Jinx be Gone…………

I’ve jinxed myself and I now UN jinx myself. Jinx…..Be gone with you!!! Get thee behind me. Pshhhewy…..that was close. I told you guys about my thinking I have nothing to say till late at night and all of a sudden…I had nothing to say….till really really late. So….I have just fixed that little ditty haven’t I? So there. Take that!!! Drip drip drip…..isn’t that one of the stories of….oh dear… I was about to say Buddha…but no….it’s Master Usui. Reiki master, who sat under a spring and it dripped dripped dripped on his crown chakra….while he meditated, rather like Buddha, for , hmmm, don’t remember, maybe 30 days? 30 days with a drip on your crown chakra? I just yesterday read a blog about someone getting an experience of having oil poured on her third eye right after a massage. Same principal.

I need a spring to lie under Father, cuz I want more. I’m not sorry about it either. I want more abilities. I want more than a friggin 10 % use of my brain. I want it all. I want all 100 %!!! So be it. It is so. I command. I have……a spring to lie under to drip on my crown chakra and on my third eye. It is an imaginary spring, an imaginary drip, but it is a drip nonetheless. And it is dripping on me on my head, the very top of my head and also on my forehead, just above my eyes. And on my heart, and on my solar plexus, and on my sacral chakra and most definitely on my root. My root is all I am. I am rooted to all. I am connected to the earth, to the people, to the angels, to the Spirit/God who directs this movie Grande. Hehehehe…..jinx fixed. Ya!!!!

I’ve discovered that I am always needed here. That if I want the goats to survive, it is up to me and only me. I discovered some very thirsty goats today and I understand but yet I don’t. If you’re going to feed them, wouldn’t it just naturally come to mind to make sure they had water as well? Probably not. I’ve discovered in life that it’s really only all important to the ones who it’s all important to. All others don’t have an emotional stake or if they do, then they don’t feel attached enough, or don’t feel safe enough…to try to help. Suffice it to say….I will be making the whole rounds. Lol, not that big a deal. They’re all fairly close. I mean….Cathy didn’t do much to try to save the baby last year. That apparently still bugs me. God bless her, I love her…but I still don’t understand. Anyways…..how do I go on vacation? Hubby looked at me this summer…after asking me to go to Taos, and said….you’ll never be able to go anywhere. If I had gone…..Lovey would have died alone.

I’m wanting to say Jane Goodall and my mind comes up with Kathleen Woodewiss or something like that)??? Anyone out there know what I’m talking about? Lol, I’m watching Gorillas in the Mist. But Kathleen Woodewiss is a romance author that I used to read in my twenties! Long friggin time ago for her name to pop up like that! Wonder what it means? It all means something. More cookies. I want more cookies. Yum. Bad for me cuz they are made from a company and not by me or a friend…but dangit…they taste so good. Emmelita posted a link to homemade peanut butter today and I said…ya, but does it taste like Jif? So programmed, we are. Speaking of food….did I tell you hubby got me 25 free smoothies for Valentines Day????? I have a smoothie credit card!!!! Down 2, 23 to go!

It’s so cold in here until the heater kicks on and I swear to God…every time I get cold and it kicks on….I think of the Native Americans who have no heat to kick on. I don’t mean to harp on it…it’s just what is. I think of it every friggin time. I am so blessed. Why aren’t others? Because that’s not their story. We each have our story, our movie, to live out. No matter how horrendous, or how glorious or how boring. They are ours and only ours and we have to fulfill them, in order to move on…as in die. I said have to…yet I’ve come to believe the words, at least in my world, according to how I think my brain….is….Get To is more accurate. I get to experience this wacky wonderful crazy scary lovely frightening hateful awwwful spledishious and magical world and life and experience and learning and specialness. I used to hate life with a purple passion……Ha! Look at me now!!! And on that note….night night sweetness’s. May your days be cheerier than your last thought. Amen. 1:09am = 1 = beginnings. Night night my Loves. P.S. I decided I couldn’t see the girls well enough so I turned the second light on. Woke khalifa and he became a jumping bean!!! So full of joy, that one.

