To monk or not to Monk……….

Ye know…..I often feel, and I’ve said so here….that I should be meditating the traditional way. But I so dislike it. I see these people from the eastern countries doing amazing things with their bodies and minds and I have to assume that if there is so much hype about it…there must be truth about it as well. I want to be able to do these things…..levitate, walk so fast I fly, whatever it is they’re doing, and any other cool thing. It has bothered me and made me feel less that I don’t do it, not even willing to do it. I am constantly asking people I know who meditate daily…what can you do now? Usually they say nothing is different except for the way they feel. I just saw a photo of a Buddhist or something child levitating in an alley, next to his friend who is not levitating. I had an Aha moment.

If I had truly been born so that I could ascend in this lifetime, wouldn’t I have been born a monk? Or at least born in a family or system that believes in such things? In America…these things are poo poo’d. I guess what I’m getting at is that I was born to go as far as I could. And wherever I land, is good. If everything is happening perfectly…then I can’t be required to meditate. I still want the goodies though. Typical girl child. Ha…typical any child. See see see???? I looked further at the photo and see a link. It says a study was done at UCLA. Long time meditators have larger hippocampus growth. Dang dang dang. Guess I better get started now…I may need that third eye or levitation skill when I’m 90. I’m making fun…..but I still need to do it. HMM< JUST NEED TO SET UP A SCHEDULED TIME> Hmmm, 3:15pm. For….5 minutes. Have any of you noticed how exact the CapLocks are? They never ever go beyond the sentence and always start at the beginning of the sentence, and, they come about at interesting times, eh? And as you can guess, the first < is when I typed a comma, and the second one, > is when I typed a period. Been going on the entire time I’ve been blogging….different computers too.

Man….that pigeon thing was spot on….family issues. Just had one and highly doubt it’s over. The kid pissed me off…and the conversation escalated….and it went where it went and now he’s very upset with me. He acts like he never lied to me back then. Are you kidding me? Young people. They’re like…so righteous. People are so lucky I don’t say more sometimes. You have no idea how many times since I’ve been blogging that I’ve felt the need to temper what I say when it concerns other people. Me? Nah…I pretty much just say it all…whatever comes to mind. Can ya tell????

Tonight I’m watching Innerspace. A humorous pun of a movie spun from, in my opinion…..oh shoot, what’s that movie….From the 60’s or 70’s. Dang. Hold on…google to the rescue I bet. Yup…good ole google. Fantastic Voyage…1966. Where the Docs are put into a submarine and shrunk to go in a body to repair the heart or something. Point is….movie re-do’s. Or is it miniaturizing people? Hmmm. There’s also the movie Spy Kids 3 where they create miniature animals and inadvertently extra large animals. This time folks…..I have absolutely no idea what I’m getting at. Hmmm, maybe I’m supposed to say that there are dragonflies that are robots…not dragonflies. This is already in existence. Read about it a few years back. Can you imagine? Walking around your garden tending your plants, or shearing a goat perhaps….and a dragonfly comes buzzing by. You’d have to wonder…is it real? Or is it Memorex? Lol, words from the old days. Shoot…maybe they now have bees and butterflies and hummingbirds. The world is getting scary. And don’t forget about cloning. And the Monsanto thing? Jeesh?!!! If it’s true, which the other govs have said it is…then what does that tell us? Why do we just sit here? Like sitting ducks. Now I know what that phrase means.

Ayyyyyyye…..hate that topic. On to something more homey, more head in the sand. Yup. Why not? What is there we can possibly do no matter how many things are true? They’re still doing it. They’re the ones with the money. We’re the ones with the children to feed and mortgages to pay. See, it does no good to know that we’re being poisoned by the foods and drinks…and from the sky. Well, and by land too….the constant oil digging, releasing toxic chemicals into the waterways. Usually strategically placed near Indian reservations.

Wow…that argument with Jesse didn’t do me any good at all, did it? I’m all negative thinking. We were supposed to watch a movie together up at the house where the internet is and seems to go fairly well after midnight…but I don’t know now. He was very upset. Unrighteously so but oh well. I don’t know whether to go up there or not. It’s cold too and rainy. I guess I’ll go. I did go. Cuz in the end, after all, it’s kinda cool that he wanted me to come watch the movie with him. He coulda watched it alone in his room, but he wanted me to come up there. Sweet. We talked a bit and I think he now maybe understands where I was comin from, but no movie together tonight. So instead, I’m watching Little Bigfoot. Adorable little creature. I would say Being but he is after all just a suit. Shoot, aren’t we all. I was just gonna say it’s late and I glance at the clock and its 12:34. Go! Watched some video tutorials. Yikes, again. Tika has just thrown everyone out of the biggest portion of the house. Everyone except her baby of course, who she avoids constantly due to his incessant demand for more food. The water is dripping again. I had to use it to give Blue some and when I tried Jesse’s method of turning it so tight…it scared me, like it might break and indeed water did come out from the wrong place on the faucet. So….I will have to get my McGyver self out. 1:11 people. Nightie Night and sweetest of dreams. = 3 = holy trinity…..mind, body, spirit. No offense intended.

Another Saturdays chores done and gone. Jesse stayed here, which was a big relief for me instead of worrying the whole time if anyone was having a baby. Nope, no babies. Picked up my new laptop and it had 3 virus’s on it!!! I told the guy it was when I downloaded stuff….I would hit download but what my computer then downloaded was not what I had asked for…he said yup. Then he said….when you need to download……at the top in the url….hover over the link…..and then down in the lefthand corner it should tell you where the site originates. Can escape the virus’s that way. Good to know. So…..all the pups came into the L cuz we had to unload feed and hay, and they all got to meet Khalifa. Poor baby was scared and kept going under the Zen buggy but finally realized they were harmless and off to juping land he went. He is so unbelievably cute! He has this attitude thing, he’ll do a little wiggle, then hop. And have you noticed….he smiles? Star jumped all over Jesse today and he too said it’s like a backrub….he had a coat on…then she found me and I assured him that without a coat….it hurts!!! I had no coat. Pretty soon the two will be fighting for the chance but so far, Khalifa isn’t ready to jump ON, just Jump!!!!! Shoot…came home to a phone message from Summers dad. I don’t think he’s doing well cuz he told us who he was and that he was Summers dad and he couldn’t find her. I have no choice but to call him. Never any fun that. It says in my little phone book by his name….DON”T CALL HIM.(my caps) Just wanna get it over…but on the other hand…if his memory is that far gone…how can he rehash the past????? Oi ve. Ok…….well…….signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!















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