ply it as artfully as I spun the first go round. Speaking of artfully…..I blew right past the dumping of the pee. Actually folks….it’s easy as pie! Well, easier than pie. I just got brave and did it. And it worked! Tickled am I. Nighty night night folks. May you be braver than you think, should the occasion arise. Sleep sweet my friends. 1:34am = 8 = infinity.

Well, I got my Art on today and have been plying up a storm. It’s looking good. More work to go on it. I let myself outta the box and learned a few tricks. Love it when that happens. I also love that I can do this while still being right here, should I be needed. And back to it!!!! This is very time consuming but I’m lovin it. It requires my brain, my artistic brain. Oh what fun!!!!! I’m getting there!!!! Fixin to dye some roving here in a bit for it. All is very quiet on the girl front. A gorgeous day for babies to be born, but NO!!!! 77 degrees here folks!!!! Mighty stuffy in here but what the hay. I could open more windows but I’m lazy. Haha, the Rv is bouncing now….Bluedog is panting!!!! Ahhhh…..I love this new project!!!!!! I get to do koolaid dyes!!! Lol, I don’t think she’ll be washing it often….so Koolaid will work for this. I still haven’t done a permanence test on the dyed stuff yet. Should be steadfast though cuz they ran clear at dye time.

I wonder….does anyone have an interest in any of the shawls I have already on hand? Or how bout that coat? Would anyone want to buy it? Yes, I’ve worn it a few times and it was done before I knew to ply the yarn, but if a hole appears, I simply take a piece of the yarn and tie a knot to bring the hole together. It’s really no biggie. Still looks grand and is so so soft and warm. I’m in need of money at this time. Will be very flexible on prices since I’m in need. If you want to know what the needs are…..I need medicine… daughter needs a $100 to be able to leave Costa Rica…go figure…..and my sons birthday is coming up and he’s asked for only one thing….a pair of shoes…not too bad a price either. Hubby has already informed me he can’t help with any of these. It’s a others challenge……to help her children…..when she herself needs some help. Just putting it out there. Ok, well, babies played with…goats fed and it’s time to work on dinner. Moving right along on the project and having so so much fun doing it. Thank you Valerie for the challenge!!!! I’ll show ya when it’s done…or after she gets it. Fun fun!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! Bad blogger has no photos to show you of the items. Maybe more time tomorrow.














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