I woke up to the sound of the tractor. It was hubby. He had decided to remove the top layer off of the Beautifuls pen. He had them out grazing, and had the panels down and was dozing away the top foot or so. What do you do when you see that? Do you say what’s on your mind or do you say ahhh, hey, gee thanks for doing that! Very rarely do I ever say exactly what’s on my mind with him cuz he’s an introvert. In the end….no, I didn’t thank him. Couldn’t bring myself to do that. Why? Cuz he does these things with MY goats without asking ME……the one who KNOWS SHIT!!!!!!! The one who knows that the ground in there is contaminated. My plans….should I ever move the Beautifuls, were to put lime on the ground for a long time. Well, gee……………….there is now Beautiful pen dirt and hay…..all over the grass and there’s a huge pile of dirt that any goat would love to climb on. What joys!!!!! Does me no good to get mad. It was already done. He does this constantly……changing stuff without talking to me first. I just want to scream, but instead, I’ll tell you that I emptied my pee…yay!!!! Yup, I and I alone! Then I checked the propane level and it was on E. Oops. About the time I’m discovering that….I’m also seeing milk bags that have appeared overnight. Let’s just say it was a really fast trip to town for propane. All good…nobody birthed while I was gone. Shortcake has a drip of goo and is walking funny. Watching her close. Watching them all like a hawk now. One of my FB friends lost the doe in a set of twins today. So sad and makes me more apprehensive. Trying to stay positive. Had a chat with Kimberly last night, who has birthed hundreds and hundreds…..she said that Khalifa wasn’t in the birth canal….I pulled him into it and out. Wow….hadn’t known that. She also said, if you can’t get your hand around at all, to move legs around…then the baby is too large.

Wow…somehow, the meal I make close to once a week, the same way every time….burned. Dunno what to do now. Sucky!!! Spent todays feeding time playing with a tiny white goat under my feet and sneaking up behind girls to see their back ends. Lily is for sure pregnant, I see the sack. I took some photos. Lol, gee, ya think? Ok…..gotta close now. Fixin to happen anytime now folks. For sure to go are…in the Ladies pen…..Oprah, Milly, Kachina, Yahzi and Joy. For sure in the Girls pen are…Shortcake and Lily. Any time folks, any time. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…waiting.














6 thoughts on “Jinx be Gone…………

    • I dearly loved the flying nun!!! And yes, maybe that’s why I’m fascinated with and addicted to jump photos which show the flying ears!!! ❤ Tika, his mom is one I got from you. Forget the original Name. Not biscotti, she’s due anytime. Not frappe, she lost hers and not cookie..don’t know yet… Oh kitkat!!!! That’s Khalifas mom!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  1. I definitely understand your irritation with your hubby. My sweetie used to do things like that all the time before he passed. Set up pens in weird places, decided my rabbit cages needed moved to a different place in the barn (making it much harder to clean them, and exposing one of my does to her brother so she kindled when I wasn’t expecting it and she lost the whole litter, then denied he’d done it). But he could also be helpful at times, like carrying bucket after bucket of warm water out in the winter when the hose was frozen so that my beasties could have enough to drink. The only possible way to get the message across to your husband is to talk to him (or write him notes, if you think that will work better). Not fair to get mad if you don’t give him a chance to know what you want.

    Hoping that all the problems of kidding season are behind you, and that all your girls kid easily, with healthy babies and plenty of milk!

    • Ahhh thanks for the story! I could try a note, but these are usually big things he does. It’s hard. He will help with a few things, baby things mostly. I’m grateful and irritated at the same time when I have to go so far to get into the kidding pens. The gate he closed in is 5 ft from me. Also feed. Jeesh. I know, I’m whining. 😳. I’ll try harder and thank you for the good wishes for the new to be families. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I LOVE the picture of Star doing the twist with K watching her. You seem to manage to get all the good pictures. I just get to see them and my camera is never on me what I need it. I do so wish you were a lot closer to here

    • I do wish you were a lot closer than here. Honey what you don’t know is the phone rarely leaves my hand in case I might miss the perfect photo. Guess I’m a photographer too! Hugs sweetie!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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